The Best Travel Backpack? – REI Ruckpack 40 Preview

What is the best backpack for one bag travel? We believe it’s the REI Ruckpack 40. Perfect size. Perfect weight distribution. Perfect security. Perfect aesthetic.

REI Ruckpack 40:

Here are the other bags we’ve tried that didn’t quite fit our needs:
Hershel Little America Backpack:
Osprey Manta AG 36 Backpack:
Incase EO Travel Backpack:

And here’s the electronics organizer we use:
Grid-It Electronics Organizer:

Our gear:

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Mohammad Al-Shuwaiee says:

Is it good for city trips ?

Martin de la Fuente says:

I saw this one, and yes it’s a great bag. I just didnt like what the black looked like. It was almost like a dark blue, unlike the trail’s black looked like actual black color. That’s the one thing I did not like about this one.

Kay M says:

Thanks for the review. That would have been a nice bag for my Asia trip . I took an Osprey porter 40 but I didn’t really like the strap system after using it for a while.

I’ll look into that bag.

Divine Any Size says:

My favorite so far is the Tortuga Setout 45L, it’s perfection!

Omar Lafif says:

Hello guys! Your videos are awesome. I am leaving on a 4 month trip in 10 days and unfortunately I can’t get the REI shipped on time.. therefore, I am looking for an alternative.. I came across the Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L, any thoughts?? Your advice is highly appreciated! Thanks

Mark Jacobs says:

Osprey Porter 30 or 40. I’ve taken my 30 all over the world but I’m not a “techno”.

goat says:

Sending love from the Philippines. Really informative video. What makes this video better than other comparison videos is that each bag was actually used for travelling, not just one day. Nice job!

Nirmal Lotay says:

Very practical and simple advice. Brilliant team work too in espousing the different travel challenges. Great job.

Alastair C says:

What’s the benefit of being able to lock the top if there is side access that’s not lockable? I thought it was perfect until I saw that

Dorina Choban says:

Hey! I got The Ruck pack 40 for my husband for his first backpack, and I love it so much I’m going to get myself one too!

Liubiss says:

Do you made the review after the trip?

Kyle Jeffery says:

You two are a dynamic duo.

Chris Gainey says:

Great review! I had this as well but traded it for the NorthFace Router Transit backpack. I absolutely love it. You guys should check it out. It’s 41 liters and has tons of compartments for anything you could need. -Chris

pgreenx says:

got through 8 minutes with no pack; had to go

Daniel D says:

It does seem a good pack, but it’s too heavy, maybe something closer to the 2 lbs range is better Packs in that range are very basic with no bells and whistles and it’s probably a tangent you don’t want to go on.

JW says:

Does this stand up without tipping over? It seems a little rounded toward the bottom so I’m skeptical of this…

Richard Sullivan says:

Any thoughts on the BE Outfitters Tahquitz bag? Trying to choose between in and the ruckpack

Emmanuel Trujillo says:

How does the ruck pack 40 compare to the osprey farpoint 40

Tonett Ferol says:

No store here in the philippines 🙁

jason dixon says:

Red oxx bags

captfalconXX says:

@4:26 It’s strange that you don’t like the hip straps. Hip straps help your back a lot if you happened to walk a long distance because the weight of the bag will be shifted down to the waist which can handle more load. Certain bags like The North Face Borealis backpack designed the waist straps to be hidden inside so the strap not dangling when you don’t need them.

Richard R. says:

Great video; I’m researching travel packs and you guys have put the REI Ruckpack 40 at the top of my list.

M3rcury's Laboratory says:

I call it a double eye patch.

Mango says:

4 lbs. 3 oz.
pretty good

Vaibhav Ravichandran says:

Can’t believe this was your first video! Excellent

patbyc1977 says:

thanks guys great review

Carissa Concepcion says:

I bought this ruckpack 40 bag for Europe based on y’all’s recs and luckily it was on sale at REI. Thanks!

dearlevi says:

what is that zipper on top of the laptop/ hydration bladder sleeve?

Igor Kostyuchenok says:

Ok, so a trip to Mexico wasn’t international? When did Mexico become part of US? 🙂

Jasmine Qureshi says:

Looks like a great pack. Just got back from Europe and am now hunting for something like this for next time. I am not sure how I feel about the side pocket accessing the main part of the bag though.

Nita says:

I’m in love with this backpack. I want it!

Fana Šápeles says:

Hello guys, did you have ever problem with this backpack on the airport as is slightly bigger than allowed? Thank you

Taylor Gilmore says:

Thank you for sharing, this is really helpful

pekow91 says:

It took you guys over 8mins to actually show the bag

Kenneth Dong says:

What about any of the Pacsafe bags?

Jodi DeJong says:

Looks like it’s too big for carry on though if your aim is to go carry on only. It’s also quite heavy at over 4 lbs. Nice bag but not perfect yet :/

Fire Marshalll says:

You guys need to look into the goruck gr1. It is literally the best pack on the market

1984maan says:

Is this a completely unbiased review or is it in some way sponsored by the makers of the bag?

Anthony Bardino says:

The osprey farpoint 40 is best

Tanuki says:

Does the side pocket allow to acces to the main compartment ?

Christopher Zazueta says:

Awesome video! I have the trial 40 & the Ruckpack 28. What do you guys think of the Ruckpack 28 for daily commute/daily use?

ِ says:

666th sub

Taylor Snyder says:

Great video, super informative! So I looked on REI’s website and the tech specs state 22x13x10 and 4lbs 3oz. However some Q&As were answered by REI staff stating the bag is actually 22″ tall x 11″wide and 3lbs 6oz…. Could you verify this so I will know if it complies with the 45inch limit and 15lb maximum I’m allowed when traveling to Thailand? Thank you!

Alejandro Gómez says:

Hey guys, I usually travel for 2 months so I take a big hardshell suitcase. I’m thinking of the alternative of buying a travel backpack like the one you presented, my concern is how about the electronics ?
Are you able to bring such big bag in the plane cabin ? I guess you document it, but arent’ you worried about the electronics going down in the baggage compartiment ?

Funidert playfröl says:

go go gaget

Hermann Munster says:


MrBPM75 says:

Wicked review! I am sold on ruckpack 40. I rrally wanted size 28L but it doesn’t have padded waist belt.

Andrea Bosio says:

Nice video and well thought trough choice but i live in Europ and i travel around with the most common airlines here and keep in mind that on some occasion you will be asked to chock it in cos is just slightly over the allowed size or you will have to pay more to get it on board, loads more … look at Ryanair policy and easy-jet the 2 biggest airbus company in EU, shame cos is a gorgeous bag i was looking in to the osprey Transporter 40 or the small duffle bag from north face.. now really considering the Cabin Max Manhattan 55x40x20 Hybrid Trolley Backpack as clothing luggage and Oxford Stowaway Bag – 35x20x20cm a sling back pack for my teck these 2 fit 100% the requirement. dont make me super happy but maximising is all.

Cam Soergel says:

You both are so entertaining. Great videos. Any suggestions on packing cube sets that go well with this bag? Cheers in advance. And make your way down here to NZ!

The Happy Hour Hound says:

I need something a bit bigger! Did you guys end up keeping these?

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