i used those sleeping bags for years they are ultra versatile
this is 4 sleeping bags from 5°c to -20°c consider this a 3 season kit you need a -40 sleepimg bag in the wiNter RECON SLEEPINGBAGS ARE MENT FOR CONDITIONS BELOW -20°C


Stewart Buckley says:

I’m in OZ and have been seriously thinking about these.
I have purchased from RECON/kitbag before, as in M14 SAS smock and there M12 S3 HMCP Combat Pant.
Pants are too short in the leg and the fly/crutch is too short to adaquately take care of the hmmm, middle leg. I can’t recomend those. I have just got a USMC gor-tex bivvi, so the RECON bag’s will suit it well.
P.S. I’m not a hammock sleeper.

MrTatts64 says:

Those recon bags are as rare as rocking horse sh*t in the UK 🙁

valley adam says:

great review


Where can you buy that sleeping bag?

ShazBoo BookOwl says:

I love that sleeping bag.
Am certainly going to research that one.
Thanks for sharing.
Cheers & atb

Kahl Beecher says:

what hammok do you use

Patrick says:

Nice review Alex. What would you consider a bargain price for this sleeping system online? I’ve seen em from 160 to 242 US$ new.

BHQC. EXE says:

Great review! J’adore tes videos Alex, tu m’as inspiré a commencer le backpacking/bushcraft !
J’ai une question a propos de ton équipement: Quel marque/model sont   1: ton backpack,   2: ton hamack?
Keep up the good work!

Will Hornbuckle says:

Cool Bag!

BlueRidgeMarine says:

Great Overview!  Thumbing up

CliffEmAll100 says:

Thanks for the video.

blacksunapocalypse says:

Would you say the temperature ratings are accurate? I’m looking at the Recon 3, but not sure if it would actually be comfortable at -5?

JF aventure says:

sa fesais un moment que je regardais cette marque ! tu m’as pas mal convaincus d’en acheter !   serais tu porter a achter un pour l’hivers et un pour l’ete ? ou tu as un autre systeme pour l’hivers

Bryan Calhoun says:

nice Hammock   where did u buy it?  and how much was it?   this  is  good gear brother   keep em comin!   nice review..

zarants says:

Hey merci pour la vidéo, je me demandais ce que tu pensais du Modular Sleep System pour un kit 4 saisons ?

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