Best Budget Down Sleeping Bag for Ultralight Backpacking: Aegismax Review

A review of the features and uses of the budget friendly Aegismax ultralight down sleeping bag.
Link to the Sleeping Bag:


Ken Christensen says:

thanks for reviewing this bag. I am looking at lots of budget stuff but I fear buying stuff without a history of use. lots of good gear out there but i can’t afford to buy gear that won’t last.

nostooge says:

Can you tell me if it is a continuous baffle design (you can shake down between top and bottom)? Thanks!

Screarnt says:

Could a big guy fit in this bag? I am 5’11” and 230lbs with broad shoulders and chest. The amazon description says it is about 30 inches across so would it accommodate up to 60 inches around?

serpantseed08 says:

Hi! Great review. Do you think this one will also compress like that?

Jas Holden says:

I have that same bag and I agree that it’s a great one. I also have the silver/grey one and love it too.

I reviewed both on Amazon.

numbereightyseven says:

Sewn-through baffles?

alexander neshev says:

is this the M size ?? if so do you think a 185 tall person (slimsize) would fit inside comfortably  ? thank you

Jeffrey McPheeters says:

Just now looking into this kind of gear. At 61 years of age, and an outdoor photographer, keeping my gear light for treks and overnights is as much a part of my survival as staying warm and dry. Not easy to find the best compromises, so I’m looking forward to seeing some more of your reviews. I’ve gotten interested in hammock camping as well, since one of my sons has used one for a couple of years and for three season stuff I do he recommends it. So I need to figure that out, as well and try it this August/September on my photo tour of the southwest and rockies.

Oliver Moes-Okun says:

How tall are you? and did you have any extra room. Im thinking about this bag because it seems to have great value but not sure if I will fit. Im 6″2

George rosado says:

and is that nylon material,sort-of sticky or uncomfortable when inside of it?

Rayden Spano says:

Hey Matt, thank you for the video. I’m relatively new to distance backpacking, I haven’t had much experience with sleeping bags besides the no name, no size one I used for years. I’m now trying to upgrade my base and lighten the load. Quick question, I’m 6’1 so roughly 185cm tall. The bag is 200cm according to Amazon, would this bag work comfortable for someone my height, basically would the bag fit from my feet to over my head? any advice based off your experience would be appreciated, thank you. BTW I will be using the bag in cooler temperatures but I’m going to use and extra liner.

Patrick Fealy says:

good for an edc due to lightness. this combined the surpluss us gortex bivy makes for a good all around readyness in most weather except for northern regions. cart a 4 oz mylar bag for added cold protection.


Seeing lots of reviews on these but nobody actually using them. Plus one tip on packing bags, have the bag in your lap and push it in the bag towards you. Kind of the opposite direction to the way you had it. You will find it easier

John R says:

Considering this for a JMT hike, combined with $20 800 fill Costco throw quilt. You think I’ll freeze my ass off?

lordkevink says:

Are you using the 180 cm or 200 cm? My body proportions are pretty similar with yours.

JonesyJones says:

Nice review. I picked up this bag last fall and have been waiting for this summer to use it. I’ll let you know what I think of it when I get a chance to test it with the new tent I ordered.
My setup will be:
Tent: Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 2 HV
Pad: Thermarest R value 3.4 (looking at picking up the Insulated Lite Static-V from Klymit R-value:4.0)

I’ll be using this setup for summer backpacking trips around Montana. Elevations between 4,000-10,000 feet.

I tried it out in the fall in Yellowstone, I had my zero degree bag laying next to me because I was skeptical and for good reason, woke up shivering at 3am, It was between 30-40deg F. Won’t be doing that again.

frank sheffield says:

I bought this bag and used it on a 39 degree f night and I was fine.I wouldn’t want to use it any colder than that.

Olympic Outdoors Dad says:

thanks for the info good video. subed

Tim Watson says:

Subbed Matt, looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. I’m into backpacking and hammocks camping as well.

Me says:

does water bead off it it or do u have to treat it with a protectant?

TetsusaigaDrgn says:

Thanks for making this review! I’m looking at buying an ultralight sleeping bag for my backpacking trip to Banff and Jasper during the Memorial Day week in the end of May. I’m not really sure what the temperatures are going to be like during that time; do you have any idea? I need something ultralight that won’t take up too much space in my 65L backpack, since I need to store my camera, tent, mat, and other essentials. Would you recommend this Aegismax sleeping bag for my trip to Banff?

Rusty Evolution says:

Hmm, No zipper baffle, That is a design flaw. The proce is right though.

George rosado says:

hey dude..thanks very much for a good review&video on this sleeping bag .I’ve seen this down bag on aliexpree overseas site but was abit sceptical on it.question for ya: will any parts on the zipper affect the material on the hammock your using?

Me says:

Matt. .. how long did it take for you to get yours? I ordered one but they said I would get it between august 31st and Sept 18th…. just curious

Bf uk says:

Hey, I bought the AEGIS E (lengthened). Good review! Here’s mine 🙂

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