Outdoor Vitals Summit 0°F Sleeping Bag Review

Thank you to Outdoor Vitals for the review unit of the sleeping bag!
Here’s a link to the bag: https://outdoorvitals.com/collections/all-sleeping-bags/products/summit-0

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Just Me says:

I wish you or someone wold do a Summit VS Eolus showdown.

Scott Koenig says:

(Chemical?) hand warmers in your bag. **** It’s a hack! ****

VortalexTheDruid says:

Oh my god you cut your hair.

Davit Niels says:


COAR OAS says:

Curious, what clothing you were wearing while doing the demo outside. In real cold temps I wear a powerstreatch baselayer. Curious if you wore shorts or something less how the temps would work.

Sabina Susnik says:

Very good review, thank you. And your new haircut looks great 🙂

Brittany Ann says:

You cut your hair!!!

Rosa Cummings says:

Awesome review and your hair looks so much better.

Jarred Sutherland says:

Nice silver Antec case in the back! I had the shorter version.

James Payne says:

Bad on you Outdoor Vitals , already went up to $249.97 sale price. No thanks

Breeze says:


Cringing Leonodon says:

Sorry-completely unrelated-but I noticed your many Star Wars posters on the wall. (or perhaps they belong to one of the Lins?)

What did you guys think of The Last Jedi?

christopher williams says:

robby, someone mentioned a top 10 movie video which i thought would be good, im stuck for movies also so lol, looking to binge on movies, you have talent, would be cool to see what your movie taste is like also, or maybe a tv series top 10, i find tv series more watchable and lengthy as i have a very long attention span, and long comments too, so i guess i should stop now face palm

brett visions says:

Good review, I’ve been curious about Outdoor Vitals bags for a while and have considered getting one for their price value. I’ve always enjoyed your guy’s videos, but the cropping of your head makes this weird to watch, though.

Michael B says:

Dude! I used to have that scale…I think it was from Target. Great review, thanks!

Lawrence Curtis says:

What happened, I was subscribed and when you guys changed your layout I was no longer subscribed? Wonder how many other subscribers were lost…

Knights of the Trail says:

Somebody got a hair cut. lol, looks good man. Looks like when I first started watching your channel.

James Miller says:

Where Is this sleeping bag made ?

Kyle Collins says:

Looks like a nice bag! I use a Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Flame that’s good down to 22F. So far it’s been great for me! Paid about $130 for it (it probably went up since) but it’s super light and packs down really small!

unknowncsd says:

The hair!

SuperN1ntend0 says:

Definitely do more reviews of gear!

Allen Stratton says:

When sleeping in extreme cold temperatures 0 degrees or below your comfort is very dependant upon what you sleep on. If you pair the 0 degree bag with an insulated sleeping pad you can get down to -13 and be comfortable.

Luuk Dingemanse says:

What is the R-value of you sleeping pad? im guessing its not 4.5/5+? So no winter pad? Makes a difference when its that cold out. You will lose a lot of heat through your pad. You need extra insulation from the bottom since your sleeping bag isn’t doing anything for you because you are laying on it.

No pun intended but a sleeping bag of $500 seems like a lot and it is, but there is a difference, and its probably in the weight of the bag, the quality of the down and where the down came from (animal friendly). With outdoorgear some things seem like they cost a lot. But like camera gear there is, in most cases, a difference. Keep that in mind next time you review something 😉

matanuska high says:

you need 3 1/2 to 4 inches of loft for 0 degrees…that bag is NOT 0 degrees just from looks alone i can tell you that. i live in Alaska and ive used 0 degree down and synthetic bags in -7 degrees and its not fun.. not even tolerable..toss and turn trying to keep part of your body warm.. i wouldnt take that bag below 10 degrees

pauipauipaui says:

Nice haircut!

Дан Мироненко says:

nice haircut ^^

Northscream Productions says:

sleeping bag.. yadayada.. did you just cut your hair?.. Traitor!!!

Evan Wilson says:

That was a great review! Short and sweet straight to the point. I don’t want you guys to become a review channel but one of these every once and a while (maybe on camera gear) what be really cool to see!

The Wasatch Gear Review says:

It’s not a true 0 degree. The loft is poor. I would not suggest this sleeping bag for 0゚ weather!!!

Craig Betts says:

checked the link looks to be a real good bag for the money and it’s good to test the product out before hand in the back yard before going out on the trail, easy to go back in the house if it fails (not just this bag but any gear) thanks for the review

matyourin says:

After one hike in Norway with around 0°C at nights in a regular “summer sleeping bag” (it was July/August) I froze every night, couldnt get sleep and so on…. so now I use a down feather (duck) from Western Mountaineering and man, this thing is incredible… small, light (about 850g) and even warm at -10°C. The ONLY downside of down feather bags is: if you get them wet, they wont warm you at all. So I transport them in a waterproof bag and dry myself really well before sleeping.

PGH Bottom Feeders says:

Awesome video and product I need to get one for overnight carp and catfish fishing on the river.

Jaspor says:

Nice review! Definitely seems like a great price point for a 0 degree bag that’s not super heavy.

joseph ohjoseph says:

awesome product review video thanks. would like to see more of this

Earl TheRawHiker says:

Thoughts on sleeping in a hammock with it?

Wordsmyth8 says:

I would’ve gone inside too, at -7°! By the way, I love the haircut, Robby.

Skylar L says:

Man. Just reminded me of an ill planned trip in Utah. Ended up sleeping in the bed of my buddy’s truck under the bed cover because we unknowingly set up camp at a bear hotspot and i was a little too much of a wuss to stay in the tent. They slept in the cab. Had a 40 degree bag.. we had been in the canyonlands area with some climbing friends and it never dipped below 40 when we were there so it was perfect. But then when we went to a higher elevation near flaming gorge, and my friends and i stupidly didnt even think about packing warmer. I wore every layer i had, was on 2 sleeping pads, and still hardly slept. Greeted with frost in front of my face on the inside of the bed cover in the morning. Dunno how cold it actually got but i was more than uncomfortable. 0/10 would not recommend. Fun story in hindsight and great trip overall though. Utah is beautiful

anita paulsen says:

Great review. I’ve been interested in this company ever since I saw their ad a while back so it’s great to see and hear a review on this bag. You can get a silk liner for it for more warmth and a commenter mentions merino wool base layer to be warmer too.

Hoobilly Indiana says:

Awesome job lil brother!
For just a tip in cold weather sleeping like you did. Use a Weatherman Blanket by Grabber, aka the original space blanket. You lay it under your sleeping pad to reflect heat back towards you. As C.W. was saying, using a light wool base layer as your sleeping system helps in those below 20 nights! I’ve actually melted snow and made heated water bottles (3 Nalgene bottles only!) And threw in my bag too! It was -15° in the back forty of the Low Gap Trail in MMSF. A fleece bag liner can help not just in warmth, but keep bag clean too! Just some tips I’ve used in past…. Mark.

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