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The ECWS military modular sleep system or MSS may be the best all around sleeping bag system available. Useful for mild to sub zero temperatures with or without a separate shelter, these sleeping bags have been battle tested in the harshest conditions by the US military and proven their strength and versatility.

Here’s where I got my Sleep System:

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ten22crew says:

I notice you USMC hat did you serve and if so happy veterans day

Andrew Martinez says:

Great video and awesome details.

beckerm13 says:

Can the bivy be used on its own for warm weather? If not, do you have a recommendation for a warm weather bag for use in a tent?

Mickey Authement says:

Finally found one listed as in “Excellent Condition” for under $100. Am happy you did a video on the complete system especially putting the assembled system into the stuff sack. Had been wondering if that was a possibility or not.

jelkel25 says:

I really like the look of that, will have to wait until I’m back in North America as almost any good piece of US army surplus, you get stung on the price in the UK (or it’s a copy). Great stuff!!

Willie Dinker says:

I’d be interested to know how small the 30-50 degree “Patrol” bag packs down to. I have been using the Gore-Tex bivy bag on my motorcycle for several years in conjunction with a 30 degree down bag. That bag packs down to 6″x 9″. Saving space/weight is always nice on bike.

Pople BackyardFarm says:

love this thank you .

Todd King says:

can’t wait for my bag . just ordered one

Stephen Hill says:

I’ve used the patrol bag down to the lower 20’s, but I sleep fully clothed. My feet were a bit cold, but other than that no worries.

Hoplite Warrior says:

These also come in a larger sizes for taller individuals. When purchasing said item,be sure you get the one that fits your size so that it can be used to it’s full extent. I’m about 5′ 8″ and have the size listed as the one in this video. They can be purchased on eBay for a great price and in a variety of conditions with A being in tip top shape,and B being slightly used,and C having small holes/tares/rips,missing buttons or zippers that may not function but can be repaired. These sleep systems are an excellent item to add to your bug out bag or just for every day camping with the family. I would highly recommend the purchase of this sleep system for a variety of reasons. Don’t forget to buy either a yoga mat to tuck inside of it or a self inflating mat for extra added comfort. Great video made here by the way and you won’t regret purchasing such an item. In sime cases,most of these come with directions on how to dress properly for the environment you are in so that the MSS can be used to it’s full potential when dressed properly in whatever climate you are in.

kevin schulmeister says:

I jam mine into the stuff sac Judd like you did, all snapped into one piece. I also leave my pillow in the top. it still food in the sac.

j k says:

It’s a tight fight if your 6 foot 200lbs.

Sebastian Silvar says:

do we always have to use the woodland cover for any bag? or can we sleep with one of the bags by itself?

Daniel De La Cruz says:

smart putting it in assembled in the bevy because of your carrying this and if it ever gets wet the bevy will keep the inner sleeping bags dry. that’s how I put my sleep system in its compression pouch. Great video!

Joe Herr says:

used bivvy and patrol bag down to 36 deg with just tee shirt and shorts no socks and i wasnt cold

Mickey Authement says:

Had mine for about 2 yrs. Best system I have ever owned.

Turtle Bushcraft says:

Very nice been looking at one my self for this winter. how did it work out in the winter? Thanks s for sharing atb John

rakehell404 says:

I have camped in this bag in a snowstorm that went down to around 15*F and was snug as a bug. It is very high quality, rugged gear that’s very well thought out.

One thing I did to reduce condensation was keep the bivy zipper open near my head and stuck a rolled bandana in the zipper to open a small gap. In the morning I had a little bit of frost on bivy near my head but not much.

One thing I’d suggest is consider taking an air pad. The closed cell foam works pretty well but an air pad would have made a huge difference in terms of comfort and insulation. The other side of that coin is that an air pad can go flat and pads don’t. YMMV

Nobodys Hero says:

Thanks for taking the time to make the vid, what is your opinion on someone that is 6’2″ 240lbs would they fit?

Infidel Atheist says:

The sleeping bags I used in the British forces were quite different as we slept with our rifles at the ready.Top half just a flap to be quickly flipped open.You can not sleep with your rifle at the ready and exit quickly in the MSS.For civilian use a fantastic bag.Slept with just the patrol bag ,now it is diving below zero I installed the inner bag and the bivi bag.A very good bang for the buck.You can not beat army surplus stuff for design ,quality and toughness and price.

Chad Bell says:

Just purchased one and looking to get it this week.

Bill Hanson says:

Great set up. Can’t go wrong with US mil spec.

KatzOhki says:

I have one of these and I absolutely love it. Thing is too dang warm for me almost, I recon i would sleep fine down to -30 no problem.

Couch Ninja says:

Awesome. Nice comprehensive review. Just purchased mine, cost me both arms and a leg to get posted overseas (guess that will leave more room in the bag). I wasn’t sure how this went together properly, this has helped lots. You should mention that this sleep system should not be stored compressed though. I have heard it will ruin the systems bag-fill.

Michael Mccoy says:

New subscriber, retired military. Good review. I use my mss with a foam thermarest ridgerest solar pad inside the bivi under the sleeping bag, inside my hennessy survivor woodland camo zip hammock. A little heavy for long range backpacking but, never been cold, never been wet.
Take care stay safe
O.P. ( Olde Phart)

Wolfie kitty says:

Why don’t you make a very cool feed you like what’s your favorite survival pack and how do you build it

Jedi_Drifter says:

I have always had good luck getting my compression bags smallest when after pulling the straps tight, you can then sit on the top side of the bag and continue to tighten the straps.
Let your weight and gravity do the work .


Great info! Would an  Escape Bivvy be necessary in addition with this particular system or is the patrol bag basically the same thing??

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