The US Army’s Next Ruck – MOLLE 4000 Rucksack First Look

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Want to see the latest US Army rucksack before anyone else? This pack is still in the testing phase but I’ve been able to get my hands on what should be the final version.

This is the MOLLE 4000 Rucksack!

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Brayden Browning says:

You should try ice cave camping

Tom Brown says:

Does the inside of this pack have that sticky smelly coating like all previous military packs? Also does the FILBE have that sticky coating also? TIA.

det414 says:

Seems like a horrible design.

Makes sense why they want it.

D Mcgill says:

I want one

Daniel baudelio says:

The bag should be bigger cause that won’t hold shit for what I carry in my .b.o.b.

Tolik L. says:

The only thing I hate about American packs , is that the hang low , like sack of potatoes . German and Scandinavian packs ride high , more comfortable in that respect .

Daniel baudelio says:

I would put a s.t.o.m.p. bag in it, a place for a mattock pick, shovel, axe, amateur radio equipment, clothing, two days worth of food, sleeping bag and at least a set of hand tools, ammunition, a few dog proof traps, and a few rat traps. This pack u reviewed isnt worth a fuck to me but it make suffice to military

PNW Adventures And gear reviews says:

Overnight adventure please!

Chris Ingram says:

Looks good! Better than what I humped on my back in the late 90s, early 2000s!!

Kurt Baier says:

Nice. About as good as the Medium ALICE which will allow a MOLLE sustainment pouch on either side. It looks like a hellcat frame on the new Ruck ? The non adjustable frame, the lack of sternum strap, better and hip and shoulder pads, and lack of sustainment pouches made the medium and large ALICE uncomfortable and limited expansion. The ALICE packs were designed to improve efficiency ( fighting loads up to 50lbs, and approach loads up to 75 lbs max) and reduce physical injury which is now more than twice as high as combat casualties because soldiers are overloaded. I like a bucket style pack with multiple outside pouches. The lid should have a pouch that would fit two pouches pre sewn for squad ammo or binos , and NVGs. Glad to see them going back to the future. Military ammo and other mission essentials imho requires a external frame, not an internal frame. It also looks like the new Ruck frame will go over body armor, which will make or fail it.

Wilderness Field Journal says:

That’s a nice looking pack. I have one of the older military molly packs. Good pack but I had an issue with the frame cracking when it was heavily loaded. Hopefully this frame is stronger. That small bottom pocket is unusual. Thanks for sharing Luke!

Ferndalien says:

It seems to me that, unless I plan to start my summer walk by parachuting out of an airplane to some remote point, I won’t be using some of its unique, advanced features. I’ll be starting my hikes from the parking lot at the trailhead, so I’ll look for a different pack. Otherwise, it looks like a great pack for paratroopers.

Joel Latto says:

4:57 I have experience with these ITW Nexus blast buckles. They function nice, but unfortunately that spring loaded adjustment gets loose over time.

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

What do you all think about the MOLLE 4000?
Expect to see more of this pack into the future….right now I’m getting ready to hit the road!
ROAD TRIP 2018 is about to begin!
– Luke

MrWinger1951 says:

How much does it weigh or did I miss that?

John Lindsay says:

Need to add in the kevler back plate like the kids school back packs 2 bit S

Daniel baudelio says:

Plastic frame on the backpack

fhj 52 says:

That, without the enormous number of molle attachment points, is what I’ve been looking to find. I.e., the ‘civilian’ version. Basically a big open storage that is wide and deep.
What are those main compartment dimensions anyway?

Paul Keating says:

So it’s a Sabre SF with an under pocket rather than rockets plus the usual forces accoutrements. I prefer the Sabre based on a cursory look at that one but it does look good and likely won’t be as expensive.

Thaddeus Mikolajczyk says:

Overnight trip.

Belligerent Instigator says:

tactical turtle shell

Guitar Hiker444 says:

Great review! I ordered one of these molle 4000 rucks about 7 months ago on ebay for a pretty good deal. It said the words “test item” under the packs main flap. I’ve owned alot of packs over the years especially military packs. Its a pretty nice pack I do like the shoulder straps and waistbelt fits really snug and comfortable but overall design I wasnt that impressed. I personally think the multicam molle 2 large ruck is a little better. Theres not alot of room in the molle 4000 for a sleep system unlike the large molle 2 ruck which has a seperate compartment. I do like that they improved frame though its very tough but it does add a little weight! The size of the pack is kinda unique aswell. 4,000 cubic inches which is a 1,000 cubes less than the molle 2 large ruck. But if you put the two molle 2 sustainment pouches on it they would be the same size. The molle 4000 makes sense for paratroopers but thats who it was designed for. This is just my personal opinion and its still a great pack and very well made. Keep in mind this pack is still being tested by the military so they may add or subtract bits and pieces of this pack before its fully released. Testing is expected to be finished by 2019.

Jason Kraus says:

Hell of a scoop, Luke. I like it. Looks like a quality pack that will be useful for our operators in the field. Any concerns about capacity – either too much or too little with this? I think for us civvies that would be a long weekend pack as long as you didn’t try to hump in an entire kitchen.

lapicker says:

No torso length adjustability? That one is too short for you!

Atkrdu says:

How would it fit on someone that’s 5’3”? I find the Marine ILBE is just a few inches too long (pushes my ass forward, so I’m not walking regular- not sure what can happen with that, but it seems like a bad idea with weight & distance & being tired as potential extras).

John Gayley says:

Nice pack. Would definitely like to see what pouches would attach such as sustainment, mag, etc…..
This against the filbe and molle medium packs

Charles Fletcher says:

Where can one get the straps and belt? Thinking about putting them on my TT Malice Pack.

Scowler says:

Army and Air Force surplus is going to be everywhere in the next couple years. OCP is sexier, though.

10colt01 says:

Yet our First Sergeants will still call us pussies when we use the waist belt

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