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I have used this bag for about one and a half years, and it works really good. For the money, I just don’t think there is another 0 degree bag that can compress as small, or is as light. Its not perfect though, and the zippers stick to the nylon lining a bit. However its always something I can get out with a little effort. Its rather durable, and has lasted a few seasons, which is more than you can ask from a $30 sleeping bag.

My recommendation is, that if you are on a budget and looking for a 0 degree bag, then just go buy it. If your not on a budget, and you can spend $200+ then there are better bags out there.

If you are interested in purchasing this, check it out on the big 5 website below. I cannot promise that the price will be only $30 forever. If you click the link below, and the price has changed, please tell me so I can update the link to a better price. Thanks!


JesusChristIsLord says:

I’ve heard Suisse pronounced “Swiss.”

Keith Lavey says:

“Suisse” is just French (one of Switzerland’s 4 national languages) for “Swiss”.   Pronounced “sweece”.

Ray says:

Thank you. Kind of in a tough time here, so this budget bag will allow me to get out before the bugs start and the bears wake up. Appreciate the review, as well as the link. And forgive the humor, but you sooooooooo don’t look like the cliche fly fisherman. Kudos. LOL.

TheRaintree46 says:

I just bought this. Its still 34 degrees outside at night so i wanted to get a bag that holds body heat in. This one doesnt. But it does have a pillowy head. I have been outside most of a year and im starting to wonder if i dont have the ability to warm up blankets or bags with body heat anymore though. You just made me remember how the temp numbers mean stuff different elsewhere. I was in east oregon one time when it supposedly got to 5 degrees and to me it felt like 39 or 40 because in the pacific northwest 5 degrees would kill you. Its 35 here and about the coldest this bag could really take i feel like. The night before i got the bag i was involluntarily shaking. Last night i wasnt shaking anymore but wasnt warm

TheOutdoorAngler says:

Nice video! Cheap! Never heard of big5 but prob popular out there

Big Papi says:

Big -5 stores are ubiquitous here in So. Cal. Lots of good deals on off brand items. I buy $20 hiking shoes for weekend work as well as using as wading shoes. No fly fishing dept per se but I can find a few items usually cheaper than at name brand stores like Cabelas and Bass Pro. Good video on the sleeping bag. I’ll be looking for one when they go on sale.

Vander valid says:

To bulky! … That would take up most of the space in your bag!

George Semel says:

Temp ratings on Sleeping Bags are at best suspect. What I do, is that I like to wear loose fitting Durafold long johns, you can get those in several temp ranges. Also,
a good blanket to cover yourself in the bag. I have something similar and I have gone out and was never cold in temps down to 15 below zero. I look at those sort of bags as a good Spring Summer and maybe early fall applications. I good wool blanket is worth its weight, I always take one. Also, wear a hat when it’s cold, they make them that will take hand warmers, the disposable warmers they work well and with them, under you, ears will keep your feet warm at night to well down to 15 or 20 below, any colder that that and I would rather go to Louisiana to fish for reds. Cold weather camping or recreation, in general, is all about layers, and you need to eat and drink more than you would other times of the year. This bag looks like its a good one to just keep in the Car during the winter season should you get stuck someplace.

Quickplaya says:

No way you can get it for 29.99$. You lie

pesca CON chuchin says:

Look nice bro

FlyinThruColorado says:

Wow! I should get one of those for my backpacking trip!

Kerry Pitt says:

Thanks man!

12ernie says:

showing $79.99 now! I’m always a day late and a dollar short!

Twig 'N' Timber Outdoors says:

Check out (they also have a U.S. store as well) and look there as well! GOOD STUFF!

Beau Carpenter says:

Good review.

Larry Elkington says:

The summit is on sale today $27.00, 07-01-2017, just bought two of them and I had a 10% off coupon. They seem like nice bags, trying them out next weekend.

Chickasaw Fly Co says:

Thanks McFly just ordered 2 of them. Keep up the great videos!!

JesusChristIsLord says:

I got this bag from Big5 (the 0-5 degree version) based on your recommendation. I really like it. Thank you! It was still 29.95, originally 79.95 lol.

serpantseed08 says:

How much does it actually weigh? Thanks!

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