AN Item YOU NEED!! Surviveware Large First Aid Kit

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Snowfog Outdoors says:

Thumbs up my friend. Not a bad kit, more of a multi person boo boo kit. For the price I’d like to see a tourniquet or even some type of clotting gauze. Solid review. Atb. Diane

Darth Croll says:

Seems like one of the better pre-built first aid kits on the market today. Cool review!!

kuribo1 says:

I do admit I almost exclusively buy the adventure medical kits, if this is looking better than those then I am going to have to redo my kit brands. A few bottles of different pills as you suggested, a tourniquet and celox would be a nice addition to this.

Josh Feldt says:

5th comment

vinny thehourshower says:

Commercial. $100 Can get you a better DIY kit. No thanks.

weedXD38 says:

Solid Review!!! Good Stuff!!! 🙂

William Maurer says:

I’ve been researching & building my own kit for the past few months. This does look like a pretty good BooBoo+ kit for a reasonable price. I’ve spent well over $100. With a few alterations (Tourniquet, quick clot combat gauze, modern wound dressings, triple antibiotic, steri strips, etc) this kit could easily be upgraded. Very nice tear away pouch, organization and size. Bottom line: first aid training is undeniably the best addition to every first aid kit. Thx for your videos, I know I can rely on your channel for good info.

Monica Beltran says:

Hey that is a pretty awesome kit. Thanks for the recommendation!

Chad's Adventures says:

Very nice bud, thanks for sharing!

William Rainone says:

Ben, if you use up some of the items does the company offer individual items to restock the kit or do we get elsewhere and try to match up the labeled items as best we can?

Randy Yeager says:

a descent kit but I think I’ll keep to building my own…..I got the time to build it, so I might as well save myself the money by building it….I really like the organized bag though…if you could just get the bag and they came in different colors…I’d be all over that…

Michael Fabian says:

Hi Ben!

Tony Patey says:

Now this something I really need. Good size for me and my needs. Good points. I like the organizer in it. Thanks. Tony

Bob Wampler says:

Pretty well thought out.

J. David Crow says:

Better off putting together your own.

sameold77 says:

These Surviveware kits have been showing up everywhere. They must be sending them to all kinds of youtubers to “Review”. This large one looks OK, maybe for a beginner, surprised there is no tourniquet, not sure about the cost either. Thanks for sharing Ben.

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