Budget Vs Premium Sleeping Bag



Gary Rodgers says:

Sgt you are off it, you’ve had me in stitches ere, Great vids + demos mate, subed.

Nathan Dallas says:

how bout you put some shoes on mate

Neomis 01 says:

what do you think about bags like the recon 3?

BlesamaSoul says:

Bouncing bomb remember that one, Germany 87 freezing! Snugpack complete special forces system, for the civvy with a budget and who knows from previous experience that you don’t sleep well with budget sleep systems.

brett katchick says:

I stubbled across you channel looking for sleeping bag. Now i can’t make up my mine one which snugpak to get. they all look great. what i will say is, I’ve loved watching your videos from food to wild camping. sort of bloke id like to have a pint with. keep doing what you’re doing.

jessie reeves says:

What is the tarp u using and what would u recommend

John Lane says:

Ay up Sgt. Do you think a snug pack elite 3 be warm in Sep in Scotland whw I am a similar size to you .what do you think the real rating is in the cold Many thanx John (derby)

Noxious Rooster says:

Great review thanks mate ….i,m getting all my kit together eventually

Aaron Pegram says:

Hi what would be the best bag for all seasons in the uk for 2 adaults and 2 children 6 and 8 years old max budget less if possible £600 for all of us love the vids all the best Aaron

Lu Tze says:

for all “in tents” and purposes 😉

sky blue says:

any info about difference between tactical 2 and the softie 12 osprey please sarg ? snugpac have so many different bags !

Neanderthal Outdoors says:

The Snugpak Elite series for a very good mid priced sleeping bag, I’ve had my Elite 4 for quite a few years and used it in all climates and weather conditions on Dartmoor, the Beacons and Scotland, it’s never let me down, the expanding baffle works well, I always carry a Bivi bag but it’s not always used, a good all round bag that packs quite small and isn’t heavy, cheers, atb, Paul.

Luke Carter says:

You really broke it down for me. Thanks

James Dobbs says:

Maggot. Best friend after stag.

Randal Flagg says:

Nice review Sarge, was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a decent 3/4 season bag that’s big enough for someone on the portly side of large lol. I’ve got an underactive thyroid gland and weight issues as a result, I’ve always been an outdoors person but my health and confidence have taken a battering of late, I’m 150kgs and five ten if this helps, any advice would be greatly appreciated. atb Shane ☺

Robertas S. says:

I slept on the Virginian mountains while it was raining in a $16 bag. Would I have rather used a 20 degree $120 flannel bag? Damn right but a cheap bag will do.

J Outdoors says:

nice i went camping on jan the 18th and it never got above zero for the whole weekend

Edward Dew says:

I love the humour keep it up

viberunner says:

Just want to jump into say Amazon UK still have a few end-of-season Vango Venom 600 bags, they’re down (90/10, fill 700) and good to -10c, packs tiny and about 1.2 kg. RRP is £240 but the end of the season stock is kicking around £135 which is unbeatable for the spec. Treated for water resistance (but not waterproof) too so handy for our climates. (A lot of high spec down bags don’t have treatment to save cost and weight and because they’ll be used at dry, high altitudes).

Peregrine Bushcraft says:

Ive got a snug pack softie 4 and it’s a brilliant bag can’t fault it 3 seasons in the depths of winter I feel a chill in it even though it’s rated down to -15 but got my self a set of softie trousers and jackets never looked back the softies are also quite good in a hammock too 🙂 I recently got a merlin 6 for lightweight spring summer early autum trips can’t really fault snug packs budget to low price range one day I will own a good quality down bag haha

Paul Clark says:

enjoyed your posts….

Barry Hipkiss says:

Great video, keep em coming.

Bob Ross says:

I got a arctic military bag for £12 at a tank show, it is in pretty good condition and warm af

769inc says:

Great vid as always – you have my agreement on the tactical 3 .. is so cozy and my favourite bag

TheWtfnonamez says:

Seriously mate, you need to sit down, take a breath, get some solid advice from friends ….. and start running some courses. Tbh the biggest problem will be finding a place where people can chop down everything tree-based and lighting fires without the risk of prosecution. If you find a good location, your skills will speak for themselves.

I will totally sign up if you start running courses.

Jesusandbible says:

When the 666 mark comes out, we cannot buy and sell. That means we cannot pay taxes or rent. We might be forced out of society into the wilderness. That might mean a base camp. What is simply the warmest bag you ever had, regardless of size or weight? Must be 4 or 5 season. I personally hate mummy bags, too restrictive.

Cold War Poland says:

Army sleeping bags have a reputation of being the best – how do second hand ones shape up ? Do they still have their original characteristics, or is the reason why the army sold them is because they no longer are good for the original temperatures they were designed for?

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