The Best Military Pack On the Market Today? – Savotta Jääkäri L Rucksack

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Want to see one of the best Military packs out on the market today? If yes, then check out my review of the Savotta Jääkäri L Rucksack.

This pack has it all;
and the price isn’t terrible either (when compared to other tactical companies).

There is a lot to this pack and this isn’t a quick review as I go over every aspect.

Link :

Price : $309.99
Weight : 5.24lbs
Colors : Green, Black and M05 Woodland Camo – Woodland Version runs $328.99

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Larry Brown says:

Hi Luke. Great review as always. Love Savotta and definitely want to get this pack soon. (which I also love) actually isn’t the only place you can get this in the US. You can go to and get Savotta gear as well. They also offer free shipping and have great discounts on Savotta gear from time to time.


Überlebe! says:

I’ve owned the pack for almost a year now and I really love it. I can agree with all the improvements you stated but I can also live without them. I generally just tuck the huge carry handle under the lid before I put the pack on, this really works well and keeps it out of the way but still easily accesible without any modifications. I also managed to take care of all loose straps by tucking them into some molle loops close by so my pack is very clean now without any additional keepers. One thing which is awesome is that you can attach the Särmä TST DP-10 instead of the lid which gives you a daypack and 10l more space. There is a tutorial on how to do this somewhere on the Varustelela site. For me the Rajajääkäri/Jääkäri L is almost the perfekt pack and I am way more than happy with it. I also find it relatively light weight for what it has to offer and find the price fair.

TheRoadPilgrim says:

Luke Rocks!

renthal971 says:

Can the pack be adjusted to your torso length????

Dogs Del says:

Just bought one. Savotta bags are pure quality.

cody allen says:

I have bought some Eberlestock packs because of your reviews. You’re killing my wallet! I need to wait a little before getting this one. Outstanding review sir.


That was an AWESOME review and very INNERESTING and SO ON….

MrWinger1951 says:

For a “military” style pack I’ll stick with my Sabra Gear packs.

Coolwheelz says:

Too bad they are sold out………

Five Star says:

That open border pack is pretty cool.

Don Clemente says:

A review of the zpacks duplex would be great, especially your test in bad weather

tc1uscg says:

As much as I REALLY like these overviews, I really don’t like packs like this. If you are just going to toss all your stuff into a “hole”, for $10-15, you can just get a military duffel bag. Sure, they are not for LONG hikes, but it holds more, way way cheaper. Just tossing that out there.

Ozdave McGee says:

Strap keepers. If pack os Black or Coyote,…hair bands double them blend in and work well

IamETOH says:

I don’t mind the weight of good bags that will last a long time. I’m not a thru-hiker and don’t care about minimalist or ultra light weight gear. I bring what I want because I am the one that’s going to carry it.

dhession64 says:

Great review. This looks like a great investment, and I mean that in the most economical sense, as well as a field sense.
Would you want to review the Amazon Basics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack with Rainfly, 75L, Black? The zippers don’t seem to be YKK but they seem to hold up okay. The reviews I’ve seen are back and forth between good and bad. I purchased one in April and, sadly, have not had the time to use it. A coworker stated he has one very similar if not just like mine and likes it a lot. I got it for $50 but it usually goes for $70. BTW if you’re looking for a Stanley 4X cook set, go to Menard’s (a popular big hardware store here in the Midwest); I bought mine for $75 but found it for $55 there. I was super bummed out. They have a lot of Stanley products at this particular store chain, and the prices are EXTREMELY competitive to Amazon for this brand. They even beat Walmart.
I thank you very much for your reviews. If you are interested, Dave Canterbury had started a Five Minutes To Better Bushcraft series that, if he put it all onto a DVD, would concentrate a whole bunch of knowledge into a relatively short block of multiple discipline instruction. He continues to impress me with his width, breadth and depth of knowledge. It’s why folks pay to learn from him and why the US military employs him for their SpecOps schools.
As you say, sir: strength and honor. Thank you for what you do.

Michael Rosner says:

On the handle on the top you have two straps how about make a strap that will keep the handle off of you as well you can use the strap around camp if need be like a try pod paracord well work as well molty use what you have save time and money i think that will work

MrFlak188 says:

What do you think of this vs the rp80?

TheSimpleGamer says:

This is my favorite backpack! I have two off the smaller ones in black, and I love it! I highly recommend this jaegar (Or Jääkäri in finnish) to everyone!

Igor Arkin says:

Looks like a china/miltec rather than top notch pack. This is why I can’t stand any european gear (and wonder why Luke can). Everything is poorly thought. It might be strong and durable, but far from USA made both quality and aesthetics. Better stick to used Tango pack wich is almost free

Chris Yeeep says:

I went to where’s the liqour . com but I can only find booze, beer and spirits. No ruck sacks

RSW032 says:

Savotta products are also available at scandinavian outdoor. They ship international, top service and fast shipping.

xitsxalecx says:

Has anyone tried out any of the Wisport rucksacks? I’m just wondering if they are as good as a Savotta ruck? The Wisport rucks look like really good bags but I can’t be too sure because a large majority of the reviews are not in English. Any information would be appreciated.

Karl Callaghan says:

Definitely looks like a great pack and maybe a pack to invest in for the future.

Peter Pavlovic says:

Is there a sleeve for the hydration bladder or does it just hang down with the rest of the contents? Also – will the sleeping bag compartment hold the Military Modular Sleep System bags? By the way – great review – keep it up!!!

neo57611 says:

For the money time and effort mole2 lg. Not pretty but hey she can work it….

Niblerrrr says:

I totally agree with you on this backpack! Awesome and interesting history research on the original backpack.

willy p00 says:

You keep saying “var noose da likka”. There is no letter “N”. Say “var oose da likka” instead. Or stick with “where is the liquor”. It doesn’t have the letter “N” either.

neo57611 says:

Mole 2 large pack. Would like some hikes and review. Full load. Thanks Luke. I bought one on your last review. Great hauler like a mule. Jim

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