Tanner Goods Wilderness Rucksack Review

It’s a backpack, it’s a rucksack, it’s handmade from Tanner Goods in Portland Oregon, it’s got a roll-top, it’s made from some fancy WWII swiss-inspired materials and it’s got enough leather to win “best in show” at any S&M convention. Check this sucker out.

You can view this review at Carryology: http://www.carryology.com/bags/tanner-goods-wilderness-rucksack-video-review/


Walter Chen says:

Great review! What is the insert you are using in the front pocket?

Matthew Vlachos says:

Your reviews are the best. I don’t even want a bag, but I’ve seen all of your videos anyway.

pblockification says:

is that the Navy color?

Carlo M says:

How many liters is the bag? Is says 20L in the website but it looks bigger than 22 in your video.

Outside The Unbox says:

I was watching this video while pooping, and I laughed really hard at “What’s your name girl” … now I have to take a shower, thanks a lot.

mui robson says:

how in the name of fuck did i not found your channel all these times?! u sir are hilarious, please do more of these reviews, it’s useful and entertaining, SUBSCRIBED !!!!


Very trendy luv! Prefer my filson though!

Caleb Astle says:

Without debate, best YouTube reviews in the whole world. Fight me, and I will prove it with science

electrolinks says:

I like bags. He likes bags. We like bags.

Grant Peelle says:

Hey Chase, does this bag have zippers? 😉
Killer review as always!

TheA says:

YESSS, finally a new review! Love these 🙂

Vegan Beef says:

dude, you kill constantly

John Ortuno says:

Informative and entertaining videos! Keep it up.

Seth Williams says:

I don’t even care about bags, these videos are just fun to watch.

jrstar777 says:

HE”S ALIVE!!!!!! Great vid sir!

Scott Erickson says:

i fucking love you

KnowYourHistory says:

Ok that ending is hysterical!

KnowYourHistory says:

I think it’s possible to have robust zippers that don’t break like with GoRuck bags and Filsons. That front compartment definitely needs an easier way to access it.

Jesse F says:

Hey chase you should review the Bradley mountain rucksack back pack.

Nathan Eckstrom says:

I love the look and materials on that bag but, try as I might, I just can’t go without a certain level of built-in organization and access on a backpack for everyday use. Too bad about the wear on the underside of the straps. I’m sure the felt gives a nice soft feel but I wouldn’t be pleased if it wears like that and gets to looking ratty.

If I could ask one question – how does the bag look and feel to you when you’re not carrying much in it? Does it keep shape nicely or end up being floppy?

I’ll be sure to check out more of your reviews. Cheers.

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