Snugpak Softie Elite 3 Sleeping Bag Review

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OH8STN says:

LS, I’m learning lots about the tents and sleep gear from you. Keep up the great work.

Paul Kyle says:

Any man that has hair gel and ear lobes as you do,sir deserves…better hair gel.

kbbjedi says:

I think for my locale the snugpak jungle bag is all i need but I really like the quality of their gear. Thanks for the review.

Lt Survival says:

The D ring and attachement at The foot remind me of The modular system of my canadian military sleep system where you can join 2 sleeping bag together to acheived better isolation factor. Don’t know if they are Made for that purposed but that would have to be investigated. Nice review. Atb Louis

MatteoTSU77 says:

I’m Italian…this is my best buy ever…till 10 years

the mi woodsman says:

great review ! nice looking sleeping bag ! much lighter than my mmss !
atb john

Kaizer soza says:

great bag, I have the elite 4 and it is fantastic, it dries out quickly as well, I have got a very similar set up to you, I use an Exped UL7 LW with a cheap closed foam mat for protection and I have just pulled the trigger on a snugpak scorpion 3, can’t wait to get out and try them all together, thanks for the review


A 3 season is good for me too .
I want everything in the backpack.


Blackjack&Cocaine says:

Great video, love them. You could also take a look at the Carinthia sleeping bags and bivys, they are also really good.
Greetings from germany 🙂

Living Survival says:
Nature Calls Backpacking says:

Very nice set up. Covers so many scenarios.  Look forward to in field testing.

mmaviator22 says:

Why would you want to choose the Elite 3 vs say the Special Forces 1 or 2? I live in central florida, and its hot yea, but it does get down to 50s and 40s sometimes, not to mention I do go up to north georgia and south carolina where last year it was 18* 1 night. I was considering the SF1, along with possibly folding my USMC woobie inside on that random extra cold night and pairing it with either a USGI MSS bivy or the snugpak bivy. Ideas?

Acquired Targett says:

Great video Thanks!. Which bivvy would you recommend to get with this bag?

Malcolm Coderre says:

What did u say the tempt Rating was? How much does it weight?

Albert Head says:

Anyone who puts a wool blanket on the bottom is an idiot!

MCK says:

Well put together sleeper, nother good review

pornt says:

Does the sleeping bag have one or two zippers at the side? I am thinking about using it as a hammock pod / cocoon for deep winter camping. (multi purpose)

ArcticHare87 says:

Snugpak also makes a Softie Elite 5, which I bought a few weeks ago. It’s good down to -20°C (-4°F).

UrbanSuburban says:

Snugpack makes great kit

Jason McDaniel says:

Nice sleeping bag! I like the mummy style sleeping bags they keep you warm from head to toe.

π Intrepido Φ says:

_Snugpak makes awesome gear. I like this _*_Softie Elite 3_*_ I think they also come in different colors….._*_Thanks for the video!_*

jackbaur18 says:

great bag, how much?

searchoverload8 says:

Wish they made more sleeping bags for Canadian campers
I have to buy bags meant for expeditions if I want to go winter camping

Jim Koz says:

nice  how much is that?

Clips says:

Great review thank you

hd250driver says:

If you ever get the chance, please review the Wiggy’s sleeping bags. Hardly any reviews.

TheKyleman999 says:

I the compression bag waterproof?

Danielmerlin13 says:

The clips and d rings at the bottom are to fold it up to remove dead space to keep it warm

Malcolm Coderre says:

, u get so much cool gear.

SupaFlyFatGuy859 says:

I’d need two of them zipped together! LOL

Joel Diaz says:

I need one of those

maisetas says:

did you field tested it few times ? i had a snugpak which was stated to be 2c comfort but actually you had to sleep with few layers thermo clothing and thick socks for it to be at least somewhat comfortable. so the elite 3 bag says its comfy at -5c which i think would be comfy at 0c if you sleep with only underwear. it also tore up on me when i tried to use it in a hammock, the nylon or whatever the fabric they use isnt ripstop. the last problem i had with that snugpak travelpack 2 was its zipper, you had to use your flashlight, 2 arms and carefully zip it because the fabric was getting into a zipper all the time. i didnt have the same problem with zipper though on my summer sleeping bag which was snugpak traveller. at the end of the day i threw away that snugpak travelpack-2 into a trash. they make quite light synthetic sleeping bags if not the lightest ones, that’s why i am interested but thats probably the reason they are not warm enough for what they say.

Mike Aronson says:

Down insulation is the most efficient insulation material ( along with wool ). Down is extremely compressible and light, more so than any insulation. The only synthetic insulation that comes close to the great heat retention values of down and is almost as compressible as down is Primaloft One. It is a patented synthetic down insulation which actually retains some of it’s heating values when wet, unlike down. The Primaloft One is the most expensive quality in the family of Primaloft Insulations and you really will not see it used because of its cost in comparison to less expensive synthetic insulations in the market. Primaloft has lower performing synthetic insulations that are primarily used in outerwear markets. Just so you know!

noblexgear says:

Thank you for this awesome video I just purchased my elite 3 because of you keep up the good work

casweet8 says:

Down has a higher warmth to weight ratio and is much more packable than synthetic. The downside is that it loses its insulating properties when wet. The rule of thumb is that down is warmer, lighter, and smaller… but unforgiving in wet environments and is more expensive generally, which is where the tradeoffs lie. My zero degree down bag is 3/4 to 1/2 the size of this bag packed and weighs next to nothing, but its about as warm as a trashbag if it gets wet.

SavageSurvival says:

I was thinking about this sleeping bag myself with a bivy just because its like the one I used to use in the marines. I never added the black cold weather one in the kit the military gave me so basicly the Snugpak would be the same. Thanks for sharing!

Thebladeofblack says:

Just a quick tip, unless you are very small, you should always have it expanded. Because the dead air space warms up and then keeps you warm in the long run! And I am definitely subscribed!

Michael Daury says:

Man you find some of the best gear thats why I love this channel and will always be a sub.Thankx for showing this off.

Simon Vance says:

I’ve had down and synthetic bags, down bags are definitely lighter for the same warmth than synthetic. However these days I prefer synthetic, they’re far easier to wash and maintain, just throw them in a washing machine rather than hand washing them or taking them to a specialist cleaner (expensive).
Down moves around and clumps together especially after washing, it’s a pain in the ass! If I was climbing Everest, I’d go down, for everything else synthetic.

Some synthetic bags are very lightweight. I currently have a Mountain Hardware Ultralamina 45, great warmer weather bag. Put inside a SOL Escape bivy it’s a good lightweight sleep system down to around 32F or zero C.

Would like to get a couple of Snugpaks as well though, the Jungle and probably the Kestrel Softie 6. Thanks for the review, looks like a nice bag!

hoah says:

Down bags are lighter and more packable. In this video you state the opposite.. Not sure if it’s a mistake or you’re misinformed.

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