Swiss Military Rucksacks Comparison – Medium VS Large Sizes – The Outdoor Gear Review

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We’re taking a look at two Swiss Military Rucksacks, the Medium sized Engineer’s Rucksack and the Large 80L Pack.

LINK : Medium Pack :

LINK : Large Pack :

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Carlton Watkins Sr. says:

Now I have it bad I am watching you on two different you tune!! I started watching the video you  made on Feb 2013 , camping in the snow, I love those. I feel like I am camping my self. , thanks for the links in this video. Great job as always!!

Michel Baillargeon says:

Enjoyed your review as was  shopping  for backpack the large size was on Kijiji and the description cut my eye.

Large Swiss army rucksack (backpack) 

Great for hiking or canoeing. Will easily

 hold 30 l canoe barrel or large dry bag, cheaper than a barrel harness.

iena71 says:

Nice review! The big one, in our Swiss conception is “The Mountain” sack. I carried this for 2 years in my Swiss Army duty, and then I had a present: the new one, with the stupid slings and “merrican” systems… really an ugly one and a mess by itself.
The Large 80L pack (think it was around 80…) is nearly indistructible… but as you said, the weight is considerable, expecially when you pack it full loaded for some 70 km with assault rifle …. great memories back to 1990/92 🙂 this pack made me strong 😀

Cj Berg says:

Another great review! Man that thing is huge!

Airsoft Kit101 says:

Awesome video I have recommendation for a bag and that is the British army gs Bergen or sf Bergen it comfortable and cheap hope you get back and like my idea
– Dom

Brian Drexler says:

I have the larger rucksack. It is heavy but durable. To maintain the weight I mounted mine to a alice pack frame with the lumbar and new arm pads works very well together. The alice frame definitely helps.

Red River Scout says:

Do you know if the packs were made by a company called Stromeyer? The medium pack looks nearly the same design as a West German pack I have. It essentially is the exact same fabric and basic design with an extra pouch on the front (the German one just has the main compartment) and the lumbar pad is different on mine. it also has suede on the back rest which was apparently for a bit of traction for the folding sleeping pad the Germans were issued which was tied to the back for extra padding. The “frame” of mine is a solid plate of aircraft aluminium that runs the length of the pack. I wonder if Stromeyer in German made the packs for the Swiss with a few custom design changes at the request of the Swiss. They do seem to source gear from each other with other things. Like some of the German Army Knives were made by Victorinox and are basically large Swiss Army Knives and the current German Army Knife is an off the shelf Swiss Army Knife. So I wonder if the German company made the Swiss packs too.

Certawin says:

Great reviews on the packs. That large version holy smoke! That thing I bet you’d feel like a turtle if you fell backwards. 🙂 How often do you use the medium version? Oh and I will need to get your wifes email. So I can let her know about the pillow packing. When she’s not around. 🙂 LOL thanks again for the review, and love watching your adventures.

Emile van der Kwast says:

Whats the size difference when not fully loaded?(only filled up to the first draw string)

Scouting Free says:

Great review! Born and raised at the german-swiss border I know the medium pack and used to wear it. Just two little adds: The material is really indestructable, you’re right on this! In my experience, the medium pack started to become very uncomfortable when I carried heavy weight for a long distance. The shoulderstraps (not padded) started to cut in my shoulders and without a good hipbelt it felt not too much fixed on my body.  For light and medium weight I would recommend this pack for sure. Just my experience with heavy load. Perhaps feeling uncomfortable in my case is just something due to my “bodyshape” or so 😉 Cheers Marc

Mad Jack Tramper says:

Nice review.
I had the big one for years but I think it was an older model.
It looked exactly the same but was made from plain green canvas, “not rubberised”, It was a bit of a monster to carry when loaded but took tones of abuse without fault and I loved it.
Sadly I “lost it” somewhere in Iraq back in 91. I never saw another old canvas one since or I would have snapped it up.
Thanks for posting and sharing, Jack.

TMG.Producer4 says:

Hi TheOutdoorGearReview! Great video! I wasn’t able to find your business email and would love to talk to you about some integration opportunities. I left you an inbox message with more information, please feel free to reach out to me at anytime!

Thoughtful Media Group

KA HE says:

hi do you own the 20l modern swiss rucksack? the one made od cordura/nylon?

We’re All That Bored says:

The larger bag is a perfect Boundary Waters bag. Hybrid canoe bushcraft bag. No other bag like it on the market and it cant be replicated due to the cost it would take. Buy them while you can.

thestrauss says:

These are amazing. Do you know if you can you find hip belts for these?

Mohammed Hezri says:

Hi Luke, i didn’t received any emails from you, could you email me again brother? Sorry. Its Thanks Luke, waiting for your email. Take care. 🙂

Becerril Productions says:

Hey Luke, hope you can help me with this one! do you think the “Medium Size Engineer’s Pack” could go as a carry on in an international flight ? great videos by the way!!

Alex R says:

Great video! One question. So I can have a better comparison, how tall are you? I am 5’4″ medium build. 

URBANcraft says:

It seems like there are attachments that go on the sides. Are there sources for attachment pouches too?

Lone Wolf says:

Both packs wen fully loaded hurt like hell on back n shoulders, don’t get them, stay clear, good for work back to put spare jacket and lunch but hiking no way !

VENOM says:

got a medium one dirty cheap and while conditioning the leather i found on the right lid strap there was a name embed on it “Frupt zorich 1984” or something like that… anyone got any info on that creator or something?

Kev Gunner says:

I paid 20$ for the large one. And I live in Canada :p

john Weichmann says:

Need to add a waist or hip belt for comfort. Trying the HSGI slim grip belt (battle belt). It’s padded and can attach via molle straps

David Goodridge says:

Stop it!! LOL I bought a Swedish Military 35L last week at a local surplus store. I guess I’ll be going back and have a look for these, gosh. I like the looks of these packs.

Geraint Jones says:

LOOOOOOL, Luke… that rucksack HUGE.. and would sustain me for a month, does it come with a sherpa for transportation?? 😉 haha

dofler says:

Bought a brand new one for &100. I want to love this pack (the smaller of the two) but the straps hurt like hell. I need to find a way to put some padding on the straps and perhaps a padded back support. If anyone has any ideas, please do share

FarWest Colorado says:

Solid packs for sure. I was going to pick the mountain rucksack one up a few years ago, but didn’t. Wish I did now. Great finds!

Andrew Poulson says:

Now they sell anywhere from $80-$250

Matt Edie says:

I have the medium pack. It’s a great pack but I will echo the comments the straps will kill your shoulders when loaded. I bought some padded shoulder pads from Duluth Pack and it definitely makes a difference.

Milton Washington lll says:

Are you interested in selling the Large pack?If so let me know and I’ll buy it.

condar_yt says:

I want the large one ;).  8 pounds is not much heavier than an ILBE and the price is just great. The frame and straps though looks like a torture device for long hikes 😛
but I still want it.
nice review

Jim Walker says:

Dose anyone know where i can find shoulder straps in black for the medium pack. I have a brand new pack but have never been able to find straps to use it.

Mrsnoopy465 says:

very good review man! keep up the good work!

Liberator Tech World says:

I also have both of them the swiss engineer rucksack and the large mountain swiss rucksack. Thier great rucksacks there waterproof.

Lone Wolf says:

Left one is assault , right is engineers pack

Tom Hickman says:

This Is without a doubt the most heavy duty pack out there.
I’ve worked as a alpine climbing guide and that pack will last.

sweetcostarica says:

Just bought a “SWISS ARMY MILITARY LARGE RUCKSACK BACKPACK RUBBERIZED” off of ebay which is the smaller one TheOutdorGearReviewer calls  the Engineer Rucksack. Cost $35 USD plus $19 USD shipping to Alaska. Over charged? Maybe but it IS nice.

It came with green shoulder pads on the black straps unlike the one in the video above. Just saying, some Swiss Rucksacks have more on them that improve them. Mine is probably more comfortable with heavier loads. At least I hope so.

bon vivant says:

Want to sell the large one?

Brian Ortiz says:

The link for the medium pack is wrong.

Braun30 says:

In Switzerland the first one is called “Medic” backpack, the second one, with the separate pockets was the combat bacpack, I got mine in 1979 and still use it today.

Mohammed Hezri says:

Great backpacks Luke, waiting for more to come God willing! Take care! 🙂

Lone Wolf says:

Both packs wen fully loaded hurt like hell on back n shoulders, don’t get them, stay clear, good for work back to put spare jacket and lunch but hiking no way !

jose martin castillo cruz says:

excelente grandiosa informacion,muchas pero muchas gracias,por compartir la informacion

Lakeside Paul says:

I think I finally found out there is such a thing as…. too much sack 🙂

Canadian Bacon Brushcut's Corner says:

I just bought the ” Swiss Army Military Large Rucksack Backpack Rubberized ” . I waited 2 week’s to be sure it was a smart choice . My plan is to use it in the winter month’s . I paid $40 .00 ,which I think was a great price in really great shape . Your not wrong there when you mentioned the weight . ” empty ” . The cordage and strap’s are great mine came with extra strap’s 4 large 2 small . Your video review was great . I look forward to your other reviews .

Zed Outdoors says:

Great review dude, the Swiss do make some aesthetically good looking rustic backpacks ~Peace~

Scouter Lyndon says:

I have the larger rucksack myself and enjoy it. Though I haven’t been on any long treks yet (more than 3 days) I know the weight could be an issue for some. But as for size, keep in mind, the top flap is designed to be folded in half so that the pack can be used in a smaller configuration (it comes with two sets of buckle straps). Once the extended top section is folded inwards and the flap folded in half, the pack really isn’t bigger than the Engineer pack. Only the weight stays the same. Hope this info helps out in deciding for some.

john Weichmann says:

Any ideas on attaching a waist belt to ease the load?

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