$1000 Survival Kit in a Case

$15 Survival Kit Unboxing – https://youtu.be/0BxvMdvRwzY

$200 Mystery Survival Backpack – https://youtu.be/LPRGaWy5a20

$25 Survival Kit Unboxing – https://youtu.be/zst7hm3JapM

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heyhey heyhey says:

Nice box..Only. .

dov man says:

“You know antibitics, the GOOD stuff”


Donz Milky says:

Looks like a 300 dollar kit.

Miguel Ian Sangalang says:

its a wrench

xDenis says:

why no hammer and sickle?



pimp gaming says:


Tim L says:

That case is badass it is waterproof and it floats

Rudraksha Shah says:

Put a iPhone x in there and use it to call the emergency services.. boom!

navdeep kumar says:


Anonymous Black says:

The drop sheet/plastic would/could be hung up with string to catch rainwater.

Karachi Peace says:

Taras awesom bro

Lieu7enan7 says:

$1000 of garbage

elite youtuber says:


Piotr Gasiorowski says:

Or the russian invasion on USA

kooshalsaroboy says:

1000 dollars worth of band aid

DuckLuck 23 says:

I think that this is a very good kit but if I were you I would replace some of the cheaper things with things that will last longer

Nunya Bizness says:

You can build a better kit for way less

Bhupendra Gurjar says:

Box colour change


yu could use that hammer to smash zombies’ head

Althea celine Santiago says:

You can survive in the woods in 24 hours challenge???

James Yap says:

You Could have just bought Iphone X

Jacoby Eggersausage says:


Yhiel Martinez says:

Is there any sanitary napkins there?

Amadeos Papa says:

*B O O M*

IBRAHIM [IC] says:

It dosent have a scope or whistle or flare or multitool knife and also strong weapons needed for survival

Equinox Vida says:

Y e s the old CRH is back

jikanga aru says:

Why is brushing teeth so necessary during apocalypse

Rose 13 Bud 13 says:

Make another one for fur babies and your feathered friends

Es ist seltsam, oder? says:

this Russian accent hahaha go drink vodka

chillgirld says:

Where can I buy this

Shiloh Pacheco says:

alot of junk.

Cole Harmon says:

no flare gun, insufficiant medical suplies, tools were worthless, no condoms, crapy water filter(ok , it did say for 4 days and came with emergencry water for that long) he had it right the case was the best part

Eugene says:

This kinda defeats the purpose of a survival kit. If you gonna lug this around you may aswell just drag a suit case filled with better equipment with you.

Ghost Javier says:

“$1,000 survival kit” comes with crayons.

Alexander Fuentes says:

Nice I also just ordered mine just in case and I left a like

Rustam gaming says:

Where do you bought it from ?

Mike King says:

That’s the sweetest $200 kit yet

HaveAGreatDay says:

No emergency foil blanket?

Preston Jones says:

They need to add mini stove…

Harsh Raj says:

all are talking about crazy Russian hackers get looted bro it’s a review unit

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