$35 Budget IFAK/First Aid Kit

Condor Rip Away Lite pouch: http://amzn.to/2hyYAiG
AR15 TekMat: https://goo.gl/sXUkCJ
Quick overview on a budget Xmas gift starter IFAK. Condor Rip Away Lite, Israeli Bandage 6″, CAT Gen II, etc. **This Recon Medical tourniquet is not, I repeat NOT, a true North American Rescue brand CAT. While it does have a lifetime guarantee, I would advise deferring to the NAR brand CAT or a SOFTT-W from a reputable seller for a reliable device.

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Kyle McMillan says:

I have several of these Condor pouches with med gear in them in all my cars and at home. They’re great for car and house kits. I’d definitely get better quality if you’re gonna carry it on you.

Brian Downey says:

Is that $35 including the pouch

CJStryke says:

Good video. I would really like to take a beyond the bandaid type medical class soon. I took a pretty basic first aid and CPR class from the local Red Cross, and it was OK as far as it went but just left me wanting more.

Chase Harris says:

That’s a fake CAT man.

MA supaskunk says:

Not sure your medical background but you could have saved money and gotten them actual gauze 5x9s and some cling which is more useful to trained and untrained than a compression bandage they won’t know how to use. They’re also double sealed. Kinda like an MRE

grouch314 says:

the Condor is great, I have the full size and it’s looking pretty bombproof so far. I’d throw some gauze in there, preferably a 5×9 or some h&h compressed, for those bleeders that don’t need an israeli, that the h&h is also great for woundpacking, plus it’s only the size of a carton of cigarettes

BushyBoyz says:

I always like your IFAK videos! That’s an awesome kit for sub $35!

Keith Adams says:

“Steri-strips are just like sutures, but better.” I believe you may have misspoke on that one haha.

Mcgee says:

Awesome vid

Robert Claar says:

Go with SWAT-T tourniquets if you want a cheap and reliable tourniquet, don’t ever go with fake CATS man, they break really easily.

biggboysouth says:

Blue force gear sells a vacuumed sealed IFAK kit, I bought it at opticsplanet for $30. It comes with a different style of tourniquet but it like it so far. Came with a clinch tight bandage which is very similar to an Israeli, some quickclot, guaze pads, bandages and small things like gloves and duct tape. I also bought the condor rip away but I got the larger pack which is pretty big. It turned out good because i was building a trama kit for multiple people use to go with my bug out bag and I stuffed that thing with trauma gear. I also want a smaller personal IFAK like these for individual use. I’ll probably buy the samecondor med pouche you have hear in the vid and a blueforce gear tIFAK kit again and that should be a perfect fit.

Stefan Tel says:

Thats not a cat

Kris 9mm says:

Did u ever buy that first aid from the link I give you ?

TheModernFirearmsChannel says:

Hey just heads up on that barrel spline that I told you about a while back that botach sells, just received an email from them $49.95 which is half the price of the geissele reaction rod..

Coyote Tactical Solutions says:

Stay away from this Chinese stuff. Ive seen these exact pouches break within like 2 months of actual use. Its fake cordura, horrible stitching, and overall just sub par materials. Not to mention Condor copies everyone elses designs. So many reputable companies in the US making pouches that will last you forever for around $30. We make some solid ones being used by many SWAT and MIL units, but tons of other companies out there make fantastic stuff that is well worth spending the extra few dollars.

I would also recommend getting some proper supplies and training. Nothing in this kit is going to save your life. Especially not that fake CAT that will probably break upon turning the windlass the first time.

MA supaskunk says:

That’s not a CAT. That’s a recon medical clone. They’re apparently US made but NAR (North American Rescue) makes the CAT which actually has an NSN. (NATO Stock Number)

Chris Dennis says:

great video, first aid is overlooked way too often

Fishy Photographer says:

guys i think my eyes broke

Arizona Coin and Bullion Collector says:

I love the items you had a good idea.

ShireRat says:

Did anyone else notice that really strong humming in the background?

tcarr1 says:

I own a TQS Tourniquet which was supposed to be great, top-tier stuff, with it’s “solid aluminum bar stock”. WEll, I’d call it solid BS fur sure as I was super disappointed with the sharp edges on the windlass. In addition, there was fraying all over on the red end of the strap because of really poor stitching that missed some of the edges- it sucks so bad it now sits on my workbench. Imagine my skepticism when my dad ordered one of these Recon Medical CATs. I ordered too because, what the heck, it’s cheap, right? Well I was wrong. This thing is made solid and after applying it and giving about 3 rotations with the windlass, I thought my fingers were going to pop off and I had no distal pulse! If you read the Amazon reviews (there’s a LOT of them) you’ll find one where some dude pulled a lady out of a crevasse in Glacier Park with some help from bystanders using a Recon Medical CAT- as she held onto the windlass (I’ve been there often and know it’s not far fetched to fall into a crevasse if you’re careless). The Recon windlass is an aluminum rod and all the parts are legit- they use Kevlar stitching which is sewn straight with even the hole in the red end cut perfectly – no fraying anywhere on the tourniquet.
Having taken an EMT class, worked as a National Ski Patrol, and currently working as a medical professional in a field that involves trauma, I can tell you without hesitation, I would use and trust one of these CATs on myself or a family member. Heck, I emailed the company about something and actually got a non-canned / form letter response from the head dude- you won’t get that from NAR, who’s products are legit quality, to be sure. Still, do NOT rule these guys out. Order one and see for yourself, these are much better than you think. (And by the way: NO I do not work for them nor have any kind of stake in saying something, I just hate paying more “Just because” when there are alternatives that work just as well)
Additionally, contrary to the statement in the video that “Steri-strips are better than sutures,” is actually incorrect, depending on the wound. They are, however, better than nothing if you don’t know or have the supplies to suture.

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