World War 2 Wool Sleeping Bag Review

Wool sleeping bag reveiw


Rey Lindsey says:

awesome video, I wont buy one but you gave me a great Idea. I will make one with a Genuine US Military All Weather Poncho Liner Blanket. I will go with a thicker wool for winter use.I will use the Woodland Camouflage Waterproof Bivy Cover.I think this could work.
 Very cool video man ty.

Opal Preston Shirley says:

I tell you, you sure come up with some very interesting military surplus gear. I’ve never seen that sleeping bag before I’ll have to check that one out. Good video thanks. Keep up the good work.


Great review buddy. Later man.


This bag is a liner for the intermediate cold weather bag , the cotton bivy goes over the sleeping bag . Cover – bag – liner

rjhyden says:

The tight ties are new one on me. I`m having a hard time finding them online, help? Subbed , enjoying the videos.

GrandAbbot says:

Can someone post a link for where to find the “tight ties” and what the official name for this kind of product is

JRoberts1260 says:

sportsmans guide has a deal  on wool blankets now I don’t know the price but its 3 for a reasonable price. I use em for my Barn mattress and one in my truck. I also made a jacket out of some a few years back, wool is good stuff just doesn’t compress to well. Good video would love to be in your neck of the woods!

oldigger says:

Very interesting review.  Glad I found your channel (subbed of course).  What is the weight of the set up?

jagarcia1 says:

Just bought one on Ebay for $20 and I absolutely love it. If it wasn’t for your video I would have never even thought to purchase one.

M C says:

can we be friends?

Thomas Nugent says:

Very good, Thank you very much

pichnoufblues says:

You see these two little loops you have at the feet side of the bag? You should find corresponding toggles inside the outer cover part. You can synch them together and it is easier to get in and out the sleeping bag .

SerJahPhoto says:

I got the Korean War era bag. It has a zipper along the lenght though it’s Broken but it has rings so I can use it with a rope.
The best sleeping bag I ever had. I love wool so much.

T.W. Milburn says:

That right there is a winner in my book.Very expensive ? Thanks 4 sharing ATB Terry

davidpapagopark says:

Great Video!
I actually own that exact sleeping bag. It had some holes in it but they are sewn up with patches on the inside no problem. It is 100% wool. I like it because it’s light and extremely warm. Very durable… also excellent as a emergency bag in my truck. God Bless!

Jj Velvetackbar says:

Right, so the wool liner is meant to be lashed to the water repellent case. The snaps are to be used as a last resort. There is supposed to be an easy to launder cotton liner, but I have never found one. You don’t want to waterproof that case. If you sweat, your sweat will pool up inside that case and freeze, leaving you very unhappy. Better to leave it permeable

River says:

I used one similar when i was in the army . we bivouacked and it was below zero. Stay warm except for getting up for gaurd duty in the middle of the night. glad those days are gone

ArmyStinger150 says:

That is cool, I’ve never seen a bag like that!

Thomas Maraschiello says:

I made a three layer wool blanket sleeping bag and if I put my N3-B parka over the head of the bag I’m toasty warm. Gotta love wool!

KennethKramm says:

Nice review.  Cool sleeping bag.  And it doesn’t take much space.   Wool is awesome; but hard to fined in southeast Texas.  I like the tight ties, I’ll have to get some.   I’m going to see if I can find one of these bags!    Thanks for the upload, Ken

Peterman Upholstery & Woodworks says:

Great vid. I’ll have to check them out when I get to Coleman’s again.

Thomas Maraschiello says:

Great 3 season wool bag!

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