Wool vs Synthetic and Snug Pack Sleeping Bag Review

Snug Pack Sleeping Bag Review
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Gary says:

That was a very good video. I agree with everything but the skill set portion. I definitely prefer a synthetic bag or a down bag. I prefer not to have a fire most nights even when it is very cold. When I say cold that’s relative for my part of the country. The creatures around here don’t mind a stale smoke smell but a fire is a sure way not to see much wildlife unless you’re in one of the parks around here where people feed them all the time. Fires are very good for a smoke bath after sweat lodge to remove your scent. I prefer not to have a fire most nights because it announces to the world my presence. I’m sure you remember from the military that a cigarette ember can be seen from a mile away in the dark. I go out for extended trips and don’t have that much trouble with synthetics like Under Armour underwear. My rain suit in conjunction with Under Armour synthetic base layers can work to wear while I wash and dry my other clothing. if I get too cold I slide in my bag. I like wool and it’s great. It is time tested but just like you guys said without a fire you are probably going to freeze. I don’t think fire always equal skill set. That is the only portion I disagree with.

knife sharpening norway says:

great video 🙂

Howard green says:

That was one of the best articulated wool vs synthetic discussions I have heard. I had a zipper put in my poncho liner so it can be a blanket or a bag which I use to complement my sleep system.

Cody French says:

What size wool blanket was Matt using ?

Tyler Murphy says:

What Up! Playboy, what are you doing up at 01:00: ) I hit the subscribe button like you said and it turned red?. Thought you may benefit from this : ) Tyler …

gene smith says:

I think of the wild west and what the Cowboys would say. they would probably luv how easy the snugpak is but as soon as the fire hit it they would say hell no!!! I luv simple and if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. I know if I would wake up in the morning to take a piss I would rather have a wool blanket around me than nothing at all in freezing temperatures. the snugpak would be great for mosquitoes and critters living in Florida where I’m at with the mosquitoe netting.

Chris ross says:

already seen that review lately…? a re-edition?

zzzombiez says:

I like the quality of SnugPak stuff, but their bags are too small for me. – 6’0″, athletic 210 lbs. Pretty typical build around here in Coronado. – How about you, brother? How big are you? Ya comfortable in that thing? Kelty bags fit me fine historically.

Good video, I have had the same luck, combining a wool poncho with a 20 degree bag.


david john Huxtable says:

eps system withvextending baffles good choice
very comfy system doubles up into mummy when cold extends out looser cooler more spaces when milder great system liggter than us army system which packs huge bulk tho very good system too bulky hravy
best bag to go for is carinthia wilderness
or type4
fab bags made with best quality
coil hollowfibres resist compression like new spring out up every time

Annette Sutton says:

tks guys enjoyed your video I have to get a wool blanket next – do u use ever a self inflating roll up mat I use them all the time it doesn’t get mouldy or wet and when I have smelly socks in my sleeping gear I hang in day time bedding as it dry cleans everything and all odours go as long as it isn’t raining – I don’t hang stuff in trees here in oz coz u get ticks attaching tks again

SREagle says:

May be try mostly because i’m curious what your thoughts are on the Trifecta 2 go system http://www.2gosystems.com/products/trifecta?variant=5897656453 this is there newer improved version I have the older version

Ted Palmer says:

which snug pack bag is that exactly?
be safe…

shadowcastre says:

TJack.. This is a duplicate comment of what I posted on “living survivals” channel and I’m here from his recommendation. I’m subbed!

I know this video is 6 months old, but here’s my 2 cents. The 2 of you
gave out some good information and it’s important to realize the pluses
and limitations of both wool blankets and sleep systems.

However… comparing a single wool blanket to a sleep system ( I see
this come up in videos and discussion a lot)) is not an apples to apples
comparison. A sleep system has multiple pieces where a wool blanket
does not. Now put my 2 100% wool twin size blankets and queen size oil
cloth up against a sleeping bag system and you’ll have a good race…
no fire necessary. Even the old timers added more blankets or fur and a
canvas cloth when the weather got cold.

From what I have seen most people when using a wool blanket, choose a
queen size. That might be Ok if you’re average size. I am larger than
average and I do not get enough coverage with 1 queen size blanket. 2
twins work much better for me and it increases the versatility.

I’ll be checking out your channel
Thanks for the video..

david john Huxtable says:

which model of snugpack is it sf5 sf6 or lesser with sleepeasy baffle that extends out for a looser optional sleep less inhobitive gives you more space extends baffles to side? i got an brit army antartica bag
for £30
sent to me from scotland its still cold nights here sub zero etc will test it out soon
but snugpack are good
wool blankets do rock but not as cozy
around neck fall apart on you at night come off you leaves cold spots
dont go near open fires in anything synthetic i once saw a guys synthetic longjohns catch alight whilst he was wearing them standing too close to fire warming backs of his legs
never seen anything funnier as camp entertainment!!
but guy had to wait until it had all burnt off his legs practically until we rolled him in a wool blanket doused him with water but he still had serious burns to his legs!!
but the dance he did and way it happened was so funny
we were even still laughing about it all taking him out the backcountry to go to hosp!!
i wear wool or cotton long johns now
this was like hh lifawear
he was too close and hogging fire steaming after a wet day out!!
the funny thing was he was mocking everyone elses looks n legs in their longjohns at time!! he ignited
suddenly &
did a funny dance!!
natural fabrics always perform best arounds fires
but mix n match is prob the best or better option
no one thing covers all!
& matt you are just straight outa the 18th c dude we are going to have to get you rehabilitated rehabituated into 21st c along with kirsten rechnitz we are going to have to explain to you both what electricity is and how its coming to a places near you soon!
& it isnt wizardry!!
naah keep up the good work banging the traditional methodologys
they are traditional for a reason cuz they just work!!
have tremendous provenance
ive seen a decline in options
by seeing camping kit lose its versatility or become too highly complex
i am on my 3rd msr whisperlite replacement fuel pump the cost of a replacement part pump is excessive and compared with my faithful trangia dont rate them
as im always spending out whereas the trangia ive never paid a penny
out to repair or service it yet much just ord day to day stuff
few o rings
or replace a kettle or set of pans
but nothing as highly priced or high tec as msr whisperlite is new they cost between $130-160 pump costs $56 here
i need one but now am left without pressurised stove costing $160.for a poxy polymer part
that 2 previously have ended going up catching alight due to plastic rings fuel escaping under pressure as spray or drip from main fuel canister or more often through the pump itself
for something so expensive i could have purchased entire new stove with what ive paid out on it with polymer cheap plastic parts!
plastic should not be used arounds any type of fire making devices
it shoule be old sch all metal
im buying an old sch optimus online in brass to replace my msr or will be opting for optimus award winning nova stove which austrian army alpine divs just been issued with
as option to msr
but they cost as much as msr except the pump assembly is mainly metal not plastic
so will not melt
but knowing me ill find a way to melt metal!
if camping with me i suggest placing an safe exclusion zones with banner tape arounds my tent for at least 200yds away as i am dangerous arounds explosive devices like an msr
no needs to worry about ied insurgency when im in camp!!
you will have one living real danger close to you in your midsts!!
& matt when you put on yer blanket you looked a bit like clint eastwood in that western movie he did in a poncho blanket the
good bad n the ugly!
all you need is a chiroot n straight rimmed cowboy hat &
practice yer cold hard flinty stare! to cameras a bit!!
carry some low slung revolvers on yer hips
id decides to skirt arounds you both if i ever came across you in the outbacks!!

david john Huxtable says:

your both very scarey!!

Brett Steele says:

It seems like I just saw this about a week or so ago, but I can’t seem to find it. Did you pull it and re upload it today. I know I’ve seen it. Maybe it was part of another video you uploaded. I still like it. I watched it on the Living Survival channel.

Stella P. says:

Hi, I found your channel through Lenny’s “Live The Adventure” channel and I’ve subbed. You made some good points about each type of material. I have the Snugpak 3-season bag and use that with a wool blanket on top. That Snugpak system you have is really cool though, giving you the option of using 1 or 2 bags! Thank you for sharing your info–Stella

Annette Sutton says:

oh and I permanently live touring at present in Australia and I always make poncho out of a blanket for winter I sleep in it that way your already warmed up when u jump into your cot – I make it a little longer at back to cover your but and do blanket stitch around neck with wool or cotton I use single or a three quarter single and it sits above wrist so it doesn’t get in way I have at moment one with lining that is white and soft like rabbit fur so cozy – I also wear a fleece hoodie under it to keep head warm – do u guys use sheep skins for blankets I was wondering if it can be water proofed and I might make into a poncho next tks enjoy your videos just found your channel tks

knife sharpening norway says:

great video 🙂

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