Why You Should Switch To A Backpacking Quilt – Ask A Thru Hiker

I am asked quite frequently about backpacking quilts and whether they are viable in the backcountry. This video will help to highlight some of the benefits of quilts while addressing some common apprehensions many people have as well.

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John Riggins says:

But every time you turn, warm air trapped in the quilt escapes and cold air gets in. If you move a lot you will get cold all night, no?

August Bramming says:

When i’m hiking, and i’ve walked for something like 8-10 hours, i am usually extremly tired. So i just feel like it would be annoying to put a quilt over you, because of the straps, and i would also need to stuff the quilt under me which would be annoying. So i would rather just jump in a sleeping bag, and then carry the extra 300-500 grams, and then i can rotate around while i sleep all i want to.

dimitriosvulgaris says:

Nice! You love them Wildcats I see!!!!

Friar Rodney Burnap says:

I own a Zpacks 10 degree bag and love it…

Steve Baker says:

So this vid is one of the reasons I decided to get a quilt after all. After getting one, an enlightened equipment enigma 20 apex, the thoughts you shared in this vid became a thousand times clearer. I like the ideas you shared here but I didn’t understand the full scope until I slipped into mine for the first time. Let me tell you, spot on, my friend. You nailed it and I’m a true convert. Thanks for the help and the realistic, experience based review. It improved my experience and that’s what It’s all about. I’ve been packing for 15 yrs and I’m still learning things. Cheers.

kdlax0 says:

Are those some golf discs in the background? 🙂

J Stumpy says:

Yeah you fuckin through hikers shit everywhere up here in mount hood, ringed trees so they would die and left your trash everywhere 3 years ago. Piles shit and shit paper all along trails. You fucks won’t even dig a hole to poop in. All the streams are full of giardia which comes from beaver and human shit since 2,400 feet bevers don’t live that was through hikers too.


I’ll need a matching Dust Ruffle with the quilt.

Rob Duncan says:

There are pros and cons to both, I think it really comes down to personal preference. Im a smaller guy and have never had trouble getting comfortable in a bag. Maybe one day I’ll try one but you really cant deny that theyre less efficient at keeping heat in. You just have to look at it lol

iProdigy says:

I’ve always had a basic sleeping bag. A regular Coleman bag you can get at any sporting goods store. I’ve always opened it half way and flipped it on its side so that the zipper line would be beneath me. I also enjoy sleeping on my stomach. If you pause at 3:38, and flip the quilt over so that the opening is facing down, that’s what I’ve done. I hadn’t realized that all this time I could’ve been saving some weight on that haha Thank you, and amazing video!

Clay Derouin says:

seems reasonable until your sleeping pad shit’s the bed and then you are sleeping on the ground with half a sleeping bag! hahaha.

The Outdoor Canadian says:

If the weight of the zipper is to much for you, stay at home and get a gym membership.

scott kearn says:

Ok, so your on a long ass hike and the quilt gets wet? I’m guessing it will not dry out as fast as a synthetic bag????

Alabama Bear Grylls says:

what about with hammock camping? you need the extra material under you so theres no draft. i dont use a sleeping pad in a hammock because i dont find the extra weight wort it. what can i do to keep warm while hammock camping with a quilt?

805gregg says:

If you buy a quilt, get a bright color, so if in the unfortunate event of a need to be rescued you have a big colorfull rescue blanket

Taluvin Moondancer says:

Hiya is that 10.0 degrees C or F

Me Me says:

Enlighten make two options that seem good. Can you give the pros and cons of Revelation vs Engima? One has box foot, the other is zippable. Any advantages to the zippable?

yakitoriPB says:

Quilts suck if you toss and turn in cold Weather. truth

I use a ZPacks classic bag. It’s only 1.5oz heavier and warmer. 20 degree bag 30 deg quilt

It’s basically a quilt with a zipper on the back.

Ian Johnson says:

Nice Micro – Grid! Best hoody ever.

SilfortyElement says:

What kind of quilts do you suggest without breaking the bank? Most of the quilts are so expensive

Kris Charlton says:

would a quilt work better with a tapered mat or rectangular mat, also if there’s no feathers/primaloft underneath you, would you recommend using an insulated blow up mat? cheers

MirkWoot says:

I don’t understand, a normal zip one can be opened and function exactly like a quilt.

HunterTravels says:

I like the single speed looking at a quilt for bikepacking thanks for the vid.

dansynth says:

I made a synthetic quilt about 17 years ago – Ray Jardine had a book on how to make it, and other ultralight stuff. That quilt was a little too short, but I used it for a couple trips in the high sierra – about 450 miles.

Sam Smith says:

Switched to a quilt 6 months ago thanks to this video. Wish you had made the video 20 years ago. The weight saving is nice, but the comfort difference is life changing. I can only sleep on my side, and to accommodate for that I usually have to carry an oversized bag for my height and weight, which is a lot of extra bulk and weight. Having a quilt just makes me want to get back in the outdoors more. In the past I’ve stayed away from quilts thinking you get less warmth for your money, but it’s simply is not true, the opposite is actually the case. It’s also much more versatile on those warmer nights making it a lot more practical for all year round. Probably the best change to my system i’ve ever made. Thanks !

Jayden Capper says:

A sleeping bag can do the same as a quilt u can un zip it and put it over u but u can also get really warm

Jean Martox says:

Thermarest the n’est!!!

Alison Causey says:

I’m new to learning about camping in general, is a backpacking quilt the same as a top-quilt? If not, could you please explain?

Brian Michael says:

When the hell did sleeping bags get so damn expensive? I wanna spend under $100

FreeRange1234 says:

Shit I’ve been using my mummy like a quilt for years. Cool

Jim Alessandra says:

Great vid! probably make the switch.

40intrek says:

Haven’t gone to a quilt yet but I use my bag like a quilt anyways. What am I waiting for? $funds.. Thanks for the vid, Definitely a no brainer.. Hike on

Straight Up Talk - Fashion & Trends says:

You saw our lazy sleeping quilt?

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