Sierra Designs Cloud 35 Sleeping Bag – Zipperless Sleeping Bag Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Sierra Designs Cloud 35 Sleeping Bag which happens to be a Zipperless Bag; recently seen in the Maine Overnight Adventure.

Link to Adventure :

Link :
Price : Retail is $270 but it is common to see this selling for around $200
Weight : 1lb 7oz
Sizes : Regular and Long – This is the Regular version.
Versions : There is also a Cloud 20 degree back which is 1lb 13oz
Color – only available in blue.


· EN Limit Temp Rating: 26F / -3C
· EN Comfort Temp Rating: 36F / 2C
· Fill Weight: 9.5oz / 268g
· Minimum Weight: 1lb 7oz / 0.66kg
· Sleeping Pad Sleeve Circumference: 45.5″ / 115.6 cm
· Fits Sleeping Pad (WxH): 20″ x 2.5″ / 51 x 6.4 cm
· Fits Up To: 6′ 0″ / 183 cm
· Length: 78in / 198 cm
· Shoulder Circumference: 60″ / 152 cm
· Hip Circumference: 58″ / 147 cm
· Footbox Circumference: 40″ / 102 cm
· Mesh Stoarge Bag Size (LxW): 20 x 12″ / 51 x 31 cm
· Stuff Sack Size (L x W): 13 x 7″ / 33 x 18cm
· Mummy style bag


o Insulation: 800FP PFC-Free DriDown
o Shell Fabric: 15d nylon risptop
o Liner Fabric: 15d nylon risptop


o Patent pending zipperless design for more comfort
o Oversized integrated comforter resemble all the comforts of your bed at home
o Insulated shoulder pocket keeps comforter wrapped around you sealing out drafts
o Patented self-sealing foot vent allows fast and easy ventilation
o Sleeping pad sleeve keeps pad under you for comfort and warmth and replaces unnecessary bottom insulation
o PFC-Free 800FP DriDown® and 15d nylon fabrics

Pros :
The whole no zipper thing….it works!
Incredibly lightweight for the temp rating. No bottom down which saves on weight. You might be saying; Hey I want my down on the bottom and the truth is, no you don’t.. When you compress down It doesn’t keep you warm.. Loft gives you warmth.

Very comfortable – because of the design you can sleep how you want to and it’s easy to manage warmth and air. Think of this bag as a mix between a sleeping bag, a quilt and a comforter as you have a lot of options when it comes to use. You can have your arms in, arms out, you can even rotate it and use it like a down quilt.

Packs down SUPER small thanks to the high fill down.

Excellent quality and materials.

The temp rating is 35F and I believe that you can reach that rating. The lowest temps that I have experienced in this is 40F and it was incredibly warm.

I also like the “self sealing foot vent” that allows you to stick your feet out the bottom without undoing anything if they’re feeling hot. It does not seem to let any warm air out when our feet are cold.

Cons :
My typical complaint with Sierra Designs is their color schemes; it’s a sleeping bag, who really cares of the color….but wait….I do. It’s not bad but I wish that it wasn’t so vibrant.

Because there is no zipper while tossing around in the night it is possible to pop out because you can’t seal it shut. The bag does tuck in on itself and you will have to be conscious of what you are doing to prevent it from unraveling. Want to prevent the unraveling? Insert a sleeping pad into the back and you won’t have this problem…but then you could potentially get cold in lower temps.

Also with a sleeping pad inserted, the hood of the sleeping bag doesn’t wrap around my head comfortably.

For summer use I like the sleeping pad sleeve….but in the cooler months I don’t because it has a tendency to pull the bag away from your body which means that you will have cold spots.

Summary : I love this sleeping bag and so does my wife. She has stolen this from me on a number of trips because she likes the ‘mummy’ feel.

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spikester40 says:

Interesting concept in a sleeping bag.

Charles McIver says:

Nice bag for a good price (you usually get what you pay for IMHO) but the colors are terrible. I would be wanting one if it came in camo, OD green, or tan but never in these colors (same with tents etc.) Thanks for a great review!

Shashkin's Russian Bushcraft Channel says:

Hey Luke! Removing the insulation from the back of the sleeping bag seems to be rather odd. I am using the mummy-style sleeping bags a lot but I am a side sleeper. So, this one is definitely not for me. Never could sleep with my face up several hours in a row. This also is an issue as when you’re turning around, you are exposing the packed side of the sleeping bag, but at least it’s getting fluffy again in couple minutes and starts warming you up.

I would give a lot to be able to just sleep on my back – makes camping/hiking life much easier it seems 😀

Brad Ringhausen says:

Nice idea. Too expensive. I purchased my tent in 1993 for $39.95. It still works great. Why would I purchase a bag for more than my tent?

mobiltec says:

I like it. Hate zippers…

Larry Bothe says:

Reminds me of a surplus Canadian Army down mummy bag I had more than 40 years ago (I’m 60!). It did have a zipper but I flipped the bag upside down and never used the zipper, just stuck my feet in the end. The down was worn thin on the actual backside but it still worked for me. I don’t care for mummy bags in general because they make feel claustrophobic. But this new bag without the zipper might be OK.

I agree, more research needs to be done on bags for side sleepers..!!

Thnx for the review!

Viper Chin says:

I hate civvy bags….olive green please

Glocknade Clipazine says:

Dang, now I want one. Even more so if it were available in subdued colors like you mentioned.

Barry Webber says:

Very nice review Luke thanks. Not having a zip to snag or break seems an excellent idea.
I was struck again at just how good and natural a speaker you are! Very impressive, did you learn or train yourself to be such a confident speaker? Is it something which just comes naturally to you? Great photo of your gorgeous wife as well! Best wishes to you both and your family.

PSBeard says:

Nothing beats my Enlightened Equipment quilt….

Scouting Free says:

That is really an interesting design! Thanks for sharing this. Cheers, Marc

KatWoman says:

Interesting bag…especially for women of a certain age that get hot flashes.

Noble Wolf says:

Hey Luke great review…I agree Sierra Designs should make these in Coyote Brown, Ranger Green and yes Multicam too. I have an idea how to get them to do this. Contact me if you are interested…via email

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

I’ll be spending my weekend editing the next overnight adventure….and what a trip that was!
I was literally one step away from a MAJOR emergency. Coming soon.
Have a great weekend everyone!
Stay safe! – Luke

USS_Boom says:

Why do you store it in the mesh back instead of the small bag compressed ?

vikesguy62 says:

Luke, I own one and I love it. One thing you did not mention was that for side sleepers, this bag works really good. I can lay on my side, chest towards the opening, and pull the quilt part around me, works great. And for restless sleepers, it does not get all wrapped up around you when you are tossing and turning. Excellent bag. And talk about light, I thing the box it shipped in was heavier then the bag. Great review.

Polly g says:


Larry Kramer says:

I agree completely about anything being offered in subdued colors. It is not going into a bedroom.

A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge says:

Bright colors on a sleeping bag is one thing – bright colors on a tent or bivy ? Noooo !

The Walker says:

Tele tubby….. Bbbbblaaaaahahahahaha… Goes well with the new Chevy eco-nerd golf carts. Thanks Luke.

Michael Richardson says:

Wish they would would go to Drab colors in the tent department too.Great review Luke.

Glenn Fryer says:

Yes a great product, but those kaleidoscope colours are nauseous…please change “Sierra Designs”

Bill Barnhart says:

I agree…. I hate the colors too. I have done the same with my regular sleeping bags too. I use my whoopie inside my bag, while leaving the bag unzipped so I can put a foot out. If needed, I would cover with the bag, and as we entered the roller coaster seasons of warm days and cool nights, it was easy to wake up and adjust accordingly.

Kevin Piggott says:

Would you suggest that this is Good for Hammock camping

Larry Kramer says:

the first thing to go wrong with anything with a zipper is the zipper, so it is good to do without that

Beth VanDyke says:

Great review. Might could have talked a little more comparing to a quilt. Sierra Designs does have some interesting innovations. I like on their backcountry quilts how they do the hand pocket on the corners of the quilt to help wrapping around you (seen demonstrated in videos)…seems really smart.

Harley Freedman says:

Does the colour of the sleeping bag effect the performance!!!!

Shawn Carson says:

I got the front country bed duo a few years ago and absolutely love it. Me and my wife find it the most versitile couple bed-like bag ever for side or back sleeping. Ours has pockets in the corners that you can put you hands in to seal up the comforter and came in a flat burnt orange color. One piece of gear I will NEVER get rid of!!

Darignobullseye says:

I love the fact it doesn’t have a zipper. I would never worry of the zipper going bad.
Great info on the bag not fitting you when the pad sleeve is used.
Thanks for another great review.

Gray Man Prepper says:

This is a very interesting bag definitely not something I’ve seen before. I absolutely love my Enlightened Equipment quilt but I may look into this one. Thanks for the review.

Bill says:

I love the foot feature. My feet get so hot but I’m concerned about bugs climbing in with you. It is really nice though.


Your absolutely correct Luke great concept but lousy color design I would consider it if they changed to a more subdued range, lets hope they listen.

Douglas Crump says:

Hi Luke & Susan.
I have just started watching your channel here in the UK and think you have one of the best channels of its type anywhere on youtube. Keep up the good work guys ☺

Chris Stankaitis says:

Do you have any good recommendations for side sleeper? most sleeping bags assume a back sleeper and there doesn’t seem to be much out there for side sleepers.

Markus Brackley says:

Great review, Luke; thanks. One question – what are the cleaning instructions? Wash or dry clean only?

John Kriski says:

Tinky Winky lol

jeremymalatt317 says:

Awesome review. That is a really cool sleeping bag. Would you recommend this for backpacking?

blake ryals says:

Reminds me of the Backcountry bed

Wordsmyth8 says:

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with the color. I don’t see anybody making sleeping bags in coyote brown or OD green except for military style gear.

tara brave wolf says:


Billy Blaze says:

109 degrees F in Tx today and like temps all week, probably going to get 115 next month or higher.
One the sleeping bag, meh not for me

Lyle W says:

have you tried their quilt (or some equivalent), and if so, how does this compare?

AerialTraveler says:

It’s like a sleeping bag and a quilt had a love child…

Kevin Piggott says:

Very similar to the big Agnes range but no zip and hole in the foot box

Jeff says:

Luke what is the ground cloth your using now ?!

Bill says:

They should add the missing back feathers up in the head or a little air pocket to blow up for a small pillow. Really dont need a pillow but it is a nice thing to have.

Starscreamlive says:

This bag looks amazing. Zipperless and a foot box that opens up? And lightweight too. Sweet!

Pwrcritter says:

Nice bear burrito..

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