Rab Ascent Sleeping Bag Review

Review on using my Rab Ascent 900 Sleeping Bag for hammock camping in the woods

My equipment:
Rab Ascent 900 bag – https://amzn.to/2vg5Ti9

See my latest Rab Ascent long term review – https://youtu.be/FDxJNzMgkDc

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Dutch Bushcraft says:

Seems like you have yourself a cosy little place out there in the woods

Ian Lvt says:

Do you have a quick update on the performance of the bag after 1 year of use? I’m looking to make a purchase in the next few weeks and have been researching this particular bag. Thanks

Plant-based Oklahoma Girl Outdoors says:

Haven’t heard of this brand. Sounds like a good bag. Personally I use the military sleep system. Great system to use all year round.

Сергей Савельев COSMOHIKE says:

Nice review! I use the same bag for winter trips and long distance ski trips (with another sinthetic one from the outside). I love this bag mostly because it’s spacious (I’m 180 cm and little over 90 kg). And you look far more smaller 🙂 It must be quite oversized for you, isn’t it?

Casey1pj says:

Very nice review Girl Outdoors. I am incapable of getting comfortable in hammocks so I would have to make a raised bed to sleep on. The one that you guys made at camp is the type that I like because small sticks are almost like having a spring mattress. I love the toggles inside the neck area of your bag.

Sean Combrink says:

Great video. How often should you wash a sleeping bag ?

David Cox says:

Good review looks like a winner. Give us another one on it in a few months so we know how it holds up.:)

Essexplodder says:

I keep my sleeping bags on a hanger, then just pack when needed
keep up the good work, some great videos,

Papa Bear says:

you can find the mss on amazon

Kal's Treks and Trails says:

I have to get a compression bag. I have a 80 liter backpack that zips no draw string and the straps are too short to put sleeping bag on it thank heavens for bungee cords

niall441 says:

Best bags on the market for the price! problem is you never want to get out of these snuggy sacks.

John Smith says:

Don’t know the brand so thanks for review!

Fts Dinon says:

i did a jungle warfare survival course. i learnt that sleepimng bags have those tabs at the end so you can tie them to the end of your hammock to stop the bag from sliding down and getting you tangled up in your hammock. this is a problem say if your position has been compromised and u need to rapidly get to a defensive position

Ristee Longtran says:

Gonna subscribe to hear the accent. And that kettle was pretty cool.

Mark Curry says:

Nice one. Much appreciated. Got one today on your recommendation for a round the world bike trip.

James Lane says:

Good review it’s nice to see you youngster into camping and fishing and hunting and stuff like that James Kansas City Missouri always enjoy your show

Kal's Treks and Trails says:

Looks like a good sleeping bag. Awesome video!!!

jim williams says:

very nice bag

Grey Scout Tactical. says:

Your videos are fantastic but please please read your comments as there are some sick people out there. Please block these people. There’s no place for sick folk here. Just below someone was disgusting I wish I could go slap’em. Don’t let it get to you young lady but please be advised as i for one was disturbed. Sorry it happens here. God bless give my regards to your family and please pass on the awareness.

Francesc Bellmunt says:

I really enjoy yours explanations…! I’m learning a lot of English thanks of you… I’m especting for new videos!

Steve Taylor says:

Great review. Little tip when you use it out…get yourself a good quality Goretex bivvy bag…so it can breathe, but stays waterproof and won’t let moisture back in. Beat wishes – Steve

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