The Best Nintendo Switch Backpack

In today’s video I do a quick review of the Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack by PDP! I give you guys a quick but detailed view on exactly what it looks like inside of the backpack, and I show you just how much of your stuff you can actually fit in there. I also give you my review and impressions on it’s form factor and usability, while ultimately letting you know if this Nintendo Switch travel accessory is worth your money.

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Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack:

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Jayme Go Boom says:

Is he colour blind because that joycon mix is horrific and killing my OCD!

tpax3p says:

Is there enough room for my food box?

Agastya Nagpal says:

Please give me the switch, as I have never gotten any electronic device ever

tornoofo17 says:

Did you get that bracelet at Tiffany’s?

Diamond Boy says:

Please can I have that bag if I subscribe

David St says:

Ei Filip esi ti sa Balkana

Mason Dionne says:


Thesavagepenguin なかたは says:

Thanks this is amazing

Kaisen_Elias says:

If you wear this in public your asking to get jumped

David Tores says:

Weak ass joy con color combo bro

Passent Aboemira says:


tornoofo17 says:

You don’t pack any cables? And WTF is picking velcro locks? It’s fucking velcro.

Sam Hill says:

I have one question for you: *W H O T H E F U C K N E E D S 6 F U C K I N G J O Y C O N S ! ? !*

Haven Hellman says:

What uuuuup Filip

The Agouman says:

I love this bag but the creator of this bag should not put a Nintendo Switch Logo on it because now the bag could be stolen easily

Phill Bill says:

Basically screams rob me

brian richards says:

So curious turning the backpack upside down day one seems secure however use it for 3 months and show a video with the same flip and show what doesn’t drop. This is just asking for people to rob someone with a switch book bag because who else would have one? We spend more time showing how portable it is but really aside for the tablet/joy cons everything else is add on stuff or tv like the dock function unless you wanna charge it with a cord.

Phill Bill says:

What about the cables?

Sniper1313 says:

It should be called the “begging to get robbed pack”

tornoofo17 says:

Nothing screams “steal my backpack” more than having a Switch logo on it.

King Zap says:

I think I might buy the book bag

KanikRage says:

I have the Standard Switch case (the one that comes with a screen protector) does it fit in the pocket for the switch?

Sebastian Sørensen says:

at the very bottom in the backroom there is a pocket for cables.

Glurak 005 says:

You make the best Videos ever thanks <3

Kristy Cilliers says:

A baby

Jennifer Vivar says:

Can you take this on a plane (as a carry on?)

Thediamondbro says:

I’m 5 foot will this fit me ?

Lu&xnip says:

it is robber-proof??

Richard M says:

Why is the dock tedious?

Natatia Loco says:

Please craft a switch on my friends have the switch and I don’t have an all to my breaking a girl in tendo switch before you so please to have to switch thanks

Twisted Krazy says:

I’m just hiting that like button for every video I see. So good.

Cryptic_ says:

4:16 please stop holding your amiibos that way

Carlos Mendoza says:

Bro you are the man when it comes to picking out switch accessories!!

TheSlientDemon says:

I subscribed love the videos.

James Howell says:

I want that special edition Zelda case so so so bad

thatdixierasta says:

Hahahaha “unless they are very good at picking Velcro locks.” I never knew that was considered a lock

11H8 says:

How to lose $300

Yuuji Norita says:

O0o0o0 can u do a review of the escapests 2?

Vevlix says:

“A baby, or whatever fits in there” That humor! Man this guy would be a good father

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