An Introduction to Backpacking | First Aid Kit

So what do you put in a first aid kit? Good question! I show you what I’ve come up with. This is for any outdoor activities that you may be engaged in.

Links to individual components on Amazon:
– Pouch (similar):
– Gloves:
– Scissor:
– Assorted Bandaids:
– Antibiotic Ointment:
– Medications:
– Butterfly Closures:
– Space Blanket:
– Triangular Bandages:
– 2 x 2 inch gauze:
– 4 x 4 inch gauze:
– Large dressing:
– Medical Tape:
– Alcohol Pads:
– Mini Lighter:
– THRUNITE Ti5 Medical light:
– CPR Facesheild:
– Ammonia Inhalants:
– Tea Tree Oil:
– Moleskin:
– 2nd Skin:
– REALLY NICE QUALITY tweezers/forceps:

Thank you to ThruNite for providing the flashlight for this kit:
Amazon Ca:
Amazon UK:
Amazon DE:
Amazon FR:
Amazon IT:

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Ken Durham says:

I might have missed it but I take anti acids.

Joel says:

Just a suggestion. A compression bandage, for if you roll your ankle while out and about. The added support can really help you get moving again. Also good for snake bites.

Mario 017 says:

amazing video…really helpful

Dominick Rich says:

But the survival tabs are on Amazon about 180 of em for under 30$

Alex D says:

I found this kit and it seems very appropriate, I hope it will be helpful

adrian alvarado says:

guy talks too much. just need to share what’s in ur kit.

Drew Sanders says:

I have the same first aid kit!!

ian ROBERTS says:

Great vid! One problem for me and sure many others relating to keeping kit sterile is once kit is in place often left for months/years. When should you replace if packing intact and any items have short life (lose effectiveness) Thanks for your expertise

Kevin Bender says:

I want a little tin can first aid kit video please!

ZombieFighterOf2001 says:

I have a silly question regarding gauze: is there a reason to carry non-woven over woven gauze and vice-versa?

avista Forestry says:

great video thank you for your time

Mr Salty says:

Very informative video, especially for someone just starting their outdoor adventuring life. I also watched you video on the need/use of a triangular bandage. I’m going to watch more of your videos, and I hope to find videos on your small tin can first aid kit and the Israeli battle dressing. I have a friend who is really into bush craft, so I will tell him about your site.

Anushtup Haldar says:

Please do a review of the mini first aid kits, the small steel boxes.

Jeffrey Johnson says:

what do you use the syringes for?

Finn Green says:

always welcome you expanding on any first aid kits, packaging, responding trauma, etc.

We all will face situations in our lives where these kits and preperation can and do make a difference.


late on a cold, dark winter monday evening

left my office

drove two blocks

sat at a traffic light … the
only car stationary at a red light at a four way intersection that included 18 lanes

single witness to a pedestrian crossing against traffic and being hit at high speed and having his leg removed which landed about five yards in front on my car hood.

This person was also carried / thrown another 10 yards.

driver of car also in bad shape from glass and impact

happened in seconds
with no one else around

eventually parents that live near-by drove out to check on delay of son returning from the store

they arrived at scene and husband also experienced massive heart issues
all in seconds

you get the idea…

in seconds

when you least expect it

minor and extreme injuries will require those able to lend immediate assistance -often when adrenaline is at an all time high


Ethan Ferreira says:

Do the car one

Shristi Nagarkoti says:

ok ok ok but don t go so detail why don t cut

Chandrahas Kantheti says:

Your tips helped me with my boyscouts troop first aid kit, Thanks!

Shary Naranjo says:

Awesome video. Thanks. We’re buying everything you listed in drop down.!!

The Crazy Calendar Lady says:

When you go with larger groups, would you consider taking Benadryl? I’d like to see one about your car kit. I looked but didn’t see it.

Jack Smith says:

I use bedidine

Reece Tam says:

I usually carry 2 little bags of salt and sugar – just for making saline/electrolyte drink for someone who’s had diarrhoea or just cramping up real bad.
Not a bad kit though.

Lisa Marie Leto says:

Please show all you kits…well put together!

George Speck says:

add some steri strips asst sizes for wounds

shady Lnu says:

instead of the big thick abd pad…….put a panty liner in your kit….. they take up less room and are amazing at absorbing blood!

Kamikaze Krunch says:

+ReviewOutdoorGear have you though of getting a couple of dental things for that pack you have?

I put two dental things in my first aid/medical bag. I use a dental pain relief and a temp. filling package. They go well with the first aid/medical packs because when those things happen when camping, even if you have to leave, it’s at least somewhat of a relief to get something other than a solid toothache which is extremely annoying or a filling that pops out and you can’t do anything about it, even if it’s only for a couple of days.

Paul TheSkeptic says:

I used gauze on a wound once. The blood clotted all through the holes and I couldn’t pull it off without opening up the wound again. What is gauze even used for?

Don Jarrett says:

where is this First Aid kit on Amazon or the link

Thank You

Slo- Mo videos 2015 says:

You should do a review on survival tabs

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