1978 Vintage Blizzard Beater Survival And Aid Kit Review


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Dr. K says:

Did eBay seller tell you that you’re getting extra special items? Maggots for free!!!

yankee redneck says:

It did have a copyright date 1978 re-read your pamphlet

Sassy Cat says:

The date was on the pamphlet at 15:43 next to the Dun Rus logo. It looks like 1978 from what I can see.

Benito Mussolini says:

Their maggots

Kevin Lake says:

Survival kits are a good and smart idea, I have one along with a bug out bag with fire starting, shelter, first aid, fishing along with extra knives. Many of the articles have more than one use, this kit was not the greatest lol, but still very interesting to see an early attempt at a kit.

Akro Protis says:

Ha I grew up 20 minutes from Le Sueur (pretty much pronounced sewer) In montgomery.

Hunter Prowse says:

It was definitely a weird old kit, back then it was necessary, people didn’t have cellphones so if you were caught in a winter storm broken down or stuck this was probably a good thing to have, and it would aid you until help arrived, or the storm passed. It looks like it’s from the 70’s though, they made a lot of quirky things like this in the 70’s.

Philippe Meunier says:

15:42 The note says 1978, look closely

mordeys says:

I remember them, well not just like them. Seems like the ones we always saw were in green (tackle box green) or blue. There was usually a guy selling these and other stuff like it at flea markets. And they had them at privately owned gas stations.

Martin S says:

The dust was probably sugar coating from the lemon drops?

Tom Tom says:

This is what happens when you leave a ration pack out in the sun for 39 years

lukewarm17 says:

My theory is the insects hatched inside the soup and ate their way out.

stickyfingaz745 says:

Man that thing was rough… almost like the polish foreign mres i just saw

Joanne Gray says:

Isn’t it reassuring to know that when the apocalypse comes, any survivors will either die of starvation or food poisoning?

Ben Kraft says:

ffs i hope its a scented candle so it smells good while you die of hunger

Hal Jalikeakick says:

Man, this kit was absolute bumtown!

William Kennison says:

Extra protein included with your survival kit.

Mike Gee says:

Nathan NEVER bothers reading the instructions or ingredients unless he can’t eyeball and guess- straight Gonzo/ Commando style!!

ekim nnim says:

I carry in my car a lighter and two cans of Sterno along with blankets, winter boots, gloves, scarfs and hats. Also a container to relief yourselves in. (don’t want to stand outside in a blizzard trying to relief the bladder) Granola bars and any medicine that would be needed. I was stranded in a blizzard in 1984 and I was not prepared at all.

40twnty says:

whats that knife?

Jack Mechak says:

i live in new england heres what you need.
1 1.75ml 100proof vodka.
4-6 cans of desired soup pre person for a day.
hot dogs
canned beans
mayne a few board games

rem145 says:

Wow! The old 70’s early 80’s Lipton cup of soups. Had those all the time growing up

Kahlest Enoch says:

Wow that is cool never heard of those before. Ahh the joys of getting a ration from before they were concerned about contamination and not sealing it in plastic. Bugs!! extra protein LOL no thank you. Well at least you got to document the kit, nothing edible and you got a weird candle out of the deal and an old crusty space blanket LOL.

kevin pierce says:

Steve would have tried it all

Daphne Shupe Skeens says:

At 1:38… “That’s what she said” lol…
Seriously this was a pretty unique ration… I’m always interested in seeing something new! Excellent job… Keep up the good work!
Much love!
Daphne from Bluefield West Virginia

Jusb1066 says:

the wax can melt at 99f so certainly melt in the heat of a car

Christian Wright says:

The plastic is an Esmarch bandage for use as a tourniquet.

Ian Roth says:

I remember that cup of soup from way back was pretty good to be honest.

Nick Vance says:

as a minnesotan i can tell you i remember seeing while not this particular kit ones a lot like to going for like 20 bucks in small town hardware stores for the idiot campers who are worried about bad weather my favorite kit like this comes in a 8 ounce can with a pull tab and actually has decent stuff in it

METALMAN4Wii says:

Did this kit come free with a fill up of gas?

kevenmcinerney says:

That soup looks soooo yummy. I don’t understand why you don’t like that blue/green coffee

lukewarm17 says:

In the State of disaster I live in we have guys who sell similar kits next to bags of oranges. The CA. Kits include powdered latte and a tube of sunscreen.

kitsychan says:

the red plastic thing. Your supposed to tie to the radio Antenna, mount on a stick ontop of your car or hang out the road size window. Its supposed to let police know the vehicle is occupied and in distress.

sammyd19801 says:

Cooking a fire in your 1978 Ford Pinto.

Agent P says:

Something like this would need a summer and winter variety. Items that can handle heat and items that can handle cold. Kits that require period monthly inspections. I’m looking to build a kit for my car that has water in a heather thermos or something to prevent freezing. Regularly swapping out food items. That sort of thing.

sewwwwwwwwww says:

Probably better of just setting your car on fire!

Steve Mercure says:

Come on Nathan, don’t you like bugs with your soup? Just think of all extra calories consuming those bugs would add to your survival diet. They could keep y8ou alive.

Caldwell Transport Columbus, GA says:

You’d eat the soup (and the maggots) after 5 days buried in a snow drift.

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