Sea to Summit Micro 2 Sleeping Bag

New sleeping bag for my ultralight sleep system this year. The Sea to Summit Mcll
Update video


Tim Strickland says:

hi, was waiting for someone to use this bag for this application. how is it working out for you? I used a hammock for a long time, but have gone back to a ul tent/sea to summit sparkII and neo air x lite system.

OzClawhammer says:

great set-up!

Cragdwella says:

You are correct my friend ! Lessons learned. Thats sometimes the fun part. peace my friend.

Thisonesforthekids says:

How has this system worked out. Have you had a chance to test it yet? could you please do an update video

EasternMountainHiker says:

Sleeping in your clothes can help if the temps get lower then expected and I do the same thing.


It was one expensive bag I believe I ordered it from REI and I’m up here in Canada you wouldn’t believe what it cost me

Daniel Deal says:

Hey Daniel here great video and idea less is always good will be making changes to my setup as well love the draw string foot box and I can drop the under quilt don”t like the price but can sell under quilt I also live in the east NC Hickory keep up the good work I will be looking forward to the videos Daniel.stay warm and dry

EasternMountainHiker says:

What I always try to remember and tell others is that a sleeping bag temperature rating is usually the low limit.
And everyones different, what seem warm to me may not be warm for you. My hiking buddy found that out last summer. I convinced him to try going light weight and he only brought a fleece sleeping bag. He woke up in the middle of the night freezing and I had to give him my emergency bivy. Lessons learned – Always test your gear before a trip and don’t just rely on others opinions.

ArbitraryLifestyle says:

That is genius with the hammock! No need for an underquilt 😀

Didelphis Saksia says:

What is the name of the mosquito net?

Cragdwella says:

I think you will find that if you use it as a blanket in warmer weather, even at 70-80 degrees ,in the wee hours your back will be cold. But looks cool, give it a try.Peace


I purchased this bag as well. Fortunately I use a grand trunk Skeeter beater Hammock. And because of the integrated bug net I would not be able to do what you just did in the video slip the sleeping bag over the Hammock. What a great idea.

PCL Outdoors & Bushcraft says:

Man I can’t find this thing, I’m a big guy and I only see a mummy style.

EasternMountainHiker says:

I usually sleep pretty warm but with this type of bag I’ll have the option. That’s my plan anyway. Still untested and all theory. Last year I spent two nights on Mt. Greylock with just a silk liner with an emergency blanket underneath. In the rain no less. Not the warmest night and definitely not the best decision I’ve made. “Look at me I’m going ultralight!” Lessons learned and but did fare better then one of my hiking buddies.

ANCHOR440 says:

I do like it that sea to summit bag. Seems like a great peice of gear. That open foot seems like a good idea. I use a Ledge, Scorpion sleeping bag: 45 F. rating and sleep in all my extra clothes, if needed. I once read someone’s thoughts on bags and ultralight and they mentioned using all their clothes when they went to bed at night. Since you have them with you, ‘Use them’, he said, so I took it to heart. Works pretty good. But then, I’m a ground sleeper :o)

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