Aegismax M2 goose down sleeping bag review

Goose down, included compression sack and breathable material make this bag a excellent buy.


Aexoero V says:

The bag looks good! I seen pictures of it and it seemed to have a very shiny blue outer material. Also thanks for the Nikwax tip, i have ordered the bag and will buy some down wash too. By the way, what the difference between the down wash amd the down proof? Thanks!

Alex Hamilton says:

If you grab the two halves of the bag while doing or undoing the zipper you will rarely get snags

Exovitae says:

I got the sleeping bag in the L size. Do you have any problems with feathers coming out the bag after you compress it down in to the compression sack and take it out? When i take out the sleeping bag i got numerous feathers and some down. I didnt knew this bag should have some feathers too. The stitches and materials are great but im not too happy about the coming out material. Hopefully next year i will do some treks in Nepal, i will need to compress the bag daily and take it out in the evening, i hope i wont loose all my down.

Datsyzerberg says:

just ordered that blue bag off amazon. thanks for the tip on washing it, your bag looked like it was gonna bust at the seams. I was going to get a Revelation for 300.00 to knock a 1.25lbs off my bag. This does the exact same for 99.00 on amazon.

serpantseed08 says:

I used a sleeping bag that’s rated 48F in 20F temp with a cheap down jacket, pajamas and socks for 2 nights. It was cold but definitely bearable with what I had. Didn’t bother my sleep one bit. Regardless tho I’m still considering getting one of these bags. Rectangular shape should do it.

Jas Holden says:

I currently own 4 of the Aegismax bags, Including a black M2, ( Lengthened) and the original green regular size hoodless bag that came out last year. The green bag can fit inside the Longer M2 bag. I am 5’9 and weigh 200lb, it fits just fine.

I suggest that anyone above 5’9 or with very broad shoulders get the Lengthened bags.

My other bags are the new M3 and the silver/grey rectangular bag/quilt (model E).

Some combination of these bags will cover any temp from 70F down to 0. Above 70F, just laying on any of the bags makes me feel too hot.

TheMandros9 says:

what size is it?

Wayne Bishop says:

Did you use down proof or down wash

Barbara H says:

Very informative! Thank you! I am new to sleeping bags. Surprised so many ppl ask you questions that you have already answered in video? Your size. Sleeping bag size? All answered!

WanderingFromKansas says:

I’ve tried to gather as much information as I can about these bags before buying one. This review is very informative, especially the nikwax tip! Thanks.

Howdy Doughty says:

Another good review thanks, I think I’m sold on this bag now I don’t see the point in spending the same or a little more for a synthetic bag….I’ll definitely take your advice on the nikwax.

Sidney Abernathy says:

Great review!!  I appreciate it.

Sergio Esteves says:

Could you please tell me your height and your weight? thank you. I’m really looking forward to a model of this one for cycling

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