Winter Sleeping Bag Reviews 2016



David Rodriguez says:

I like the way he explains it and he is very handsome

Inferno Dan says:

Wait I’m I hearing the prices right ?

anthony green says:

Wind noise absolutely kills video. Great reviews and info but shoulda shot this indoors no reason to subject the viewers to that annoying sound.

lifeisgood070 says:

Thank you! Awesome review! Thanks for actually using the bags a lot. Curious thoughts on feathered friends. I’m looking for a bag in the 10F to 20F range and am completely lost. Only thing I have to go off of is a 10+ year old 0F synthetic mountainsmith bag that was stored in it’s stuff sack continuously -_- (aka ruined lol)

Kenny Lambert says:

It would have been good to see these bags packed and weighed

Mad Martigan says:

Check out Outdoor Vitals. They have high quality bags with accurate temp ratings for dirt cheap. Their 0F bag goes for $170.00 and its truely a winter bag. Cant rave about them enough!

Scott Armakovitch says:

I have never seen sleeping bags that cost that much until now

Bob Saget says:

Put brand and model in the description!

imgoingtobe famous says:

when I hit subcribe your going to have 600 subs

Robert Grismer says:

Why no Wiggy’s? I wouldn’t use any of these bags. What happens when you wash them.

seandog nevius says:

all of these products are a bust on value and quality,sheesh any bag over 300dollars is a bloviated plastic garbage bag.

Butch Jonson says:

Oh I got my NF at $380. Great sale otherwise the price…. Too much

christian hull says:

you’re a bag!

Qwert Yuio says:

GREAT JOB ! GOD BLESS —- VERY HELP FUL —- keep it up — ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Abdullah Alshafeei says:

Great review! Nothing justifies the price tags of those bag. It’s crazy

Butch Jonson says:

Very nice reviews on the ins and outs of all. Glad to see my money wasn’t wasted. Got the inferno and is just what I thought 0-10 degrees is where it’s a. Appreciated how you stayed neutral about all and gave ratings throughout good and bad. Thanx for the vid

Chase says:

i live in fort smith. were you testing these bad boys at at 0-10 degrees?

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