Sleeping Bags VS Quilts

In this video I talk about the differences between Sleeping Bags & Down Quilts and why I made the switch.

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Tomás Marco Mercado says:

Thank you for the rewiew!

John H. Ellis says:

Always good videos. The quilt thing looks interesting but I am a really restless sleeper and squirming and turning would always leave a body part exposed when unwanted with a quilt. I am also stout with an 18″ neck and 49″ chest and mummy bags seem to be made for normal people. So I use an oversized synthetic bag with a sleeping pad sleeve and no insulation on the bottom. That way, in my opinion, I have the best of both the mummy and quilt without the disadvantages a quilt would mean to a restless sleeper.

jenna ellis says:

Hi i was curious on your thoughts about bringing a dog on the pct trail?

OldPackMule says:

Not used to seeing you indoors. Living the the easy life this week?

ThePeabody01 says:

I prefer sleeping in a hammock so the quilt is much easier.

cj428100 says:

Depends on what youre doing

yakitoriPB says:

I just picked up a Nemo siren. Switching from their spoon shaped traditional down bags. I rarely use the hood and the siren cuts about a pound.

Daniel Locken says:

I’m from the Oregon Coast down when wet is unless sorry

Downside Up says:

I would like to see how you attach your quilt to your mat. I have a quilt because a bag makes me claustrophobic. But I have problems with drafts. I normally sleep warm but I’ve had problems keeping warm with my quilt.

justplaindarin says:

I’ve been looking at the quilts on the site you posted.  Do you find you use the foot box zipper feature a lot, seldom or never? The Enigma has a sewn foot box and is a bit lighter.  Your thoughts?

pa dude11 says:

I live in the northeast. Is there a certain temperature rated down quilt or sleeping bag that might work for 4 seasons? I’m somewhat of a cold sleeper. I do have a teacher liner plus I would be wearing thermals too. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

MascottDeepfriar says:

The mummy bag i have has a double zip that lets me stick my feet out allowing for more uses in warm weather.

SC Rider says:

Sleeping on the pad, you dont’ sweat and get stuck to the pad?

kingmike40 says:

I don’t like mummy bags because I can’t move my legs as much as I like.

C S says:

I appreciate how well you explain the facts of both sides. Thank you for the info.

tnprime says:

something to consider regarding down when ditching your “old” no longer trendy tech for “newer, better, higher number, more expensive, because I saw everyone had it on youtube” gear. High fill down is expensive for a reason, 700 and up fill is scarce, It is very difficult to source it. So please ask yourself if a few ounces of weight tradeoff over not layering for sleep using long underwear etc is a wiser choice when youtube begins to convince you that you need to ditch your already premium 750 fill mummy for a 800-900 fill fad quilt because they took the zipper off and it weighs slightly less. We often ditch gear for minor inconveniences, impatience, wanting the latest greatest, or to keep up with our peer group, not for actual need. I do understand why the hammock folks and some who flip and flop in a bag like them however.

from wiki
“750+ fill is quite different from 400 fills. Almost all down commercially available is a secondary product of geese raised for consumption. It would be prohibitively expensive to raise geese for down alone. The geese that are the source for lower fill down are about four months old when they are killed for food. Down from these geese can be carefully sorted, washed, and blended, but it will never loft like really mature down. The 700+ down fill comes from a small number of birds kept for breeding purposes throughout the year. These geese molt naturally in the spring. While their down is loose it is collected by hand. It is very rare and, of course, expensive. The larger individual plumules are what gives the greater loft. The only way to get down of this quality is by careful hand selection which is the major factor in its scarcity. The higher the fill number, the warmer the product is, given that the total mass remains the same.”

Kyle Cote says:

I have a military poncho liner kinda like a quilt wondering if that would work for the at or if I should upgrade to a quilt

Jamie Wilson says:

You don’t know what you’re doing man!
Easy simple PLAN YOUR TRIPS!!!!!

Billy Moore says:

Really good videos. Thanks Darwin. I bet you had someone like you to show a bunch of videos like this before you started thru hiking.

GrnXnham says:

We just purchased a 2 person quilt because we didn’t have either a quilt or a good quality sleeping bag that served that purpose. I don’t think if you already have a good quality sleeping bag, that you need to toss it and run out and buy a quilt. Is there a difference between quilts and bags? Sure. Is it enough of a difference that you must get a quilt because it’s so much better? Probably not for most people.

Eduardo Aratangy says:

What about those in hammock use?

Sudo Penguin says:

Oh hey look, another fucking spam video where he tries to sell products. Bitch

Albert Cervantes says:

Darwin great videos, me and my wife live in central Texas, we enjoy camping, fishing and hiking the Texas coast. Its always very hot 90s + weather. What do you recommend for sleeping pad and do you recommend a quilt for sleeping on the beach.

Tolmalion says:

I got my trusty Vango Ultralite 100 which is 700g synthetic mummy style bag wich is good from 4-25 degrees celsius which translates to 3 seasson usability arround here in Carpathian mountains. Been using it in elevations as high as 1600m m above sea with no problems whatsoever. If you get hot you just unzip it and turn around to use as a blanket of sorts, Ta daa, and no need to waste any more money on another gear.

Ynse Schaap says:

I find mummy’s a bit claustrophobic so I changed to a blanket sleeping bag, guess it’s the same just a little heavier and with a zipper

Rey Scott says:

You actually convinced me. I bought a Big Agnes permaloft quilt. It’s HUGE. Plus it packs up super small. Comes in and right around a pound. I haven’t had a chance to take it for a spin yet, but we will next week. From all of the reviews I’ve read on top of your impassioned review, I’m pretty confident this is the right move. I sleep hot anyways, but the biggest selling point is the ability to sprawl out. Mummy bags make me very claustrophobic. I appreciate the review and the excellent explanation of how compressed down actually works (or doesn’t work). Cheers, brother!

Benjamin Fair says:

Great video! A lot of good options out there. Always good to do the research to determine what will be the best option. Thank you.

Dave Nelson says:

Hey Darwin, the one question I haven’t seen is what is the brand/name of the quilt you were using in your comparison? I like the looks of it and the weight of it too!

Kellett781 says:

Quilts require a solid choice in sleeping pad to avoid “convection”. You can have the warmest bag on the planet, and it will serve you nothing if you are sleeping on the ground with no barrier.

Richard Smout says:

Snuggles? Nope I’ve got to dislike it now

David M says:

I really appreciated your push for high-R value sleeping pads. That is a great piece of advice. Thank you! I use a Snugpak Softie 3 Merlin most of the time, and in the winter I have a larger Snugpak for the colder temps.

Christian Cooper says:

Hey man, I have that same tattoo on my left arm, placed the same and everything. I tell people it keeps me from loosing myself. Whenever I start going to fast and loosing sight of what life’s all about I take a look at my compass, and I remember who I am.

phil behan says:

Thanks for the video. This is something I’ve been considering for a while too. Makes sense to me: more flexibility and less weight / bulk than a mummy bag. The only thing that’s stopped me is that as a climber I end up in bivvys… not sure a quilt would work too well in a bevy bag. Any thoughts?

Neeman Callender says:

If I am too hot I unzip my bag and lay it over me
What does the quilt do?
Dare I say, for years I slept with an US Army surplus blanket till the fall in New England

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