20 First Aid Supplies or Items Necessary for Survival in any situation SHTF WROL Apocalypse

This is a video detailing 20+ items that make great additions for any first aid or medical kit. These items are excellent places to begin if one has not started prepping a first aid kit. No matter the items that are mentioned, or any that anyone may tell someone…there are always things that only apply to each individual. Our best asset in prepping a first aid kit, is knowledge…knowledge of ourselves and the ones we will be tasked with protecting.
Check out the website for free manuals like the ones discussed here. Thanks!


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Dale McMurray says:

I’m very grateful ps just ordered a snakebitesting kit shopping for a dental kit to

Jimmy T says:

Shelf life is very short on meds…couple years at most . If you depend on them after the happening that’s when you are dead . If you are not young and healthy you will die . This is where the big Death happens and it will be Bad .

Jack G. says:

I’m a EFR Instructor and Trainer for over 20 years and I agree 100% with the ideas and importance of med kits expressed here with one major exception. Snake bite kits do not work and are a waste of money. If you’re bitten by a poisonous snake the only thing that will help you is to stay calm, limit your movement as much as possible, seek medical attention ASAP and receive anti venom if needed. There are many resources including YouTube that show snake bite kits are not effective in any way. I would replace the “snake bite kit” with “get professional training in at least basic first aid and CPR.” I would also express the importance of an IFAK or Blow Out Kit to help with major wounds but again, you need to be trained on how to use some of the kit as you can cause more injury or even death if you improperly use them. Thanks for sharing.

Dale McMurray says:

Sorry to bother you. I was wondering have you watched opphimer ranch project Now really wish your help to get message out we want same thing people prepared and ok. Thank you my friend

Alfredo Iriarte says:

Very nice… some awsome ideas

Prepared 2 Thrive says:

Excellent list. Btw…Not fear mongering here…GET READY! Prepare for chaos, social unrest & disruptions to the supply chain. -Corey @ Prepared 2 Thrive

roadbelow says:

Love the channel. I really dig the post-apocalyptic pics that you have for some of your vids. Do you do those yourself or collect them? I’m a fan of that kind of art and am just curious. Be well. RB

Zairul Nizam Zainol Fithri says:

Congratulations on a great informative video. However, I would like to emphasize on the emergence of dangerous antibiotic resistance with overusage of antibiotic ointments. Also, there are conflicting schools of thoughts on the use of the so-called snake bite kits particularly on the risk of infection, accelerated spread of the venom, and its overall effectiveness. While these are some issues to consider, I thoroughly applaude your presentation and channel. Kudos!

samson galactis says:

outstanding video

6EQUJ5 Wow says:

Add some lice treatment. You never know. Nice informative video.

The Real Scoreboard says:

Very well said. You are absolutely correct when you said that prepping is never complete….Theres always more. Thanks!

River rat 17 says:

super video!

axe609 says:

Great video, I love you included suture strips, they are great even for small cuts. If you get it cleaned and held shut a small cut can heal very quickly and less likely for infection. I buy them bulk on Amazon, and get the larger ones. I just cut off the size required.  —Combat gauze requires medical follow up. It has to be flushed away and there is a risk of blood clots. I would not use them unless an ER is available or at least a doctor with appropriate skills and supplies.  —I prefer anti fungal powder for prepping, almost limitless shelf life. —- Alcohol pads dry out quickly. I like a bottle of 90% isopropanol and gauze pads better.  —- Silver infused gauze is amazing for anti bacterial treatment of infected wounds, expensive, but prices have been coming down. —-  Keep in mind any wound dressed will need to be redressed several times a day until healed, that is a lot of gauze and tape. Again I  use amazon and get big packs. Gauze doesn’t need to be sterile for all wound treatments. That is more for burns, surgery and internal applications. Remember to keep your paper wrapped items clean and dry.   — Check out fishing tackle bags and boxes for keeping the kit in.  They are often handy, with lots of compartments and boxes inside.

mountainghost556 says:

I did a small video on the Curad wound care kit it could be a good starter kit for gaze or refill. This may help some start a new kit or expand on an existing one.

Mike Hagarty says:

That was well, thought out! Thanks for sharing! I review, my first aid kits, every year, in March. It’s mainly to look at dates, & then it’s fresh for summer. Keep a smile on!

Dale McMurray says:

Hate spell check grrrrr

Deep Survival says:

I can help with some of the more advanced medical suplies like Inhalers ,Lidocaines ,IV bags,Intravenous Antibiotics,Dental extraction kits ,Hemostatic Sponge ,cauteries, Just message me on here or in FB and I will give anyone the current discount code for 20% off

Billy Wagley says:

You’re spot on.

daniel saint-martin says:

always good to have a recap video about very important topics such as first aid…. cheers.

Dale McMurray says:

Excellent video. Ps have you checked out opphimer ranch project or are you familiar with the grand solar minimum. If you are informed what is your opinion.

Mr Joseph says:

Thanks for the great vid. Quick question:
Now I’ve read in he past a good resource for antibiotics is to just buy fish antibiotics from a pet supply store. I’m sure one would need to do some research on the subject. Have you heard or had any experience in this sub. for the Meds

Dale McMurray says:

Serious survivor check out opphimer ranch project episode 03-13-18 ag repott. They know the know about crops Heads up my friend

Mr. Mango says:

Basic hygiene is also an important part for survival

Layla Beck says:

“come back to bite you” lmao

Mr. Steal Your Gurl says:

very good content exclamation point

Steven Merlock says:

Very impressive! Everything you note can save lives. Shout out to antiseptic soap, keep wounds clean and a person less stinky 😉


It’s the Cesium isotopes that are more of a danger than the iodine isotopes.

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