Alpkit Skyehigh 700 down sleeping bag review

Alpkit Skyehigh 700 down sleeping bag review

Hi i’m Paul. Welcome to my channel.

In this video I show you the sleeping bag that i use. Its a down sleeping that’s perfect for temperatures down to -5 Celsius. It performs really well and in my opinion it is fabulous value for money. It’s great for UK winter but may not stretch to some of the lower temperatures in the highlands. Is it the best sleeping bag? I’d like to know your thoughts. What is the best sleeping bag? Please comment below.I’d like to know your opinions. It has to be the one of the best down sleeping bag for around that price range.

Thanks for watching.


WaldhörnchenTv says:

That`s so cool;D Awesome

Jason Brewster says:

Nice bag. Is it the same size as the pipedream bags? If you could please review those bags it would be cool. Jay.

Sammi Fatwood Queen Survivalist Pyro Vlogger says:

Great looking sleeping bag, looks comfortable!! 🙂

Andy Wragg says:

Nice looking bag, just wish I could use down, but it triggers my allergies.

rob b says:

hmm RH zip.. not good..

South-West-Wilderness says:

I also keep my Alpkit down bag in a dry sac when I’m out camping, definitely much easier to pack into your rucksack that way.

kinder kev says:

from watching your vids Paul your also a alpkit lover lol I own lots of alpkit equipment from dry bags to cookers to a Arctic dream sleeping bag a well impressed with All of not surprised it’s well made and good value .and I live around 10 minutes away from the factory .that helps lol

Squatts Wild Camping says:

I had the Skyehigh 900 for Christmas. I’ve used it 3 times so far and it’s awesome. I have the same trouble putting mine in the cotton storage sack. I also use the dry bag to compress the bag for exactly the same reason.

ATB Mark

Yorkie wild camper says:

Good idea to put in a dry bag, I have same sleeping bag will give a go after watching this mate,nice one Yorkie

TheKevcarp says:

Nice one Paul, this could be my next bag.

phil alderson says:

Very good informative video Paul buddy I have just bought a new bag an had a look at this very bag but on the website it says maximum shoulder circumference of 128 cm an am 6.5 an 150 cm circumference. Alpkit make some quality gear at a good price so a was disappointed I couldn’t get one.

Philip Nicolson says:

Much as I love Alpkit gear, I went for the Montane Prism sleeping bag. As a synthetic bag it competes with most 4 season down bags and I have never been cold in it in winter. The alpkit bag does look great value though.

Marc Van Leusen says:

Thanks for very good review. I have this sleeping bag on order right now, but there is a month’s backlog.
Weather permitting (I’m setting the permitting scene now; top of Ben Nevis, Snowdon, or any other UK 3500ft bump, in winter but good fine clear sky, cold but no forecast of a significant high wind with driven snow whiteouts, no storm forecast with freezing arctic temperatures or a forecast of heavy persistent rain, just a 3 day stable period of high pressure still winter weather) My drive is landscape photography so I also hope to be able to see something good at sunset and sunrise, ideally you still need a bit of “weather” to get dramatic clouds or good light but I’d like travel light and bivvy out with minimum gear . So after all of this I hope to use this bag to bivvy on Snowdon this March, conditions permitting, and needing no other shelter than a bivvy bag and self inflatable matt from Alpkit as well. Yes, I’ve been questioning my sanity as well, as I’ve not tried any of this kit, due to the bag’s popularity and delivery delay, but your video gives me some confidence that it will be ok.

keefusoutdoors says:

Cracking idea for packing it in the dry bag. Thanks for the tip. ATB

Honest Reviews says:

I just picked up a Kelty Cosmic 0. I chose it because of its dry down. Its half down and half synthetic so its small but its not near as effected by moisture. Its a great bag. The one in the vid looks good but its awfully big

Paul Scott says:

brilliant, looks like a really good bag, got this on my wish list now

ben everitt says:

I do the same Paul. As I’m 6′ 3″ I have the 700lx. It has a lot of room and very warm

In the Woods with Bigfoot says:

Great piece of kit! Thanks for sharing.

Native Tearz says:

looks like a great bag! thank you!

John Willis says:

Thanks for the video. I’ve just ordered the long version! Will post a video once I use it this weekend.

Michael Leigh says:

Nice review Paul, i use the snugpak softy hawk and it bloody huge compared to that one, i can’t beleive for years i made the schoolboy error of rolling my bags up to get em back in the sack ,you live and learn.

Jim Holden says:

Great review and info Paul, been thinking of getting a down bag but unsure which one to get so going to look into this. Also after reading your comments a 700lx would suit me better. Cheers mate and have a great Crimbo. ATB. Jim.

kinder kev says:

i use a schnozzel bag its easy to use and light and takes up no space . what a brilliant idea from exped my mat will only let you put a certain amount of air in .it stops you blowing it up to much . i had the ul synmat 9 but it blow a baffle so ive got the xp 9 now its alot better in quality and warmth im well happy with it

kinder kev says:

I use an exped compression bag with purge valve to carry my sleeping bag . It compress,s down really small . and there reasonably cheap. I use the 36L but I think the 19L would be better ? and it’s a dry bag as well .bonus.. I use a small one for my tent as well . really useful for when tents are wet

Bivouac Photography says:

I’ve got the Long version…so far, excellent. I never use a compression bag or otherwise for doss bags, just goes in the bottom of the bag inside the main dry bag. I find I can fit the other contents of the bag in better this way. Cheers for the video, Nick

ibru3 says:

hi Paul . Appkit do great kit i have the 900xl. thanks for the tip on the dry sac

Neil Oakley says:

Great review Paul, nice one. Have had a SkyeHigh 600 for a years – awesome bag, but decided to renew and get the hydrophobic SkyeHigh 700 today – looks good. Top post mate, thanks 🙂

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