Naturehike Sleeping Bag Review

You can pick up this awesome, lightweight, compact sleeping bag here:


DisillusionedAcronym says:

nice find! thank you for the review and link.

MCK says:

Nice n quick review, hard to beat it for the price

Shiny Knife says:

Nice video thumbs up..

Iridium242 says:

Perfect! I was just looking to get a decent pack able sleeping bag for my gear. I have a few but they are the larger and would not fit easily on a pack. Perfect price too. Thanks for the heads up on this.

Florida Girl Adventures says:

I love this sleeping bag – I have a blue one. This was priced just right and it fits in my bag well. I like it since I am in Florida it’s often hot so this is usually warm enough – BUT you really need something much warmer if you are going to be in cold weather – i use this as a liner to a heavy bag. Great review!

ThunderMountain Tactical says:

Sweet! I need one ASAP! Our muzzle loader Cow Elk hunt starts tomorrow!! I am going to freeze up on the mountain!! LOL!!

Freedom Bushcraft says:

Cool. I am going to check it out now.

magman687 says:

i just ordered 1 of these.
any update on how it is holding up?
im going to use mine for hammock camping
great vid btw

Jason McDaniel says:

That was really fast putting it away! I just may take a look into this sleeping bag.

Silverbear Bushcraft says:

looks like a nice bag for you skinny gby stephen

Richard Slusher says:

I remember spending about 5 months sleeping in a poncho-liner inside a body-bag.

SouthPaw Bushcraft says:

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m liking that! Seems like the perfect blankie type for the hammock! Yup gotta check this one out! Thanks for the review!

Rcforlife Thefunstartshere says:

I absolutely love the bags that come with stuff sacks, so much easier than rolling things up and trying to get it just right. Thanks for sharing my friend.


nice video as always (^_^)
have a great day my friend

phyllis mulkey says:

gotta check that out ty for sharing

ManLand121 says:

Girl! That’s a deal…I headed there now to check it out…and the ease of stuffin’ it and especially the price!…sold! Me and the Wifie’ need something anyways for the meet up. glad you gave this a review.

The Joe Proffitt Channel says:

nice lil summer bag

Jamie Ferro says:

Thanks for the review. I was worried until now!

Nonofyourbiz 2014 says:

We must have been thinking the same thing..haha. I just bought the snugpak jungle bag it’s a perfect warmer weather bag rated to 43F and has a built in in mosquito/snake net that folds out of the way if not needed the new ones have a small pocket sewn in to stuff the net when your not using it and the older style ones have 2?small straps the roll and tie it up. Add a sol thermal bivy ($10 at Sierra trading ) and now it’s good down to 30F. I’m super impressed with it. Yours is much less expensive the snugpak is $60 shipped also a good deal.
Thanks for the video

AuRebel says:

Nice bag.

Red River Scout says:

I have the opposite problem. Where I live we see winter about 6 months of the year. Closest thing Americans see to this is Alaska. Even North Dakota which is just a few hours south of me sees warmer weather. There is a reason they call this place Winterpeg. lol Basically I am trying to find a winter bag that is not the same size as my rucksack. I have the Canadian Army cold weather bag but it is huge even in the original compression bag which I ditched for weight (the compression sack not the sleeping bag). It is so big It makes it hard to secure it to anything.


Are you still using this bag. Do you still think its a good product.Thanks

yoopersurvival says:

I just bought two of them,  30 degree. I don’t believe it would keep me warm up here. but I plan on bringing my sol Bivvy bags to put inside. if the temp gets too cold. I see we have the same plans this year get out of the house and go camping. were planning on doing a 9 mile hike in three days. ( stop laughing were old LOL). there is 15 different lakes on the trail. we are just going to fish and take our time. usually I just spend time cleaning her fish. she always out fishes me. ok enough of me ranting. you guys take care

livinright says:

I like the waterproof component, even good for ground cover. 🙂



The Daily Shooter says:

Good review. Thanks for the link

Michigan Edge says:

very nice bag!

George rosado says:

was that a rectangular style bag? thanks

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