Wiggy’s sleeping bag REVIEW- the bag I took on ALONE

The sleeping bag you take for an adventure like History Channel’s hit TV show ALONE, is an important decision. My husband Dave and I survived 49 days on Vancouver Island on Season 4. Here, I discuss the pros and cons of this sleeping bag and how it fared in the cold, rainy B.C. coastal forest.

My bag: Wiggy’s Ultima Thule -20 F below bag, synthetic, lamilite insulation, 5 lbs.


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ben terwellen says:

Ty for an Honest Review, I would not like this bag…..as mentioned the hood is a no go……..

victor castle says:

For those below, Wiggy’s has been around for many years, I first heard about them reading wher GI’s were buying them to use over in Asia ? I don’t remember why, unless they were lighter to hump, maybe in the Mountains .
I imagine they were humping their ground pad as usual. I have not used them . Hell we couldn’t even get a poncho liner, to keep use from freezing in the Monsoon season .

David Ulrich says:

A little “trick” I’d realized (over-wintering in a tent in northern Minnesota, one time) IS THIS: Turning the bag upside…down–meaning “pillow” area drapes over your head, completely–not only means your…head stays warmer!!! But, also…(I couldn’t sleep well, otherwise) there IS NOT that constrictive “wrap” squeezing around one’s head, tightly? Other “adventures” (not certain IF I’d applied that…that winter, long ago) taught me to be wearing, likely…TWO (I’m spacing out the…name) knitted hats: most probably loosely fitted ones, too? BUT, that turning upside…down the sleeping bag was THE JOY, really? (Eventually, I “lived” in navy flight pants–and, parka, likely–as it got…REALLY cold, down to -40f even: while earlier…on, not so bad really. “Sub-human” in many respects–that…long, that…alone: listening to folks in, say, Missouri over the radio lamenting over how “cold” it was…there, for giggles–but…? That’s another “story”? Meanwhile, “normal” routines–you’re LIVING out there, after all? One learns…MANY THINGS–one wouldn’t necessarily “choose”–invaluable in…many respects, however?)

Limicola1 says:

Wiggy’s is still using 30 year old fill technology.

Spirit Forest says:

Great review.. Thank you for showing off this bag. That draw string would drive me nuts too. “Made in the USA” I like that too.

malkucken says:

haha – the dog was funny – I would love to see the outtakes on this one! At one point he (?) looked like he was about to sit on your face

Ann Moore says:

Great review! I have a Columbia Sportswear reactor bag. It’s good down to 35° F, I added a DIY package down blanket that I sewed into a liner for it to add some warmth when I go snow camping in Oregon(sometimes I take 2 packable down liners if it’s really cold) Keep up the videos! They inspire me to make an effort to get outside and get happy!

Scott Taylor says:

I backpack, so it would be too heavy for me. I don’t think I’d like the hood system either. I did like the fact it was less filled on the bottom. The bottom compresses when you lay on it and doesn’t give much insulation anyway. Love the dog action in the video.

RobinEsch says:

Thanks for the review. I just learned about Wiggy’s products recently through Stonnie Dennis dog training YouTube channel. I’ve never heard of them prior to that so it was interesting to see the name come up again. If you ever have the opportunity to try and review their lamilite socks would you please post a video on that? Stonnie purchased 2 pairs of their lamilite socks and wore them 30 days without washing them; but I am not sure if he wore them in regular hiking boots or just his muck boots. He said his feet stayed dryer/warmer, less odor than other socks he uses in the winter. I had taken a quick look at their website but they might only sell men’s sizing?

rio defuego says:

hey 4feathers, running cold sucks and women in general have a hard time with finding the right size bags. I am lucky in that I am taller and run freakishly hot lol. good luck with selling the bag.

Aaron Nelson says:

Do I hear 100…..150……200 Sold to the man in the black cowboy hat :))

Frank C says:

my main concern with any bag is the width around the torso, I hate being constricted so I usually look for the ones that are 36″ or more… can you tell me what is the width of that bag?

zcadguy says:

Hi Brooke, great review of the bag. I’m a little taller than you, so the length would have been good, but I’m sure I would have hated the hood too. Thanks for sharing, Rock On!

James Lane says:

When you get to the 0 bags you got to be a little careful with him you wake up in the middle of the night soaking wet

victor castle says:

PS: Glad to see you seem to have recovered and gained some weight back. Hope you didn’t end up with any long term health issues ?

Woodenarrows says:

Never heard of Wiggy’s. When you said the top was better insulated than the bottom I said whaaaat? Then I realized most people are going to have a ground mat of some sort, even if cedar and hemlock boughs as you used. Your dog just wanted to play a bit 🙂 Good discussion of the pro’s and cons. BTW, being an archer, I liked your shirt…

Keith Van Tassel says:

I had a level down from that I’m only 5’5″ but am a big dude(320lbs) it kept me warm at below 0 2 things I did was add a flannel liner & I wore a beanie with a packable pillow best bag I’ve owned

floyd rowton says:

Thank you very much for the video happy holidays to you and your family hugs okay nice bag I got one similar to it and I get 500 for mine that’s Antarctic bag is what I got

dark matter says:

looks like a great sleeping bag dear sorry i dint know you were on alone i stopped watching alone after the 1st season . but i hope you dont hold that against me lol . god bless you dear .you could get a god price on it cause your a celebrity right . and it was on the show with you .

Woodsman Spirit says:

Hey Brooke, this bag is rated as -20, is that -20C or F?  Temperature ratings are always questionable, what was the coldest night you endured on the Island?  Like you, I have perpetually cold feet so the bags I have used are usually rated for extreme cold.The hood design has had no thought put into it whatsoever, which suggests a lack of research or production cost saving, at $250 US I think you should expect a bit more attention to detail, although the materials appear to be reasonable quality.

Apple Stump Bushcraft Stuff and Things says:

Hey, Brooke. That looks like a decent bag, and if it worked for you on Vancouver Island for 49 days, it must have done the job it was hired to do, drawstring hood issues not withstanding. I’m still using my 35 year-old Slumberjack -20* mummy bag, but I may be replacing that in the spring. How is the cabin coming along? The cabin-building season must be pretty short up North. Take care, stay safe. Thanks for the bag review.

Dan Wilder says:

I have several other bags now but my favorite I used in the 60s as a Boy Scout in Fairbanks. It was 2 military down bags inside of a canvas cover(snagged from my fathers Air Force gear). It filled an entire duffel bag but I spent 3 nights at below -30 in a lean to sleeping on 3 feet of pine boughs near a fire. I got my – 100 merit badge that weekend. In the summer we used the one bag. Truthfully it was all we had.

Casey1pj says:

Brook, I think that it was designed for a much larger person. That is why it doesn’t cover your face properly. It is also the foot problem. As far as the lower portion goes, I am with you. It is definitely an error in the design. Any survivalist knows that you need bottom protection as well as top protection. I just want you to know that the bag is worth more than it was when you bought it because it gives it’s new owner bragging rights that it is the bag that you used in the Alone survival series. If I weren’t as broke as I am, I would definitely be bidding on it. I am a big fan of yours and if I weren’t a poor boy, I would make sure that it became mine. You are one Spectacular Survivalist and a beautiful person Brook. Best wishes for you and your future adventures.

Francis Agosh says:

Too bad it’s a mommy sleeping bag, I can not sleep in one

Hoplite Warrior says:

The 3 piece Military Sleep Syt.(MSS) is anyone’s best bet when purchasing a Sleeping bag. You can’t go wrong when it comes to the best that’s made for our military and sold to the public too. They’re very inexpensive on eBay and there is no guessing on whether it’s going to fail you or not because it will not fail.

Christopher Ellis says:

I simply add a towel or blanket to cover my head, if I need to do that. Never expect someone else’s design to work for you. ☆♡☆

Duck Landes says:

One of my more important items I bring for sleeping is two extra pair of socks, so I can change out of my daytime socks into (hopefully) dry and less smelly ones for the night. A dog (or three) are nice too if you can get them to sleep next to you on those Three Dog Night.

Survival Mindset says:

Excellent review good idea with the paracord. One honest review I agree they need to look at a new hood options.

xjeepmanx says:

Snug as a bug in a rug…

Bob Ashmore says:

The only thing I use a sleeping bag for, if I can help it, is as a cushion between me and the ground. I much prefer a wool and fleece two blanket system (obviously in the cold). I wrap myself in the fleece first to keep the itchy wool of any exposed skin, then wrap all up in the wool. As mentioned, I do like to have a sleeping bag, or another folded up blanket, underneath me for comfort but that’s the only use I’ve ever had for one. I seem to recall you made a video about something pretty similar. Good, honest review Brooke. Thanks!

Riverbendlongbows.com says:

I still use an old Coleman for thirty years now and I shiver at the thought of trying a new bag. I probably have the last of the good ones.

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