USGI Large Molle II Rucksack Review

Brief review and overview of my US Large Molle II Rucksack. These are excellent packs, and you can find them at good prices, even new unissued, they are hundreds less than name brands. Highly recommend.


ric cartwright says:

I have the same one and I love it good video

John Stevenson says:

I do notice that your pack’s compression straps that go around the side of the pack and enclose the sustainment bags fasten with the clips where you pass the strap through the clip and back over itself to secure it. There is another fastener configuration where a fastex buckle is used to secure the compression straps. These buckles allow the 3 day assault pack to be secured to the large ruck for an enormous amount of load capacity. i agree an great pack system

ZZ outdoors says:

That’s a good lookin’ pac! How many liter pac is it? ZZ.

Plantbased Outdoors says:

Excellent review bro. Very in depth. I’m not a fan of that particular camo either, but I understand you had to get what you could. I still rock the ALICE Pack myself.

Jesse Cline says:

great video. i recently switched to this pack from the large alice. much more room and way more comfortable. just discovered your channel and now you have a new subscriber.

Bigmanbam44 says:

These are rated for 210 pounds, more then bout anyone can carry.

Plant-based Survival says:

I have the exact same one except in Woodland.

Tom Thomas says:

Damn ebay, took me 5 hours to finally find one listed I was willing to purchace since I get paid a shit wage 9.50 an hour.. and I was excited to click and buy and the shit was expired. oh well, bastards. Good video

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