Ozark Trail Sleeping bag reviews

We review 2 compact light weight ozark trail sleeping bags from Walmart


Matthew Baer says:

Nice! I’m a junior Asst. Patrol leader for my troop! Glad to see your review.

Leslie Amador says:

I used the OT cocoon in about 42 degrees and froze my ass off.  I sleep on the cool side but yeah don’t trust it.  Well, maybe with a hot water bottle in it, you might be comfy.

Jose sanders journeys says:

hey i have the ozark trail 40° sleeping bag and just ended my hiking trip due to the cold temp of 25° but i do have a dog and i was comfortable with my dog in it

Conner Madison says:

just got the 0 degree mummy bag. ill need it

Jamia Wilson says:

So is there a way you can personally send me your toilet diaries videos? I’ll pay. I’ll pay you whatever you want.

Jamia Wilson says:

So no more toilet diaries David?

Victor Jimenez says:

how much did u pay for it?

throathammer1 says:

are all climatech bags compressable to the size of a nalgene bottle? is that why they are called climatech?

Krissy's Corner says:

Hey! i am going to be backpacking in the mountains this summer for 7 weeks with a crew. Which sleeping bag do you recommend for longterm?

jarrod stanley says:

What oa lodge are you in

sharky1015 says:

What’s the point of stealh camping? I get camping leave little trail bit why not just camp in a camp site and practice there

Ron Bellator says:

Plan get OA soon

Grieving Sage says:

Background music, STP simply awesome. RIP Scott Weiland.

Doncha Werry says:

OT makes a 0F climatech. I want to know if it is as compact as the other climatechs.

ThePurpleChicken says:

Oh cool youre in the OA me too. Im brother hood

tony bradley says:

You had me a Order of the Arrow

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