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Mother Nature, Murphy (of Murphys Law Fame), Every Deer in Ohio, and many others have conspired against me to do several videos I had planned. The field review of this bag being one of them. Therefore, I present you with my “Trust Me” review of the Sportsmans Guide Guide Gear Minus 15 Sleeping Bag.













G Henrickson says:

Thanks for the video…its nice to see not all really warm bags are $400. Nice to know. Thanks again!

papaschuette says:

Pretty good review considering the situation. I have a Ledge featherlite 0 degree sleeping bag that definitely lives up to its rating. And it weighs less than 4 pounds. If I’m anywhere near a fire I’m really not to concerned about the temperature.

Chris ross says:

could be a great and affordable sleeping bag to use in a camp situation on a cot where you don’t worry much about bulk and weight…

stealth Andy says:

morning mate . great video . I’m also looking for a winter bag . the one have shone looks great apart from the Wight . but I’d carry it outside an not be cold . thanks for your time . ATB

Oscar Briceno says:

What’s the country of origin on this new sleeping bag?

You Tuber says:

I bet that Guide Gear bag would fit real nice in a Dutch Hooped Bivy, might have to invest in it.

Nobby Bravo Alpha says:

It would be Awesome if it had a centre zip for the hammock ATB Nobby

DB Pooper says:

This seems perfect for my purposes. I snowboard a lot, so I sometimes find myself driving in pretty shitty winter conditions, and getting stuck is always a possibility. This seems robust enough that I could just toss it in the back with my gear and not worry about it taking some abuse. Might even be nice to take an after-lunch siesta to warm myself up on extra cold days.

Reid Tobin says:

Hay Chris. great vidio. just got the bag. fantastic! love it. quick question. any easy way to get it back in the sack? And yes. always trust your advice. thanks.

John Campbell says:

I found out the hard way: the mmss is too small if you are over 6’1″. I can not get my head in. There is a rare ‘long’ version that fits though. That sleeping bag looks like a perfect fit for the 2Go bivvy bag.
– a crazy Canuck

lewucc027 says:

Keep up the good work and up front view no candy coast love it you neighbor from northern Indiana

gruftle says:

Hi Chris, thanks for the review, I’ve been tempted by one of these since I saw them in your store, Sportsmans guide ship to the UK which is great as there are no stockists over here. is -15 the comfort rating or the extreme low rating. keep the vids coming mate, love your work

Country Prepper says:

There is a great bivvy that I’m sure that would fit in to have an extra moisture barrier. The 2Go Systems Trifecta. There’s a new version of it coming out soon too. I did a review of the original if you want to check it out.
Thanks for this review I need a good cold weather sleeping bag that doesn’t break the bank.

Phillip Delaney says:

We had a great winter in Utah, the resorts are still going strong! I use a mummy bag and an REI sleeping pad and I sleep like a baby every night. I can tell when I sleep well because sometimes I wake up at like noon. Gotta love the weekends

jeremymalatt317 says:

my wife got me one of those-15 sleeping bags for Christmas. i took it out and climbed in it and put it back away and thats it. i really wanted to try it out. hopefully. this winter ill be able to use it. awesome video, hope you can try out this winter as well.

Matt Furlong says:

I’ve had one of these sleeping bags for 10 years now and it has been amazing. Me and a few buddies have gone winter camping up in New Hampshire and had to sleep in -18 at night with a windchill of -30 ( we were in a tent though). The only thing I not o huge fan of is trying to get it back in the bag it is really tight

rogue109 says:

I’d just like to say that I slept in this sleeping bag under a tarp in 40 degree, off and on rain overnight and even though the tarp allowed the rain to drip onto the foot of this bag…I never felt cold and my feet never got wet.  It dried out really fast in the morning just setting it in the direct sunlight while we cooked breakfast, then packed it away for the next night.  The next night was clear, but well below freezing (different location, higher elevation than the first night).  It was cold enough that my breath was freezing onto the bag that I had pulled up over half my face.  Again, I was super warm even though the outside of the bag was wet when I woke up, nothing soaked through and I stayed super warm all night.

3174 jordan says:

canada warm to this year no snow really cheers nice bag good vid

cyclist01222 says:

I wish they would offer those HQ tarps again… best inexpensive tarps.

Chris Hille says:


Guy Keating says:

Good video. I buy a lot from Sportsman Guide and always been pleased.

Redbeard says:

Great video Chris. Thanks for providing the visual comparison. I have been looking for a larger sleep system this looks like it provides a lot more room.

jeph4life says:

is there a retail outlet that sells this brand?

Jason Smith says:

Don’t complain about not having a winter, it will come back to bite you in the ass in April or next year. 😛

Derek Hellam says:

Road trip to Canada enjoy cold beer colder weather

highonimmi says:

I have this bag.  it is incredibly warm….but, it is heavy.  this past winter when my dad’s bedroom heater went out I unzipped this bag and used it as a blanket for him.  he said he wished it would cover the whole bedroom it was so warm.  the only problem is when it needs to be cleaned.  even though I have the biggest front loading washer possible I have to go to a laundromat with the largest washer possible in order to get it cleaned.  normally, I just asked for the washer that can fit horse blankets etc….usually, there is a waiting list to use it.  still, great bag at an affordable price.  my suggestion is to buy a bag liner and use it.  it helps to keep the inside of the bag clean and it is much easier to wash that than the bag itself.

Tim Brose says:

Looks like a good bag to keep in the car for emergencies.

Explorers Of The Wild says:

Unrelated to this vid but since you mentioned your height and weight. I’m the same size, and looking to buy the Lester River Boreal Shirt. What size did you buy when you got yours Chris?

Jason Ricci says:

Great review Chris, could will fit in this comfortably?

bob jon says:

hey thanks for not show in all the guns like other people not that i am anti gun but it is nice to see other things too and I do like the input on things thank you again

Stephen Bagnato says:

nice bag for the price. winter, it’s 75 degrees in western NY on March 9th!!!! gorgeous day!

Knife Nut says:

Chris keeps it real with usable gear videos. Not videos about edc tops

rogue109 says:

Nice, thanks man. I’m buying a roof top tent for my Jeep and just ordered one of these to keep in the tent for cold weather camping. I didn’t want a mummy style bag, so this fits the bill perfect and the price is great….just ordered one now. Thanks for the review!


I also have a MSS I’d like to grab 1 of those and take my daughter winter camping next year. Looks like the best normal run of the mill winter bag. Thanks!

Mark Acevedo says:

I too am majorly disappointing by the winter this year (I’m in NY)

49Giants says:

Trust me, I trust you.

gurabotex says:

All Good! Thanks for the review.

steven Nelson says:

great review

Jimmy Survivor says:

Any chance of a revisit 2017 and how is the zipper on this bag

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