If you’re looking for a decent down filled sleeping bag on a budget that is both inexpensive AND extremely light, check out the Aegismax 800 down filled sleeping bag. Perfect for the casual backpacker, bikepacker or bug out bag in mild to cool temperatures. Give it a good Nikwax treatment and you’re good to go. Find it and other versions of this bag on Amazon or


Tracey Allen says:

I found a Boy Scouts of America down 20° bag and it was $45 shipped. at just over 1 pound, it was quite the deal. the materials were very durable, doesn’t breathe the best but will hold up to what ever.can still find a few around they are blue and yellow.

Michigan Prospector says:

I followed your lead and purchased an Aegis extended model just like yours except a little longer. I’m 6’/275 lbs and fit fine. I really like it.

James Enciso says:


Ed Fireman says:

Starts at 5.50

g gg says:

The reason it’s so cheap is apparent at 6:35. You can see exactly how the bag is built: traversing stitching: you see the light through the stitchings. The cold is going to pass through easily. There is no way this can keep you warm down to near freezing temperatures.

Voodoo8648 says:

I know you said not good for a “thru hike” but ACTUALLY…. what IF I traded out my 20 degree bag late May on the AT and switched to this bag… would it still not be good? Why would it not be good? The zipper?

danym2v says:

good review !!! ALWAYS COLA COCA !!! :))))

Richard Bucker says:

is AEGISMAX real or are they selling clones on Amazon? There are a few bags that seem to have similar specs?

hopp9mm says:

I would love to get an update on this bag. Have you used it out on any trips. I camp at 10000 ft and it gets cold up there even now. I’m really looking at this for next summer. It’s probably too light for this season already.

Mark Mansell says:

Does the back/bottom have the same thickness of fill as the top? If so it could make a decent hammock/ground quilt.

alexander neshev says:

hello is this the  Msize … if so do you think a 185cm tall person would fit inside it ? thank you 🙂

Kent Cartner says:

I’m happy with mine had it 2 years. 100+ nights. Good down to freezing temperatures combined with thermal underwear and a bivy sack. Made my pack alot lighter.

jose garrido says:

really aliexpress the biggest scammer in Asia

Richard Diorio says:

What reason do you think this wouldn’t work for a through hike?

Jeff W says:

Thanks for the videos…looking at getting into backpacking and want a good bag that will last a couple of years. Any videos on care of your equipment before and after a hike

Angelo Becomingwildman Valkenborgh says:

the price is sharp and it comes from Asia so pretty sure that it ain’t ethical down. meaning that the down comes from birds that they have alive up to 3 times,just janking out that fur. just saying,know why it’s so cheap

frank sheffield says:

I have one and I love it.Im 6’0 tall and 230 lbs and I can fit in it.I have slept it at 40 degrees and I was fine.I would’nt want to sleep in it below 35 degrees.

Ken Quesenberry says:

I’ve got an intermediate bag(Patrol Bag) that weighs 1 lb 14 oz 30 – 50 degree rating; great summer time bag that would work for a through hike with a decent liner you could go down to 30 degrees comfortably. it’s military issue so it’s durable. It was $10 on ebay with shipping it came to about $20 total. Would be nice if it came with a compression bag. At $10 I don’t mind paying a premium for just a compression bag.

Smell N Roses says:

Awesome looking bag. I have a similar budget down bag I got from Ozark Trail (Wollyworld) but when I wanted to buy another one behold it appears no longer available, so this Aegismax might be the ticket.

Deathless2288 says:


msimps6 says:

Really enjoying your videos! I’m a woman hiking in the Cascades/Olympics mostly (and I’m from more southerly latitudes) so I need really warm stuff. I wake up early for REI garage sales. 😉 But I enjoy you sharing your perspective. I will refer friends who want to get started with backpacking to your channel.

Justin Smith says:

I have a sleeping bag I slept in 27° weather with longjohns on and I was perfectly comfortable. It is definitely my go to bag

borkthebasher says:

i’ve used this bag for spring and summer camping for the last year and it’s decent. autumn and winter you’re going to need a better bag but this is great bag for what it is. super light weight for backpacking and cheap enough to not worry overmuch if it gets ruined somehow. for the money you wont find better and id buy it again if i had to. i’m also 6’5 and 250lbs the large bag fits me just about.

The Prepared Wanderer says:

Awesome! Been looking for a cheap bag

Ernie B says:

Thanks for the vid! Just snagged the larger version for $59 shipped from aliexpress

J Pils says:

since when is 8 inches tiny?!

Patrick Cantu says:

Does anyone know how much Liters the bag occupies?

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