Inexpensive but Heavy! – Snugpak Basecamp OPS Sleeper Expedition Sleeping Bag – Review

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Up for review is the Snugpak Sleeper Expedition (Basecamp) Sleeping Bag. An amazing Bang for the Buck product!

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Price : Retail $89.00 / on Amazon for $81

The Sleeper Expedition is our most extreme temperature sleeping bag in the Sleeper Series range, taking good care of you in conditions right down to -17°C. Our design team have created a reliable, comfortable bag using soft-touch, siliconised fibres that form an insulated shell around you, and will see you happily through all four seasons.

The Sleeper Expedition is an incredibly warm, reasonably priced addition to the Sleeper range. Your only challenge will be parting with it in the mornings!

Part of the Basecamp Range.
Temperature rating: Comfort: -12°C, Extreme: -17°C
• Highly siliconised synthetic fibres give a soft touch finish and prolonged lifespan compared to traditional hollowfibre filled products.
• Mummy shape for retention of body heat
• Compact pack size: 33 x 28cm

WEIGHT 2600g / 5.7 lbs
LENGTH 200cm /78.7 inches
WIDTH (CHEST) 75cm /29.5 inches
WIDTH (KNEE) 65cm / 25.5 inches
WIDTH (FOOT) 50cm / 19.6 inches
PACK SIZE 33cm x 28cm (Fully Compressed) / 12.9” x 11″
ORIGIN Imported
TEMPERATURE Comfort: -12°c Extreme: -17°c / Comfort 10F – Extreme 1.4f

OUTER FABRIC Aqua Light (100% Polyester)
INNER FABRIC Supersoft (100% Polyester)
FILLING IsoFibre (100% Polyester)

When it comes to my impressions of this sleeping bag, I’m extremely impressed.
The quality is excellent and the feel of this bag is top notch.
Yes it is heavy, it is large but this is a synthetic fill sleeping bag that can handle temps down to 1f.

With my experiences, I’ve tested this bag out on two overnight trips where the temps went down to 3f at the coldest point.
I stayed perfectly warm with while wearing a sweater and some thermal underwear.

This is a mummy style sleeping bag so this will be a snug fit as it is meant to fit close to the body to prevent cold pockets.

When testing out this sleeping bag, I couldn’t help but to compare it to the Eberlestock Reveille sleeping bag. I’ve reviewed the Reveille bag in the past and I love it but it’s a pricey bag at $279.00. The comfort temp ratings are almost the same (5F) even though Eberlestock says that their bag can be pushed to -36F.

The fact that the Expedition sleeping bag is $89 blows my mind. This is in my opinion offers an incredible value for the money for a sleeping bag that really does perform on a level that matches much more expensive products.

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munchh2007 says:

hey luke. i love your reviews. but i thought i would look at your sleeping bag reviews and its a nightmare! have you ever thought of doing playlusts of sleeping bags, back packs, tents……….
you get my point.
is it because you have done so many it would take you too long?

Codename Hannibal says:

how much is a good price for this the 10℉ degrees bag expedition in US dollars $$$?

Philip Morgan says:

If you are a 50 inch chest will this be too small you think?

Ed Phoenix says:

I really enjoy your video’s Luke. Thanks for sharing.

Jacob Margolin says:

can you recommend a compact 20 degree sleeping bag. I want to use it for backpacking so I want it to be light, but not very pricey. Thanks! great video

Tartan Clan says:

Hi Luke
Can two of these bags be joined to make a bigger sleeping bag.
Great Channel with loads of good info.

Ibpn says:

now that you gave it a favorable review (and rightly so) let’s see how long the $89.00 price last.

Mostly humble 1 says:

I find the MMSS is a little snug on me.  5’9″ 250lb…  Yes I should be 200… 😉  Would this compare or be a tighter fit?

Patrick Caple says:

So this bag would be great for when I’m out on special ops to invade other camper’s basecamps

Craig Pruett says:

nice bag, GREAT video as always. I’m a huge fan of snugpak after purchasing the stratosphere bivy tent. I bought it on the fly for an FTX last month, Temps got down to about 10. all I had was a fleece sleeping bag, clothes wise all I wore to bed was thermals and a beenie. Stayed plenty warm.

Thomas Shaddox says:

That is a great value, and really shows you the diminishing returns for lightweight gear. My 5 degree down quilt is 2.8 times lighter than this, but costs 6.5 times as much. Of course, I still love my quilt, and I won’t be backpacking with a 5.7 pound sleeping bag any time soon!

Simon Vance says:

Unbelievable value for money, I love it!

stealth Andy says:

Luke have you done a review on the extreme, an zero .
? ? . thanks for your time 🙂

mountainbloke40 says:

Oooooooooooooooggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfffffffffffff 2.6kg

SFSideburns says:

I often hear complaints that Snugpak sleeping bags don’t have a lot of loft and they look pretty flat indeed. However I have used the Snugpak Merlin 3, Hawk 9 and Jungle Bag for years and I find the temperature rating accurate and they are among the lightest, smallest packing synthetic sleeping bags at a very reasonable price. I’m 6’2″ / 170 pounds and I feel that I’m at the upper end. You shouldn’t be much taller and not that much stouter or you will feel too constricted.

Black Zetsu says:

hey Luke. question. you wouldn’t be willing to sell your camelbak trizip would you. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find one. Strength and Honored Luke. p.s. hope you still do the bug out bag

Dano DeMano says:

I’m not claustrophobic but I don’t like mummy bags because I like to be able to spread my legs apart if I get too warm/hot. I wish they made this same temp rating in a rectangle bag for four season use. Thanks for the look at this bag. I bought the Scorpion 2 largely based on your review of the Scorpion and other Snugpak fly first tents!

Alexander Murchison says:

i have this bag paired with there silk liner and it is amazing

tenminutetokyo says:

What camera are you using?

TheDaddy187 says:

thanks for putting the temp in °c but you forgot to add the sizes in cm… im sure i saw another of your videos where you had the weight in lbs and kg… 2 out of 3 is pretty good, but you can do better :p

Mr Spartarn says:

Luke could u ps do the monodome weekender tent review

Eli the pit master says:

man, if it’s a tight fit for you. there is no way I can get in it.

Thomas Dapper says:

I’m going to be testing this out in Northern WI. Don’t fail me snugpak.

R.A.S. Tactical says:


furai333 says:

another option is the softie elite series, I have wide shoulders and with the expander panel I can finally more around in the bag! thanks for the review

WxGuy says:

Should I store my sleeping bag by hanging it? Or in its stuff sack?

Luis Thillet says:

Hey Luke how would you compare this to the eberlestock Reveille? Which one would you say it’s best?

Adrian Kiemer says:

why do you don’t use amazon affiliate links?

aaron liford says:

I have definitely been well pleased with every piece of gear I’ve gotten from SnugPak

jtvia says:

Luke, your video is awesome. What camera do you use?

Irish Zombie Nation says:

$89… budget minded… yeah, not really. Compared to others, yes, it’s a very inexpensive option. The problem is even at that price it’s not a budget friendly item for the average working man.

ben terwellen says:

good review, they need to make a larger bag though…………

zvonjola says:

Great review Luke! I got this bag 4 months ago for 58$ here in Croatia!

mjoki Öberg says:

I got one from the army surplus store for £30 in the UK I’m 5.11 and its a really great sleeping bag

JohnReviewer112 says:

Good review, although you forgot to show us how big it is compressed in the sack.

shcmoly says:

Heavy but what a price!

Jason Chasteen says:

I own multiple Snugpak items all are excellent quality and excellent price not the lightest around but the best value for sure!

Eric Rosbottom says:

Great as always Luke! Don’t you folks ever get snow that actually stays??? If you need some we have lots here in Yellowknife if you want some :)…. And the cold weather to boot… Why does Snugpak make things that are so small?? This sleeping bag and the Ionosphere and I’m sure a few more as well I just think they should have a big and tall section.. Take care man….

john lozano says:

what is the jacket you are wearing?

Brent Jacobs says:

Hey bro just wondering if you prefer this over the military sleep system?

Patrick Caple says:

Kelty and Alps Mountaineering both make very affordable and decent quality sleeping bags…especially on sale…with no reference to survival or military crap…just good old fashioned camping…where you enjoy the outdoors rather than survive them.

Blacktimberw says:

I don’t have this particular bag but I do have a Snugpak sleeper xtreme. I bought it back in 2008 as a temporary option whilst I had a good look around for ‘better’ bags but I’ve ended up using it all the time as I have never been disappointed (or cold) with it. It looks very similar to your bag, though a few grams lighter. They are heavy & bulky which might be an issue for some but the comfort, warmth & quality/price they offer is hard to beat. The shoulder & zip baffles are very efficient too.

lindsay 87 says:

hey, can you do a review on the recon gen2 sleeping bags?
cheers for the quality reviews.

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