Wow! Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack – REVIEW – Commando 60 Backpack – A Bear Grylls Fan’s Dream?

“Crazy” “Outrageous” “Ridiculous” “Over Kill” and “Awesome” are Just a Few of the Reactions Folks have to the NEW $950 Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack. So is it Garbage or a Bear Grylls Fan’s Dream come True? Let’s find out…

David takes a look at the NEW Bear Grylls Commando 60 Pack / Rucksack and what comprises the rest of the Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack.

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As Promised…

Here are Links to All the Individual Items in the BG Ultimate Pack:

Bear Grylls Commando 60 Pack:

Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet:
David’s Review:

BG Survival Belt:

BG Survival Blanket:

BG Lanyard:

BG Poncho:

BG Survival Bracelet:

BG Compact Parang:

BG Paracord Fixed Blade:
David’s Review:

BG Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade:
David’s Review:

BG Ultra Compact Fixed Blade:

BG Grandfather Knife:

BG Compact Compass:

BG Intense Torch:

BG Parang:

BG Canteen:
David’s Review:

BG Fire Starter:
David’s Review:

BG Sliding Saw:
David’s Review:

BG Sharpener:

BG Scout Essentials Kit:
David’s Review:

BG Basic Kit:
David’s Review:

BG Ultimate Survival Kit:
David’s Review:

BG Ultimate Fine Edge Knife:

BG Compact Fixed Blade:
David’s Review:

BG Ultimate Fixed Blade Knife Serrated:
David’s Review:

BG Scout Knife:

BG Folding Sheath Knife:
David’s Review:

BG Survival Torch:
David’s Review:

BG Micro Torch:
David’s Review:

BG Compact Scout Knife:
David’s Review:

BG Hands Free Torch:
David’s Review:

BG Compact Multi-Tool:

BG Ultimate Multi-Tool:

BG Survival Tool Pack:
David’s Review:

BG Pocket Tool:
David’s Review:


Here’s the Amazon “Wish List” – All the Bear Grylls Gear in this Pack:

Here’s the Link to the BG Ultimate Pack

Other STUFF David Mentioned or is Wearing:

David’s Bug Out Bag / Rucksack / Backpack:

Rattler Strap Paracord Belt:

Black Hawk Belt:

Wazoo Wearable Survival Kit / 16 Tool – Paracord Bracelet:


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~ David


Christian Trick says:

you should review the Rambo survival knife

BenOddy says:

Unnecessary frame changes make the video nearly unwatchable, your over editing it.

[IMO] Guy says:

14:00 is when he gets to the items… 90% of it is a cash grab… IMO, get the original Ultimate Survivor knife, unless you have sharpening stones for your machete/hatchet/blades. I use only that knife and the Tarang Machete…. Maybe I would get the cantene if it can boil water in it and has no plastic… MAYBE the big multi tool…

I’ve been traveling across Canada for 6+ weeks now on a motorized peddle bicycle I built living/camping in the bush along the way. 1500+kms, I didn’t need 90% of this crap… There’s no cooking supplies and quadruples of each product… waste… of… money!

Get the machete, one of the Ultimate Survival knives and then just buy everything from Woods…

Ferchito Moralitos says:

¿¿como puedo conseguir una mochila de estas??

Head Room says:

…so youre saying in a survival situation , become a knife salesman?

Elliot Bentley says:

Probably my scalp backpack they just copied it and made it black and put a lot of this is definite this is the afternoon

Recon_ playa says:

I dont think you need that many knives… you didnt even get elmo band aids. come on

Istvan Antony says:

For the individuals with OCD be aware…this guy gets very sloppy and unorganized with the layout here and there. He’ll freak ya’ll out.

Donald trump says:

There’s no bottles full of piss

Greg Case says:

too many knives, not enough other stuff. I’d actually be very unhappy if this was all I had in a realistic survival situation. a nice sleeping bag, dry socks and a good small tent, good trapping or fishing options are all much more useful than two machete’s, an axe and 58 knives. you only need one knife. in most situations a quality machete is about all you need.

joseph oshannessy says:

that must be pretty expensive but i think it would be worth it

bing bong says:

it`s like a christmas stocking!…

larry skylar says:

Looks like a knife display from the mall in a backpack. A lil’ redundancy is fine, but that’s crazy! No firestarter fuel, cookware, nutritional items, H2O filtration, raingear, enough Paracord to tie more than your shoes, etc…
Looks like a waste to me.

DirtBikesFTW350 says:

With this much stuff you could survive the zombie apocalypse and and apocalyptic world. Who would be able to afford this anyway?

Charlie Bunn says:

I would never buy anything bear grylls don’t like his stuff

Greg Styles says:

did the items in the backpack come separately

Jorge Ruiz says:

For some reason I believe if Bear Grylls designed the gear his name is on I trust it to be worthy in a survival situation. Maybe it’s his trustworthy accent or his experience I’ve seen on TV. He should make shows with others as he always does with nothing but his gear already in a load out and nothing else. He should design exceptional survival gear and tools.

drafting savant says:

you don’t blend in when you look like a military trained professional bug out prepper the Bear Grylls looks more like a backpack or a hiking bag or as the pack that you choose for everyday carry looks like the typical Marine Corps bag that gets sucked in by all the posers that want to look like their military but I guarantee if you’re walking down a highway within Marine Corps green backpack with patches that say your ultimate sniper whatever they’re going to come hunting me down they’ll probably beat your ass and rip out all the stuff in your backpack

RegisteredGamer says:

Whatttt $950 for a knife hatchet and a compass ina bag… I’ll give you $50 for it.

Yang Tran says:

What do i pears to go to bye it ?

Japheth Wiscaver says:

That is a lot of stuff.

Cullan Holbrook says:

I wanted to buy this but I’m from south Africa and that is R100 000

HookedOnChronics says:

I don’t trust any survival tool that comes in cardboard and plastic packaging

Kyle Hughes says:

Wtf how many knives do ya need

A BOI who needs 1000 subscribers says:

David, what bracelet are you wearing

Charlie Wisdom says:

Does OD stand for over dramatic?

youtubesucks says:

for the person who just can’t decide what knife to buy…screw it…buy em all

m.c1arke_ says:

Is this a reasonable price?

Chris Ramos says:

Bear Grylls pack equipped with any and all kinds/sizes of tampons.

Riley Verellen says:

He takes 10 minutes introducing the outside we want to see the inside

jacob ireland says:

i want one

Oliver Squire says:

hey, David,  I was interested in buying this product and could not find it anywhere. Where can I find it?

Malicant says:

I wonder how many dead bodies will be found in the wilderness with one of these strapped to their backs….

William W says:

“I don’t want to draw attention to myself” *chooses the green tactical military bag.*

kaiser banday says:

I love this kit give one also

getmeoutofiraq05 says:

SO STUPID!! LIKE 30 KNIFES AND NO WAY TO FILTER WATER…. its not a survival pack its a knife pack from gerber with bear grylls name on it. ULTIMATE SURVIVAL MY ASS. NO AXE EITHER.

Kaitlyn Cardwell says:

How much and wear can I find it

Preston Albertsen says:

Are this all of the gerber bear grylls

Mikael Andersson says:

Hmm, it looks neat but does it have straps?

Brenda Schuler says:

Can I have the backpack and all the tools

Rohi Soerdjan says:

has a lot of gear

Rohi Soerdjan says:

i am bear grylls vand

Hunter 10 says:

Not in the top David

Jorge Maluf says:

I will buy this one

Paul Valentine says:

Screw Bear Grylls.

Bill M says:

Just like a majority of the other comments, I find the redundancy of the items in the pack to be almost useless. For the 950$ price tag this back should come ready to go camping out the door with sleeping bag tent water filtration everything and anything needed.

Gary Runey says:

I would recommend preparewise 2 person three day bug out bag they have a regular and deluxe version about a third of the cost for the deluxe one which includes a real tent. now it doesn’t contain 85 knives but it actually has food and water in it which I feel like is more important if I’m in a bug-out situation I don’t want to have to stop in the first 24 hours to try and find food when I can just carry it with me and find food later. Bear Grylls is all about Showmanship he’s a pretty brave guy and all but that is not how you should react in a survival situation this pack seems to me like they just put everything in the Bear Grylls line in a backpack and charged regular price for all of it. 950 is just ridiculous there are tons of packs out there that you can get they come loaded with way more necessary equipment for a third of the price or less.

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