2 in 1 Survival & Medkit: Outdoor Gear Essentials

Where To Buy These Supplies: https://goo.gl/z26214
Can you slim down your outdoor survival/medical system? Yes you can, and here are some of the items I use in my now slimmed down kit.

Where To Buy My 8 Essential Gear Items:

Favorite Knife Sharpening Systems:

Favorite EDC Knife:
Manix2 Lightweight http://goo.gl/YPcV9m

Favorite Medium Survival Knives:
ESEE 6 http://goo.gl/X5D0wM
Fallkniven A1 http://goo.gl/hfpfLh

Favorite Big Chopping Knives:
Ka-Bar Becker BK39 http://goo.gl/vDgAwx
ESEE Junglas http://goo.gl/6cW90K



William Parker says:

After taking a basic Wilderness First Aid course, the CAT tourniquets are very intuitive and easy to use. Our instructor also mentioned that when hiking with small children, it’s good to also include a SWAT-T tourniquet, since they are easier to fit on tiny arms.

csh 62 says:

I think everyone should make up their own kits as opposed to just buying a 1st aid kit. Most 1st aid kits I see in stores don’t have enough different items, just the basics (band aids, gauze, etc. I really like your videos as you use the gear you review many times and know what works for you. Keep ’em coming!

Carl Lindquist says:

Awesome kit there! i would add a 100% cotton Shemagh, hairband/Rubberband, Straps, poncho and a small water filter like life straw. I think all that would also fit in there 😉 and cottonballs in vaseline in a zipper bag incase its to cold for the lighter or you fall into water and get soaked through and through… 😀

Hard city Raindrops says:

psssssh that’s a backdrop don’t let him fool you!!!! lol j/k

Vlad K. says:

Good things and well organized. Thank you for the video!

Eric Rosbottom says:

Aaron this is an awesome video, very nice hybrid kit…

J. Derek Williams says:

I bought a trauma/first aid kit from Skinny Medic.

Son of Dad says:

Good stuff. Thanks.

Kevin Wolf says:

Regarding that AAA flashlight, you have to be aware that for this rating, they probably do get dimmer as the battery is drained out. Most (single) AA flashlights with decent regulation can’t put out ~20 lumens for more than 20h, this certainly won’t do 25 for the whole spec’d runtime.

Ben Chaney says:

Nice kit, it’s funny I just bought an AMK 1-2 person fak from Academy yesterday that has a whistle and button compass in it. I got it for my wife’s day pack as we are going up to CO springs next week for the week and going to be doing a little hiking. It has lots of extra room and I was thinking I would do something similar with it. Perfect timing on the video Aaron! One suggestion, and I know you probably have a bottle to use the iodine tabs with but you could put a water bag in there from survivalresources.com that way if all you had was the pouch you would still have something. I might also add a piece of tin foil (takes up no space and weighs nothing) to use for a base for a fire on damp ground or snow or can be made into a cup to boil or used to cook.

Robert Taylor says:

Love the kit and the idea behind it. I would have the tourniquet out side the kit for east access you dont want to be fumbling around with zippers and elastic while bleeding out. great kit otherwise. Just an EMT’s critique.

Iron Platypus says:

See this is why ur one of the few survival/tactical people I watch. You actually backpack/hike, and have practical skills along with survival stuff. You don’t have 60 pound bug out bags which are completely impractical, and you aren’t one of the idiots who thinks life straws are new useful technology.

Isaac Ammerman says:

How many Rebar’s do you have?

alittleolder says:

Very interesting Thanks for the tips.

MP Original says:

Just watched and loved it. Great as always.

cochiez says:

Hey where can I get one of your logo patches? Cool design and I’d like to support the channel.

Dustin Driggers says:

Nice kit

Randy Yeager says:

good video…finally a small useful kit…really get sick of the Altoids tin videos that’ll never save your life…but let people think they can…

Rusty Bosley says:

Great kit. Love your channel. Very professional.

Don Diaz says:

Great kit!

Christopher Smith says:

Just purchased this bag for a survival and hygiene kit setup. Really appreciate the knowledge on this channel.


great info.
love seeing the pooch in the videos. what dog pack are you using

David M. says:

Dude, send me that kit, I’m going to need it after irma hit us here in miami, Florida. If not sending the kid; pray for us. This thing is getting uglier by the minute. Many blessings to your family.

David Black says:

There is a danger of having IFAK or massive Trauma medical items in the same pouch as a non-emergent medical item and ESPECIALLY with other survival tools. The danger is this. If you have a wound where you would need to use a tourniquet or Israeli bandage it is going to destroy your ability to be calm. So really you shouldn’t allow yourself to be distracted and you shouldn’t have to go looking around a pouch for these things. You really don’t want to play Where’s Waldo with a Tourniquet, Celox, or an Israeli bandage. These are time critical situations here. You absolutely shouldn’t have to go past other things in order to grab them. Essentially if your Leatherman is in front of your tourniquet you are going to lose that leatherman. Because you are going to be ditching gear like the Swedish Chef to get to that thing. Just say goodbye to it right now. A lot of these survival items are going to have medical use. I am not saying this bag is by default a bad idea. I am just saying you should separate them out into emergent and non-emergent then keep the emergent shit on the exterior of your pack for easy access and bury the other stuff deeper. If for no other reason than you don’t want to get blood on your essential survival gear. But hey what the fuck do I know I don’t have any tattoos, a beard, I am kinda chubby, and my Glock is 100% stock.

DRed Eagle says:

Have you seen the UST bright force lr44? 30 lumens up to 60 hrs, Ive really wanted to test one of those out.

AgileK9TopDog says:

4″ Israeli is nice for a compact kit.

eluv says:

One thing everyone should have in their med kit is called quick dissolve diphenhydramine. It’s the same as benedryl but you eat it and it dissolves immediately. Will save someone’s life if they’re stung by a bee, eat something, etc and allergic with a full blown anaphylactic reaction. Otherwise, you’ll need an epipen (prescription and expensive). Must have especially for young children in the outdoors..

Children’s Alergy Diphenhydramine HCI 12.5 Mg 36 Rapid Melts https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WIZJ4GQ/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_ZJIhAb1QMCBAC


Thank you that’s one piece of kit that I really want to upgrade is my medical

Mike Wood says:

Interesting layout and ideas in the kit selection. I was also wondering if the rain in the top left of the screen at the beginning of the video was going to get to you before the kit was shown off. 🙂

Kaylynn Strain says:

this is a nice size bag, well thought out

Outdoor Therapy says:

Love the concept! Great job. An addition suggestion to the IFAK side…moleskin perhaps?

Skills2Survive says:

Nice kit.

Jeff Purcell says:

Nice idea of combining the two kits into one compact pouch.

MP Original says:

Haven’t even watched the video yet, and already added to my liked videos based on the list on Amazon. Looks like it’s thought through as usual.

Todd K says:

good video and great information! I made a similar kit, but I used a bottle carrier that has a pocket with a pouch that’s a little smaller than the one you have. works great using the shoulder strap and I can still carry my little SS bottle to boil/disinfect water. plus it just so happens my Strongarm fits the MOLLE on my pouch along with my 6″ baylight ferro rod. I’d say mine weighs around 6 lbs but that’s including a bottle of water and a knife so not to shabby, lol. It works great as my hunting kit which is its primary use.

Blulight 11 says:

Did I hear you say you don’t know how to read a map and a compass is all you need? Please don’t take your pup with you when you get lost, your pup does not need to go through that because you can’t read a map! Wow……and “a compass is all you need”! You are way behind the curve, it’s not if you get lost, but when……Take a map reading class before others have to go find you!

Matt Van says:

So I need a few more things I’ll have this kit very soon. Great video why didn’t I think of that

Leslie Kovacs says:

Uh, I think you solved your Flashlight Dilemma in your last Video. Shouldn’t the MecArmy Keychain light work? Keep the spare AAAs for the Headlamp, but use the Anker to charge the MecArmy during the day. Yeah, it doesn’t put out a lot of light for a long time, but are you planning to stay up all night? And just how often do you plan on using the Cell Phone in the Back Country? Other than that, a VERY GOOD BACKWOODS KIT. In fact, modern Water Bladder Carriers from the Military have MOLLE webbing so as to attach that kind of Pouch to the bottom for a “Minimalist” Emergency Pack. Just shove some Food Bars in your Pockets and you should be good for an Unexpected Overnight. Thanks Aaron.

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