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Jacob freed says:

This is actually the bag I just bought for my PCT thru hike next year. For the colder nights I’ll just put on smart wool long underwear and top.

BearishGinger4 says:

Your videos have really inspired me to start hiking, and I was wondering where you get your propane for the litemax stove/ BRS stove, keep up the awesome videos,


aidan humphries says:

Check out their Hard wind quilt it’s the company and is almost exactly the same as my EE revelation quilt only sewn through. Very very good.

Nicholas Ashton says:

Thanks for turning me on to these guys Darwin. Have you, or any one else reading this, used this 850 FP AegisMax quilt? Is it any good?

dmcbyerly says:

Miss you old intro. 🙂

Richard Bucker says:

the size description on Amazon varies from seller to seller. Also varies on their own website. is it 78cm or 86cm?

Elvay says:

A comment and a like!

TallAKFF says:

I am 6′-8″, how would it work for me?

orion1820 says:

I’m considering getting two of these. I’m a hammock camper so I am thinking about putting straps on one for the under quilt and leaving the other as is for the top. I appreciate that you brought this gear to the channel. That last video you posted has been added to my saved favorite list on youtube. I didn’t even have a list till that video! Thank Darwin!

William Bakos says:

Would you find this suitable for an AT thru hike? I got time to decide but did not want to have a warm weather and cold weather bag I had to mail around if I can avoid it.

Kim Rice says:

No down for me.

sssungail says:

I’m 6’5″ I don’t think this would for me I wish came in a longer version.

MrSuperbasch says:

Dear Darwin, I just discovered your videos this week, really like them! One thing I would like to see, being European, is additional (text) metric sizes. Currently I’m just googling the relevant ones, but for your European audience, it might be neat!
Thank you for your videos!

A Mama of 3 monkies says:

Dear Darwin,
Is there an UL bivy cover or sleeping bag liner you could recommend to extend your season and possibly help with waterproofing in the case of the bivy cover? Or maybe you would suggest an affordable winter bag and just switch it up as needed? I was thinking it might be nice to have just a liner or just a bivy for very warm weather as well. A penny for your thoughts?

Chase Mershon says:

Hey Darwin!
Love the videos brother. You’ve truly inspired me to just get out there and hike! Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to see what else you have in store! See you on the trail brother.

Hike on,

Melon Bites says:

Hi Darwin, usually for these brands those temperatures rates are limit temperatures. Therefore you are right about 40 – 45º. The model M2 (400 grs filling) has a 35º rate.

Julie Hobbs says:

Dont ship to Australia?

Adam Davies says:

Do you have an amazon affiliates link for the gear you review so you get a kick back to support your channel? This will be the second item i have got following your recommendation.

Jake Sahadi says:

This is a gem of a find.

Keek says:

I wish there would be something similar cheap and small with a comfortable temp zone down to -5°C / 23°F. Came across that particular sleeping bag already a couple of times doing my research.

ben terwellen says:

darwin looks great, however im 6’4″ 250 lbs, that looks like it would be too small for me…….ty for the info.

orion1820 says:

Is the only difference between the M2 and M3 versions of the Aegismax the color? I really don’t see a difference in the specs at all on Amazon.

Tim Eubanks says:

Careful of those temperature swings in the desert Darwin. It can get pretty damn cold at night!

Jeff Ogden says:

I have the envelope version and I love it. I’m 6’1″ and I can pull it over my head. Amazing deal for the weight. A must buy. Thanks Darwin

OrangeCrusader says:

Hey Darwin, how is the breathability of the Aegismax bag? I see the inside is the same 20d nylon as the outside, and I have heard their previous stuff needs you to wear a base layer to not be damp inside the bag. They also make a quilt (aliexpress is cheapest), it’s 850fp and packs down near as small.

GeneralPreparedness1 says:

I got mine on for $53 for their longer version as I’m 6’3″. I’ve used it and for a summer bag, it’s great. I used a Lafuma for years that weighs about 21 ounces and the insulation was getting worn, this was a great replacement.

Jessica Squires says:

Hi Darwin! I’ve been watching your videos for ages and you are one of my favorites. I have a request/question. It’s not something I see often. But could you and snuggles do your favorite Summer/hot weather gear? I can find tons of cold weather but no hot weather. I live in South Alabama and anywhere around here is hot and humid a majority of the year. I would greatly appreciate yalls recommendations and keep up the amazing videos! Lots of love from Alabama!

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