How to use and roll a sleeping bag

If you’re using a sleeping bag for the first time, it’s not the easiest thing to figure out. So here’s a tutorial on how to use a sleeping bag and also how to roll a sleeping bag.


pashya1805 says:


farooq abdullah says:

How to carry backpack, sleeping bag nd tent together??how to pack thse all??plz inform or make a video…thnk u…

Siddharth Sharma says:

1:37 cutest moment on the internet 😛

Mh. A says:

wow thats a gigantic sleeping bag!

Paolo Bruno says:

Excelente, saludos desde Perú

Mariam Memon says:

Actually works

swargarohini tours says:

Hi Swati,which is budget sleeping mat to use in snow.temeperature like -10degrees cel

静宸 says:

Thank you for teaching us how to use a sleeping bag. I recently have to go camping with my friends and it makes me so nervous.

sameerkm99 says:

Great videos and tips Swathi. Keep more coming. By the way, you can use the flaps and the straps to compress your sleeping bag to make it more compact.

Priv Soft says:

You should never pack like this… It will leave a folding crease & spoil the layers of synthetic fibre in it.

Just gather from a corner and start pushing it in the bag and rotate the sack till it gets full on one side.. Much faster…. Increase the life of your trekking partner…

BonnetClaw says:

Great video 🙂

Buta Kushwaha says:

good video, try to reduce time

Nitesh Thakkar says:

You are a saviour!! My sleeping bag would have torn making multiple useless attempts

Arun says:

I guess the packing part can be done a bit simpler by just pushing the bag in its cover and compress by pulling the straps..

Abhy Sunny says:

Thank you Swathi.

Frodowood says:

It’s a big mistake to roll a sleeping bag as it will be pressed in the same way everytime wich will damage the filling.

JuniorGunner says:

Thanks, really helped!

Spankbob says:

You’re not even meant to roll it, just stuff it in.

Kelli Dameron says:

you should also add that you can compress the size of the bag using the compression straps.

Rohan Bora says:

What temperature range sleeping bag would you recommend for hiking in the Himalayas?


wow that’s a pretty big sleeping bag you got. i noticed that it could withstand upto -10°C. i got a small one with +15°C which sizes ¼th of yours.

Crystal and Alyssa Chai says:

how much is this?

Simonboy300 says:

Thanks this video help out a lot!!!!!!!!

Casey Ames says:

Indian girls… so weird but so hot.

Keshav Dev says:

oh my god its very hard

J S C says:

don’t be rough cause it might tear

d'ethereal kayaker says:

thank you. another relevant and practical video. do keep sharing

Darryl Smith says:

who else is about to be homeless lol

MiNeR LYQ says:

who else shouting at sleeping bag?

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