Titan Survival Emergency Sleeping Bag Review

Titan Survival’s emergency sleeping bags are constructed of heavy-duty mylar material designed to reflect your body heat and keep you warm in a survival situation. These sleeping bags are over-built compared to many competing products with sturdy seems on 3 sides to seal out moisture and the cold as well as tough drawstring bag you can re-pack them in easily for multiple uses. I’ve personally tested this sleeping bag in a cold, rainy overnight survival scenario, so I can say from experience that they work.

Here’s the link to the scenario:

If you’re looking for a lightweight, affordable and dependable emergency sleeping bag for your hiking pack, bugout bag or the emergency kit in your car, you should take a look at the Titan Survival emergency sleeping bag.

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Rob Babcock says:

It’s cool to see an actual review where the product is used, not just discussed around the coffee table. I think items like this are best combined with some survival knowledge and outdoors experience. If you were in the woods, as in your lost hiker scenario, you would probably have material like pine boughs or leaves to help made a ground pad and maybe a debris shelter. I think if you did a debris shelter with the survival bag beneath you’d get a bit more retained heat and shedding of rain while also keeping the ticks and bugs off you.

Jesusandbible says:

the main thing for me is….. is it noisy like ordinary space blankets?

Samantha F. H says:

interesting points ,if anyone else wants to learn about ultimate survival kit try Franaar Spies Control Formula (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got excellent success with it.

AnonymousSources says:

_Will go see your other video. How do you compare this to the _*_”SOL Escape Bivvy”?_*

CapitanoGUC says:

so this is basicly just a sleeping bag made out of survivel blanket material, right ? So you gone swett a lot inside i gue, no ?
That said – wouldnn´t it be a better idea to take a light weight summer sleeping bag and then wraping a survival planket loosly arround it ? That would absorb a bit the moistre.

Kaylynn Strain says:

I thought you did a great job with the overnighter in the rain

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Very nice review. I agree that the bag should be longer and wider for two people and to give a little head cover in foul weather.

Anonymous Sources says:

_Good review my good man however, morning _*_Condensation_*_ in the bag? that’s not good. Until they come out with a _*_Breathable_*_ material like the _*_SOL Bivvy_*_ I’ll pass. Thanks for the informative video._

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