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This is a quick overview of the sleeping bag I will be using on my thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, the Packs 20 degree sleeping bag! Super warm and super light. I will go over the features of the bag in this video!


Peakbaggers For Cancer says:

Can’t wait for the PCT videos to start!  I’m on the edge of my seat!!!!

iWiskyy says:

I found a place where the new marmot plasma 15 is on sale for 429$ , should I go with the plasma or this Zpacks, I’m really hesitant on what I should get. I have never owned anything by them even though i hear lots od good things. I usually just lay on the hood of my bag anyway but just wanted your input thanks!

From City To Wild says:

so you got the long version ,5’11,and the broad width? or standard width? I’m confused because you said the bag should be right above your shoulders so ,if you have a 5’11 long…..you’re like 6 foot 6 or something….

sorry for the confusion ,just trying to size one for me. I’m 5’11 …so

xxbryan715xx says:

The only reason I have stayed away from zpacks and other cuben fiber gear is because of the life span of the gear. I really want that zpacks 2 man tent but $500 for a tent that won’t last more than a few years is hard to swallow.

Roaming Gnome says:

I just received my 20 and I can’t believe how light it is! With this bag, my Soloplex and NeoAir Xlite my sleep/shelter system is now 2.93lbs! Zpacks!

mountaincat8 says:

Can you sleep on the zipper or no?  I mean, does the zipper being on the bottom change the way you sleep?

Anthony Romano says:

Did you opt for the moisture resistant down?

Isko Salminen says:

Hey, awesome video! I’m looking at getting the same bag. What are your thoughts about it post thru hike?

Charlie Wood says:

Nice bag I hope it keeps you warm cant wait for the big hike

Jarmal Wilcox says:

Great info…Not to be weird but, what brand shirt is that?

06Umiami says:

Is the bag keeping you warm enough on the PCT.

iWiskyy says:

wow thanks for the quick reply man, I’m looking for a great bag to invest in for multipurpose use. it looks like everybody points their fingers to the Zpacks. I love the videos and keep them coming!

Drew Watts says:

its an awesome piece of gear, but the price alone is why Im making my own down quilt. I’ll be spending much less in materials, it’ll be customized to me, be good down to 25 degrees, and still sub 20 oz. I know you have deadlines for the hike though, so time is a valuable thing. let us know how it does on the trail though! Cheers!

Preston Gladd says:

I have the same exact bag, except for mine is green, its an awesome bag!

Stick's Blog says:

Great video! I just ordered one like yours. 20F, long, wide and blue. Now the wait… 🙂

matanuska high says:

so you gonna sell your plasma?

Syd Smith says:

I just wonder how robust they may actually be, what with being compressed each day and with such ultra fine materials.. Sure I reckon they’re sturdier than they look, but id love to understand how the material and down integrity holds up

Worldwide Darts says:

Great info for someone looking to get into some serious hiking soon (me). Keep em coming. Cheers.

Kevin Ryan says:

My wife and I have been using  ZPacks 10 degree bagsin Michigan for 2 years and love them!  Also have tons of other Zpacks gear like you such as Duplex and tons of others. =)  It got down to 5 degrees on us while on a thru hike of the Foothills trail on Round Mountain.  I had on my Cap 4 and stayed plenty warm =)

Jeff Wood says:

Looking forward to following you on your PCT hike. I live right up I-85 from you. Would love to take you our for dinner and a beer when you return. 🙂

I also really enjoyed the videos from the AT trek and all the equipment reviews. Good stuff.

Thanks for sharing the adventure!

Derek Nguyen says:

can you do an update

Gabriel Bliss says:

I have the 10 degree bag and found that on super cold nights camping in the snow the wind would blow right through the fabric. I’m taking a trash bag to put it inside to block some of the wind, but other than that it is a fantastic bag.

Slappy Pig says:

I was wondering if you considered the Enlightened Equipment Enigma. It’s a quilt that’s also a 20 degree, it weighs roughly the same as your bag, and it’s much much cheaper.

I’m excited to be watching all of your new gear videos, and I’m counting down the days until April 20th like you!

You’re seriously the best at what you do, man. Keep on hikin’, and keep the beard flowin’.

SunRisingProductions says:

IDK… Red beard , I think your gonna miss your super comfy 900 fil  Marmot Plasma …I thought  you loved that bag …?

KuntryRD says:

I love the simplicity of Z-packs gear.  A sleeping bag is supposed to do one thing:  Keep you warm.  Anything else is just extra weight.  I have a z-packs 10 degree bag.  I use it in my hammock and for ground use.  It just works.

Allen Culbreath says:

Hey Will loved the video. I was actually looking at a long and wide 20 from zpacks. You video is really making me push towards on getting one.. lol

Drew Eric says:

Nice bag.  I have one (used) coming that is a 20 degree x-long/wide.  I think you said you’re 6′ even.  Does your long model cover your head or just your neck when fully synched up?  Also, what was the lowest temp you’ve taken it so far and what layers were you wearing?  

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