SLEEPING BAG FOR DOGS? // Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag Review

Sleeping bag for dogs sounded like a excessive novelty to me at first but after a hiking trip in the autumn where my dog Luna started to shiver in the night I changed my mind. I reached out to a dog gear company called Ruffwear UK and I was happy to hear they agreed to sponsor me and Luna. It’s a solid dogs sleeping bag with some minor drawbacks but overall I like it and I am sure Luna willl do, too.

You can check it out here:

Disclaimer: all of the thoughts in this video are mine and not affected by Ruffwear.

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Competence Attracts Luck says:

If your dog has trouble controlling her body temperature in temperatures above -5°C, the cause is more likely to be a thyroid problem than a lack of fur insulation.

chaukat wolfgang says:

Hello Maiu,
I recently found your channel and like the content. Sorry if this question was asked before (looked in the comments and two videos but couldn’t find the answer), but do you know the mix of Luna? We also rescued a dog that is so similar. Looking forward to more videos from you. Thanks for sharing.

Resonator Productions says:

Great review. I have been looking for such a product for my dog for when we spend a night outdoors.

Mr. J. says:

Seems like a fair review. My dog sleeps on a cheap foam mat with a dollar tree sun screen below and another sun screen on top. They are amazingly warm. I also use one on top inside my bivy. Very cheap. Every so often I’ll reach my hand under her blanket and feel how she is doing . She is always toasty warm.

Wilhelm Ernst says:

Women hiking alone SHOULD have a large protective dog, probably men should also. They can alert you to all sorts of dangers.

Thuer says:

lahe video ja ilus koer


Hello your dog looks like mine, super video.
Greetings from germany

Don Alan says:

Excellent review. I have a dog sleeping bag for my guy. After a gentle introduction, he quickly understood that curling up in the bag was a better place than 40F in the tent. I will look at your product too.

De A says:

A great video. Luna is definitely the of the video! =)

manta1969manta says:

Make a harness for your dog for carrying all of dog stuff, my dog do it without problem

alex ossel says:

On longer trips; how can you ever carry enough water for you and your dog?

TorqueBiker says:

can the dog use his smartphone in this sleeping bag?

Jim Tilley says:

Love it. I hike with my dog nd I have never even heard of this. Thank you. I just subscribed and watching a few to get caught up a little. Great video.

Wilhelm Ernst says:

I’ve noticed my dogs get up periodically and change position, ending up on top of the blankets I cover them with. This looks like a good solution, a sort of cave they can reposition in and still be covered.

Triton The Wolf says:

My dogs name is also luna

DannyH says:

Nice that you take such good care of Luna.  I keep thinking you should get her her own hiking paw covers.  I saw where you improvised some in another video.

Jaroslav Mara says:


hpetteri says:

waiting for new videos <3

Mark 69-2475 says:

The doggy doesn’t understand English

Crystal Hilton says:

I went camping around the time this video was posted in the Midwest US. It got down to 40 or so at night. Honestly I didn’t even think of a bag or specifically for my dog. He just climbed into my sleeping bag and cuddled LoL

Santiago Draco says:

Great video! My Great Pyrenees is named Luna as well 🙂 Great minds think alike!

peter morrison says:

Cool bit of kit thanks for sharing
All the best Pete

Daniel Lewis says:

I tried sleeping bag for dog but it wasn’t practical.What I do now is I have two coats. 1 waterproof fleece lined coat which he carrys by wearing and 1 thermal water resistant coat for sleeping.When he is in his warmer sleeping coat he uses his rain coat as bed fleece side up. Even when the outer coat is damp the inside stays dry. This means all I carry is 1 coat which is small and light but warm. My dog is 10 and has arthritis so we don’t get much hiking done anymore. But I’m going to take him to local woods to camp still.

worddunlap says:

My dog covers herself. She’s pretty fastidious about it.

lb says:

Please review Boulderlite’s NobleCamper!

peaJayFish says:

You are so cute and awesome! I have been binge-watching your videos since I recently found them. I would so love to hike with you (though like you, I usually hike alone).

Axerxes says:

Hiker….. what a terrific idea. I”ve never hiker or camped with a dog before so hadn’t thought about a K-9’s needs. Have you thought about getting Luna her own pack system. She could carry her own food and sleeping bag. Best wishes…. Ax

lb says:

Please review the BoulderliteNoblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag.

Teacher SBD says:

A little ridiculous to me, except if the dog carries its own sleeping bag in its own backpack. And it is a little too bulky for that. My dog sleeps on snow, so I don’t have to worry.

Candace Patten says:

So cool, thank you for this review. I love Ruffwear, they are amazing, so wonderful that they sponsored you and Luna

Dima Habenko says:

I don’t think down sleeping bags would work for dogs. My dog often is wet from the rain or mischievous swim in the river just before sleeping time and any remaining moisture would wet out down insulation. This sleeping bag looks good, but I agree that it’s too heavy for its purpose. If it has place to insert foam pad, it should get rid of bottom insulation completely and just have insulation in top blanket. That would half the weight and size, while providing same overall insulation given you use seat pad for dog sleeping pad.

KFADavis1 says:

It’s a doggy bag!

Karel Blankenfeldt says:

My dog’s name is Luna too. We use the Ruffwear Landing Pad, works good. I had her sleeping bag made from a -3C 850 down bag. Makes it a little lighter for her to carry. Enjoy your videos!

Jimbojet says:

A good advert ! You’ll excuse me for not watching it all. Thanks

Sam Johnson says:

Very good review. Look forward to another once you are on the trail to see how Luna and you like it. Keep up the good work and Happy Hiking.

Ash says:

are you allowed to own guns there?

Darrin Hunt says:

Ruffwear highland needs a goosedown lightweight bag for Luna at that price. Hope they can do better in the future! she is worth it!

RecipesForDisaster says:


Franklandish says:

Great review – I’ll let my dog-friends know about his for sure!

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