Coleman North Rim 0 Degree Sleeping Bag- Bug-out, Survival, Camping Vlog #59

I recently purchased the Colman North Rim Sleeping Bag. Here is my review of the sleeping bag for camping, survival, bug out and just overall walk through! This sleeping bag will more than cover most circumstances. The price of the sleeping bag was well within anyone’s camping price range!

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Nick Culver says:

Good video, man. I appreciate your keeping it real.

Conner Madison says:

That suckers big. I got a ozark trail 0°F over this cause of the size. The ozark is more compact. I could not see this working to well for backpacking

Logan Arndt says:

Backpacking a round trip of a 25 mile hike.. I was wondering how heavy this is?? Thanks

miles9x says:

Thanks for the review, this was on a flash sale again today for $34.99. I ordered one. Did you roll it up before you stuffed it in the sack? I don’t think that is the intended method. That may be why you had to go full Ninja. Thanks again for the review!

Condor1970 says:

I’m 6’2″ and 205lbs. Do you think this would fit me? Are they backpack-able for hiking tied to an ALICE pack?

Dave R says:

I have this bag. for 20 more. 4 with an 8…you get a 20 degrees bag, which comp resses t o 17 in length by 10 i n diameter. if you are hiking for 3 days, you don’t want this. affordable yes. practical no! serious campers, reconsider. space and weight are two concerns everyone should be aware of. I would need a truck for this

StrawberryKisses says:

Folded liked that, Could it fit in a suitcase?

heygoosk says:

r u married

fball214life says:

Great review. Bought one…had it for a few months and the red duel zipper already came off. Not happy with that.

Isthisallthereis says:

Do you know if there is any with like a mesh face? I know that kinda sounds weird but o have to go camping with my school and there is a survival knight where we have to sleep on the ground with no tend and I just don’t want bugs crawling in there as I am allergic to bug bites and want to avoid getting in but in my sleeping bag

Johnny Grady says:

thanks for the review.

BrenticusMaximus1 says:

I have a coleman 30° bag. I have been comfortable in the teens in it with full clothing on. I love Coleman, their stuff is usually well thought out and holds up (I abused mine for 18yrs now and still goin 🙂
Thanks for the review/demo, great job

ramonp485 says:

I still have my ACU sleep system the ARMY issued me, great stuff. Good vid.

Richard A says:

Nice review thanks

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