Eberlestock Reveille 5 Degree Sleeping Bag Preview – The Outdoor Gear Review

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We’re previewing the Eberlestock Reveille 5 Degree Sleeping Bag!
Lets go!


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Justin Pons says:

Is this bag better than the Modular Sleep System that the military uses? 

Desert Trekker says:

Nice bag! Spendy but not considering what you get. Look forward to see the after testing…It looks like an easy winner buddy.

sixshooter4570 says:

Just purchased both the Reveille and their Ultralight Sleeping bag, the one with the face net, as well as, the Operator G4 Backpack. Excellent quality. Saved some money too $219.00, 167.00 and $319.00 respectively.

saetyr says:

How tall are you? And what is your jacket size? I ask because I am 5’10” and take a jacket size 46 and find many sleeping bags tight on my shoulders…

William Lye says:

Looks great buddy! Maybe gotta put it in my shopping list…

Luis Thillet says:

where can I get that storage sack? What’s the dimensions?

JohnReviewer112 says:

You should once you get the chance/money, try out the snugpak softie 10 +/special forces bags.  

jake says:

say eberlestock reveille 5 times fast!

Emil Sonne says:

Just ordered!. Great sleeping bag! All my friends love it 🙂

K Zorro F says:

Eberlestock is always top quality. Saving my pennies for a new pack from them need to add this to the list as well.

Have you reviewed any of their backpacks?

Carolina Prepper says:

Now that looks like a nice bag . Gonna have to get one of those. Thanks 

C_Squared says:

I use Eberlestock products for everything. Worth the money.

Joe Bowman says:

Hey i just purchases the Osprey Aether 60 backpack and was wondering if this will compress down enough to fit into that backpacks sleeping bag compartment? Eberlestock says the bag compresses down to 11x9x9 can you confirm these dimensions?

Adventure ME says:

Hi Luke I was very interested in the sleeping bag until you said $279 . out of my budget. Right now I have a Coleman sleeping bag I’ve had for years. Works fine in the winter in Colorado. Actually never have been cold while sleeping in it. Only thing is it’s blue and orange. Honestly shouldn’t matter but I do want something brown or green or camouflage. Can you recommend a cheaper sleeping bag similar to this ? Also maybe even a nice compression sack . I have viewed a few online but can’t tell how the quality would be from a picture. I really like the compression sack in the video . maybe even a digital camo to match my bag.

JohnReviewer112 says:

finally a video on this.

Elliott Mazur says:

Subbed. I’m a bit annoyed from time to time by over-the-top optimism, but I’m starting to get used to it. Great review!

condar_yt says:

hahaha nice “CarTHINIa” rebranded sleeping bag :P. That’s the CarINTHIa Defence 4 … no doubt it is great quality. Carinthia is probably one of the best.
nice video… thanks Luke

Uneven Terrain says:

thanks man! this is really the only one review of eberlestock sleeping bag on youtube. would you give some feedback based on your experience using this bag, please. you can just reply with couple sentences. thank you

Michael Morgan says:

Good looking bag. Thanks for the review.

GYSGTMarineRecon says:

Time to save the penny’s. Need one of these for winter hammock camping.

midwestoutdoorsman says:

what are the dimensions when fully compressed ?

Frederik LC says:

Hey there Luke
What a great video! I have that bag myself, issued from the danish homeguard. It is one awesome bag – you really have something to look forward to when testing it! 
As far as Carinthia – to my knowledge – they’re a European brand that for many years have supplied armies such as Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. 

Aaron says:

My Question….Would welders blankets which are very lightweight make a good ground mat and be a good attachment for interior tent walls for insulation?  Just an Idea I’ve had except for me personally using it with an oil skin tarp. Really look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks. 

Kevin Ryan says:

Looks like a great bag for sure.  I just can’t get past how heavy and huge it (and most synthetics) is.  I suppose I’m spoiled with my 10 degree Zpacks weighing in at 20.9 oz and compressing down to the size of a soccer ball.  What it boils down to is that I’m a wimp I suppose.  =)  Love your reviews Luke and this one was great as well.  Thanks for all of the thought you put into them.

Rick Zolla says:

It’s Eberlestock so I know it’s excellent quality. My question. Will it fit into an Eberlestock backpack??

O'mani mani says:

what a scam… carinthia Tropen is cheaper, lighter and smaler. It’s good to know no one else talk about it on YouTube.

William Crowell says:

I can’t wait to hear more about this bag. 

William Lye says:

Looks great buddy! Maybe gotta put this item into my shopping list….


I store my sleep system’s & under quilt’s loosely in trash bags to prevent mildew.. & then I store the trash bags in a military C bag to protect them from my cat’s claws & other sharp objects. & It just makes for easy storage.. 

bossalanator says:

those are cool pants what are those

Geraint Jones says:

Looks like an awesome bit of kit there Luke.. Reminds me of the UK Snugpak Elite Range.  What is the length of that bag please?  Cheers mate 🙂

SchoolofSurvival2B says:

Yes, Eberleystock outsourced manufacturing of their sleeping bag to Carinthia 😉

Bruce Wells says:

How does that bag mount to the bottom of the eberlestock bags? I would want it on the outside or in the bag and caring a sleep system is hard if it can’t be mounted on the outside. Thay need to invent a bag that has a air switch and the bottom of the sleeping bag has a air matrace that is a good support.

r91976 says:

This bag is made by the top Austrian/European military company called Carinthia. Eberlestock is just selling these bags rebranded for the U.S market

Aaron says:

ex wrapping a ton of leaves in a welders blanket or pine bows

Playboy Domo says:

thats wayy too big

Piotrek1985 says:

It’s Catharina sleeping bag with Eberlestock’s logo on it. You really don’t need a syntetic insulated sleeping bag for winter (talking about camping). Go with down sleeping bag.

Compos Mentis says:

Carinthia defence 6

Phill Swanson says:

Just as a side note, “reveille” is a French word coming from the verb “reveiller” meaning “to wake up”. Fun fact of the day haha.

DamageControlV says:

I wish would have made this video two weeks ago. I’ve been looking at this bag for sometime but decided on another due to the last of reviews. Btw I love Eberlestock gear. I have the half track and operator packs. Absolutely love them

midwestoutdoorsman says:

good review ive narrowed my choice of a bag for hunting backpacking and everything down to this bag and the kifaru 2014 slick center zip -20 but its about $200 more 

Dee Zak says:

We love Eberlestock gear! We have already purchased Wiggy’s sleeping gear and love it! Our complete system goes down to -20 which is pretty awesome. Thanks for the review! Stay warm!!

Daniel Miller says:

Zaleski State Park January 2014. Temps dropped to -10f not counting wind chill. Used this bag in a Hennessey hammock with their 4 season insulation system.
Everything Eberlestock is bomb proof. I have other packs, and other bags that might offer the same performance but none that come close to their quality. Made for use gear.

titan90000 says:

I actually like the look of that bag, definitely different with that center zipper. I am  surprised though that a bag at that temp rating doesn’t have a neck baffle to reduce heat loss while moving around in it. IMHO synthetic bags at that temp rating and lower are just to bulky even with a compression sack for backpacking. 

Piwo1958 says:

I guess I’m confused a bit. On the Eberlestock website, they show this sleeping bag as part of a system, using their “ultralight” as a liner within the Reveille, but it didn’t look like you used the “ultralight” as liner, right?  And it’s a 5 degree bag without the liner? That’s pretty awesome price if it’s as good as the review. I must profess I won’t be backpacking, too old with oft surgically repaired knees, but I do have a small (8’X4′)teardrop trailer I will use during winter hunting season and will not have an artificial heat source within the small aluminum sided teardrop. The extra weight won’t bother me a bit, it’s the warmth I’m interested in. Definately interested…

Zack Ward says:

Carinthia I swear thats one of there bags?

Shaun Thompson says:

thanks for the review it looks just like my carinthia defense 4 thanks again

Paul Tindall says:

luke carintian sell a bag called the tropen which you can put inside that bag you have to take it up to a 4 season bag i have this set up and it works well and gives this a flexability for much colder weather  atb

Mike Peach says:

Another great review. Thank you

MrWinger1951 says:

How much does it weigh?  What is the shell fabric?  Thanks.

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