Thru Hike Review: Marmot Plasma 15 Sleeping Bag

Overview of my Marmot Plasma 15 degree bag I will be using on my Appalachian Trail Thru Hike.


Loner2012AT says:

Like the loft on that bag!  You should be fine most all the time.  Maybe wear your other gear on super cold nights. 

Gman 80918 says:

Good overview!  I decided to pick up the bag myself.  

William Kayal says:

nice video. I might buy this bag to supplement my CWM -40 F bag. Could use something lighter

Chris Vores says:

Going to check out zpacks.  I think I have it narrowed to that Plasma bag you have.  The membrains are a bit higher priced.  I think if I add the Sea to Summit Reactor Thermolite Mummy Bag Liner I should be good.

Will Wood says:

This bag is very light which is why i made the purchase. I will note though that it didnt feel as warm as some of my other 15 degree bags i own.

Jason Smith says:

How was your thru hike?

Chris Vores says:

How warm is it.  Would you recommend it.  I was looking at it.

Russian SKS says:

Outrageously expensive bag

Pople BackyardFarm says:

looks like a nice sleeping bag

Will Wood says:

New Sleeping bag for 2014 Appalachian Trail thru hike. Marmot Plasma 15. Check it out.

Paul Espinoza says:

Sewing the zipper together at the bottom before use can take the fuss out of fighting your bag at night.Yeah the zippers do get stuck, if I would have had a knife with me I would have cut myself out trying to take a pee..

mattgsteezy says:

i plan on going backpacking and i go camping occasionally and i still dont have my own sleeping bag. i would like a bag that is suitable for all weather conditions and can easily fit in my pack but this bag is way to pricy for me. anyone got any opinions or options? thanks

Mario Yildiz says:

Thank you will.
Please let me know if anything you can recommend
I am planning on walking the AT I need to decide a full equipment for hike.

Patrick Nelson says:

The mesh bag is used for storage to maintain loft.

3318ryan says:

how much does the long bag weigh

Chris Vores says:

I am trying to go cost savings on the bag but it looks like it will be much higher than I want.

Survival Mindset says:

Good overview!

TheLeadEagle says:

Was this a regular or extra long?

JStompinado says:

wil now that you’re a big zpacks guy…..ill buy this back from you……for $150….thnx

VlogCent says:

Great review im struggling to pick a bag at the moment trying to pick between this and the wm versalite and a couple of others

Dana H. says:

Good review! But unless you have thousands of dollars to outfit your trip I’d go with something similar for much less than the $700 this thing is going for!!! One of the first comments in any video should be cost! Many of us have a budget and would save several minutes of my time if I knew the cost up front.

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