The Ultimate Go To Tech Backpack? – Incase Icon Backpack – In-depth Review

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AustyLu says:

I’ve had this backpack since 2007. I gave it away when I went back home (West Africa) to visit in 2014 . Been waiting to purchase one. Got one today “Black Friday” 50% OFF. I’ve notice some changes in design, I like the old one better. My favorite backpack. If you are thinking of buying one. Do it!! Its a good investment.

Dennis Mejia says:

Very expensive, no pockets for bottle water.

Noah Manuel says:

Do you think that this could be used as a college backpack? (4 years after high school)

*If possible, could you make a video on it. Thanks

Miguel De La Cruz says:

shitty warranty, not so great materials, no water resistance, over charged. no thanks

Fábio Ricardo says:

Thank you for sharing your experience!

justabannanawitharocketlauncher says:

will this be able to last four years in high school

KMNH 96 says:

What laptop case are you using on your Mac?

Maxing Ashing says:

should i buy this bag or the zero G backpack ??

VolTard says:

Can you grab your iPad mini without taking the backpack off? Does the slim bag have the iPad compartment? Is the slim made of the same materials? How much stuff can you fit in the main compartment of the slim? Thanks

Brandon Hellbach says:

I’m stuck in choosing between this and the Ogio Renegade, i cant quite tell how big they are on someones back. I’m a college student and travel back and forth from home to work and school, anyone have any experience with both of these bags? if so whats your opinions?

Leonardo C says:

ohh dude, this is the coolest backpack i’ve ever seen….. but it’s very expensive.

AK says:

amazing video thanks alot sure will i will buy this back

Nickftw27 says:

can it fit a 15.6″ laptop??

raul rosas says:

Is this backpack water resistant?

Kenny Steven Fernández Torres says:

Do you think I can fit a Canon SL1 on the sunglasses pocket?

Anri Orlow says:


LeoCtrix says:

Can it fit Alienware 15?

Eva Ng says:

do you think it would fit laptop, gym clothes with shaker cup and sneakers?

ghost deini says:

great review! unfortunately I think that incase is charging WAY too much for this pack, especially when you look at the offerings from brands like Osprey and Arc’teryx. Those companies use better materials, with better craftsmanship, and offer lifetime warranties (unlike 1 year from incase)

Erik Larson says:

You guys you guys you guys

Fiona Florence says:

though this video is almost 2 years back, is it these models available now?

I I says:

Do you know if this could be used to store basic hacking equipment(emp laptop mouse USB killer turtle USB rubber ducky pineapple clothes sunglasses water bottle and folders) I’ve been getting back into hacking lately and my backpack I got from hak5 hasn’t been enough lately

187MainMan says:

can in fit a canon rebel t5i >>>????????

Shane L says:

Anyone know if this backpack is water resistant?

spicecrop says:

Dang dude, you have hands like a girl. Go do some yard work or fix up a car. Do you only play with tech all day?

Chip Bott says:

That back room was a mess….decent review though..

Michael Trombley says:

Great review!

zayl777 says:

Thank you for such a thorough review! This is a good quality video, too!

LeoCtrix says:

Can the bobby backpack fit a Dell XPS 15?

oliver cantu says:

awesome review, thank you man!

Jonathan Dimick says:

What case do you have on your Mac?

Scorpiiious says:

4:14 Porno? lol 😛

LeoCtrix says:

Is this bag better than the XD design bobby?

Cesar Feliz says:

Bottle water pocket?

Eddy Tello V. says:

Great Vid man, how long does it take to be shipped after you bought it on Thanks.

James Carlyle says:

This guy is the definition of an iSheep.
Apart from that good review!

Nixy Pixels says:

Great review! Thank you!

TheAnjuice says:

What is that external battery?

Parker Millar says:

So is it a good school backpack

The Frozen Penguin says:

Apple this apple here apple here….fanboy are we? Im sure android stuff fits in there 😉  Oh and you said laptop..not macbook..  must be slipping?

Kenneth John Lim says:

I read several reviews in amazon saying that the icon backpack’s material is not of good quality (ie. stitching undone after 2 months, broken zippers, etc.). What can you say about the longevity of the incase icon backpack? Does it last long?

jDaniiel says:

is this backpack durable to withstand carrying 2-3 heavy textbooks in them? im wondering because my backpacks usually start to rip at the bottom and fall apart because I load it up with too many things like books and binders.

LaboonTheWhale says:

Hey RandomRazr, thanks for the video on this backpack.
For plane travel, which do you think is better as a carry on to carry tech goodies, this or the Incase EO travel bag.

Jakob Thomsen says:

“So you can charge your iPhone…” You do know that isn’t only for iPhones, right?

LeoCtrix says:

Can this backpack fit Dell XPS 15

Rueben Carbajal says:

Great review! keep up the good work. 🙂

yyyy2999 says:

Will the bag hold an Alienware 15 r3?

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