Long Term Review | Down vs Synthetic Sleeping Bags

Comparing the Rab Ascent 900 duck down side zip sleeping bag and Carinthia Defence 4 centre zip synthetic sleeping bag with Bushwacker Man.
Check out Bushwacker Man – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChwX0lmm2ESELe61EqITKzQ
Rab Ascent 900 – https://amzn.to/2vg5Ti9
Carinthia Defence 4 – https://www.heinnie.com/carinthia-defence-4
Watch me previous review of this bag – https://youtu.be/w7FWeMYAGEw
Check out my other videos with Bushwacker Man – https://bit.ly/2uZ1SQ4
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steve c says:

You’re such an inspiration. Love the relationship you have with your dad!

joe T,M says:

im with your dad on this one I perf the colour plus middle zip 🙂 u can keep the pink one loooooooool

Adam Vera says:

Nice video, so cool. My sleep system so different, designed to absorb moisture. A combination of terry cloth and cotton, with a straight up beach towel as a pillow. Sleeping on it, not in it, like sleeping on a sponge, haha so one doesn’t wake in a pool of sweat. Some can’t handle the cold, some can’t handle the heat. Luv you guys, stay cool.

Jerrod P says:

The answer for me is down bag in winter or a climate that is cooler year around. Synthetic is the most versatile 4 season bag.

Eddy Van Calster says:

Dad , you lose Dad !!!!!!! 🙂

ffstopP says:

“Yeah, far better…” “…and a pretty bag as well.” Good for you, Becky. Your bag doesn’t have some of the amenities of your dad’s bag (center zip, reversibility, etc.) but it better delivers what a sleeping bag is meant to deliver: compressible warmth & snugly comfort. Hike on.

Tracy Worthington says:

Your friend started her own utub thing you and your dad is the only one I will watch and learn from thank you Becky and tell your dad thank you to

jeff nix says:

Yes it was a bargain but not for me, passed it on to one of my scouts. He was really chuffed. Anyway keep up the excellent work that you are doing. A. T. B.

jeff nix says:

I got a carinthin from a local car boot. Very expensive new but plcked it up for £12.00 . I did not like it myself because of the neck opening. . Keep up the good work.

korridor7 says:

Most quality down bags nowadays are treated to make them water resistant so they retain their loft and warmth. I bet Bushwacker Dad would like it if it came in olive drab.

donald houston says:

I prefer a standard bag other than a mummy bag because I feel to confined .Just my preference.Great Video by the way

Martin Elam says:

Another great video , Becky! You and your dad work well together!

Tressa Zimmerman says:

I love your videos together. It really makes me wish I would have had being outside to share with my Dad. It is so heart warming. Your comparisons are so cool. Take care

exn207 says:

Uuuhhh…Down vs. Synthetic. There was a very intense discussion about this question here in Germany earlier this year. There´s one Youtube-Chanel arguing very intense against Synthetic sleepingbags, especially the Defence 4.

Dave Thomas says:


tudo camping says:

muito bom em like like
videos novos no meu canal também ok amigo

3101010 says:

Sleeping Bag Wars, One is pretty and the best, One smells like farts. 😉

Mr Snuffleupagus says:

I need a new sleeping bag and think i will go with the age over beauty option, sorry Becky. Great review though and your dad is a real laugh.

Spatial Interpretations says:

According to online specks the “Carinthia’s Defence 4” is rated down to -15°c and the Rab Ascent 900 duck down to -18°c. Long-term durability and versatility synthetic might have an advantage…

That Larry Guy says:

Loft is the word you guys were trying to think of. Another great video. Thanks for posting.

buletpoint says:

love you two sniffing the bags very funny thank you:)

Mountaincoffee Outdoors says:

I’m a big believer in down bags. Yes, synthetic bags can keep you (at least somewhat) warm if they are wet, but down is very warm, light, packs down wonderfully, and it lasts longer! I’m willing to bet that after the fill in your dad’s bag has started clumping up and creating cold spots, your bag will still be fluffy and warm. I also use my side zip down bag in my hammock without any problems. Cheers, Gareth


as for a sleeping bag my bag is a bag very hard to find you see my bag synthetic on the bottom and goose down on the top side. in joy

Gaz Pyrotechnics says:

That was really entertaining. Loved the banter between you both. I’ve got to say though I like my feather duvet at home but I do prefer a synthetic bag. Sorry Becky. Just tell your dad I think synthetic bags are for wimps lol.

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