Inexpensive but Heavy – Teton Sports Deer Hunter 0 Sleeping Bag – Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Teton Sports Deer Hunter 0 Sleeping Bag. Can it handle temps down to that temp? Find out now!

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Price : Retail $89 but can be found a bit cheaper on Amazon at the time of filming

Stated Specs :
Size 90″ x 39″
Size (packed) 38″ x 9.5″ x 9.5″
Pack Weight 8.5 lbs
Temp Rating 0°F
Shell Canvas
Liner 100% Brushed Poly Flannel
Fill SuperLoft Elite™ 4-Channel Hollow Fiber
Zipper Left or Right Zip
Storage Three Roll up Compression Straps
Color Brown

– Double-layer construction entire width and length of bag increases warmth and durability
– Heavy-duty canvas shell resists water
– Sturdy no-snag two-way zippers with metal pulls
– Full-length zipper baffle reduces drafts
– Right- and left-hand zippers let you zip together two Deer Hunter bags
– Rated for cold temperatures
– Mummy-style hood keeps head or pillow off the ground

Review :

Pros :
– The large size means comfort! Lots of wiggle room to sprawl out any way that you want to.
– The flannel fabric is awesome! Feels great against the skin. Very soft. Also if feels thicker than other similar products on the market.
– Excellent quality. Very good zippers. Good stitching.
– Built in compression straps are a plus
– Very durable
– Outside material is water resistant. That doesn’t mean that you should sleep in the rain with it but if you are in a damp environment, it will serve you well. Also good for damp mornings in your tent

Cons :

Not really suited to take you down to 0F. When the temps dropped into the upper teens, I woke up a few times chilled and that is due to the design. This isn’t a close fitting sleeping bag like a mummy bag so any space that is around you is known as dead space. In other words, since this bag is so big and will be away from you skin, it won’t keep you as warm as a sleeping bag would. With some good thermals this bag will take you comfortably to right at 20F or at least, that is the case for me. Every human body is different and just how warm they sleep will be different too. Keep that in mind.

Since the bag is so wide, the drawstring baffles are useless unless you have 3ft wide shoulders. Cold air seeped past my shoulders all night, no matter my sleeping position with the drawstrings pulled as tight as possible and my head buried underneath.


The Flannel isn’t truly cotton flannel, it’s polyester.

I’ve seen reports of the red coloring from the flannel coming off on peoples clothing. I haven’t had that issue but I wanted to mention it. If you order one, keep that in mind.

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Dunlop Pro Golfer 17 says:

do a review on this one Halti Family Explorer +14 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag

Christopher Graff says:

The Stitching says a lot, No Thanks !!!
I’d rather pay more for better quality

John Eckert says:

If I’m going to carry a sleep system that is heavy I will have to go with the Marine corps. (MSS) Military sleep system. YES, IT’S HEAVY (7 1/2 Pounds), YES, The system is actualy 4 bags, and YES, above a negitive 25 degrees F, you may sweet if you use all 4 bags, BUT YOU WILL NOT BE COLD.

Scott Johnson says:

I’m 6’7″ tall. Looks like a good option.

Couch Potato says:

Thanks for the time and testing you do with all products. I would say you can get the mss intermediate bag for less and rated @ -10 degrees. Keep up the good work Luke.

Craig Pruett says:

broooo….that swallowed you! haha. definitely a good hunters bag.

überguy says:

I like the square sleeping bags the best. Most comfortable sleeping position rather than a ‘stuck’ feeling which make me twist and roll a lot.

panzerabwerkanone says:

This would be a two person bag for you and Susan right?  Seems like a small person would have trouble heating up so much space which would be one of the reasons you were cold in it.

YT Lone Wolf says:

Hi Luke, awesome review, I have the Elk Hunter -35F sleeping bag, it kept me fairly warm at around -30 to -25 below, as i was watching the video i went out to my pole barn to find it to look at the stitching because i never paid much attention to it, there wasn’t any issues with loose stitching on the outside, but on the inside there were those long strands along the extra fabric where it was folded but that’s nothing, very very minor, its just the ends of the stitching, i really love using it on my trips. -Jake

Mike Presnell says:

Those are nice cozy bags! Use mine for hunting and fishing trips!..Better known as a bedroll…never had an issue down to 22 degrees….I also use a lot under me..very important….

shcmoly says:

Big & heavy but car camping who cares. I hate zipper covers, never had a bag come undone, why are they there?

Robert Pierce says:

always..always add 15 degrees to any bag temp…and mummy bags rule for car camping or hunting. For all circumstances get a good mummy..the rest is stupid .buy a bag for everything..Peace out

John James says:

got to love the width of the bag great size great vale
loads of pace for a second bag

TETON Sports says:

Hey Luke,

Incredible review and thanks for pointing out the issues. I have watched this video quite a few times now to pinpoint all the cons you list. Stay tuned, I’m making the fixes you listed and I’ll be excited for you to see what comes out of this review. Also, great comments from people below and I did also watch “Animals scared of farts compilation” AFTER watching this. Thanks again Luke for keeping us on it and letting us know where we need to improve.

Donny H says:

Hey, I have a question about your filbe pack. Was it one of the ones that needed the modification? If so did you use the mod kit or feel a need to use one? Thanks again for the great videos!

AZBushcraft says:

You should do a review on the Coleman 0° (ferineiht) Extreme weather sleeping bag.. I have it. personally I haven’t gone down past 30° but it is amazing keeps me nice and cozy it gets a little too warm at 30° but I can handle it.. it’s cheaper, lighter, smaller, and in my opinion the stitching is better quality.. thanks for taking the time to read my comment. Peace!

Chris K says:

Hahahaha! You just cost me £80 for the -18C version…. 😉

Brian Spencer says:

Giid review, thanks Brian 76

Todd says:

Looks like a good bag for a couples car camping trip 🙂

Richard Jones says:

On Amazon it has a 56% five star review rating which is pretty poor. Teton makes some pretty good products but this isn’t one of them. Other than the cheap price, it doesn’t have much going for it. Rating a sleeping down to zero degrees f and not even coming close to that reading is dangerous. Novices to camping might believe this rating and get into big trouble using this bag. It shouldn’t be advertised at that temp.rating if it can’t perform period!!!

Chaucer Faux says:

heyo there Luke another great video

TigerShark says:

its big enough that you can snuggle up with your bros

Patrick Fealy says:

that bag makes Luck look like hes a little kid.

Patrick Bryan says:

Always enjoy your reviews, honest and complete . Does it unzip on the bottom to open completely ? Thanks for sharing

aDay InTheLife says:

What are the chances of fitting two people in there?

Adam F says:

Thanks for the review Luke, very well done as always. Wanted to let you know Fjallraven has come out with a 45L pack called the Abisko Friluft that I think might be the best all round bush crafting bag I’ve ever seen. Simple but all the right features included. Just picked one up at the Fjallraven store in Hong Kong and plan on putting it through the works in the next few weeks. Would be great if you got your hands on one and did a review Luke style after really putting it through the paces!

ZZ outdoors says:

Big enough to make a shelter! Thank. ZZ.

God :-O says:

Next video how to set pack, bag, and tent on fire.

Pat says:

teton sports is always a great value. You get a lot for your money

Tom Miller says:

Looks like a sleeping bag for elephants

crunkinthis says:

That’s for the review. I have been looking at this sleeping bag for awhile. The length is perfect for me but I will probably pass.
BTW what kind of pants are those?

Rob Marley says:

You better hurry up with your point , because I am about to watch “Animals scared of farts compilation” by Mute Hippo

Kaylynn Strain says:

anything about water resistance or waterproofing?

Stef B says:

So it IS a 0 degrees ….. celsius just not fahrenheit

Scott Johnson says:

I’m 6’7” tall and have been looking at this bag and pad. Thanks Luke. It’s between this. The Black Pine Big Johnson or the Browning Mt Mackinnley bag

Ellis Holcomb says:

thanks for your review I do like the bag I have to use my truck so it’s big not a problem price sounds good I do appreciate your time you take care until next time see you then

Cody Gore says:

How the hell are you supposed to carry this thing? How ridiculous.

Larry Kramer says:

I don’t like it because the lining is not flannel. Flannel to me is cotton, not poly. Poly doesn’t feel good.

ben terwellen says:

like the size of that bag

Brandon Dudley says:

seems like you might have gotten a poorly made bag that got through inspection. i have one of these and i dont have loose threads and ive camped in below zero with it and didnt have any issue. if i remember correctly, the temp got down to -10 or so that night.

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