Budget DIY First Aid Kit

Ok so you love adventure, but do you have a medical kit that is ready to go with you on your adventures? Having a good well stocked and organized medical kit is the key to having fun adventures and being ready when the need arises.

Where To Buy First Aid Supplies:

Favorite Knife Sharpening Systems:

Favorite EDC Knife:
Manix2 Lightweight http://goo.gl/YPcV9m

Favorite Medium Survival Knives:
ESEE 6 http://goo.gl/X5D0wM
Fallkniven A1 http://goo.gl/hfpfLh

Favorite Big Chopping Knives:
Ka-Bar Becker BK39 http://goo.gl/vDgAwx
ESEE Junglas http://goo.gl/6cW90K



theleoj91 says:

am i the only one who though of FMA with the “arm and a leg” phrase?

cgorgv says:

Good stuff! Add small compact mirror to go along with eye wash (also can be used for signaling -bonus) keep up the good work!

dominikguzman says:

You should also put some cross on it, at least draw some.

Lew Ashby says:

Never did like store bought first aid its either overpriced with a mix of gear you will never (or don’t know) but its “cool” gear and to little gear that you need or under-priced and by that i mean cheap junk gear.My bet is always make one yourself buy a bag you prefer put items that you know how to use and items by brands that you trust .How much or how little you carry its up to you i have a fatboy pouch got everything i need plus some spare space.

Brett Polan says:

If iodine isn’t an option, you can use hibiclens which is chlorohexadine. I also highly suggest items like coflex wrap (self adhesive wrapping), triangular bandage (aka arm sling) with swath, paracord (in case you need to rig a limb splint), and some pepto tablets.

Sven3xs says:

Good video, but I think Quick Clot may be better than Celox, I’ve had two military field medics tell me that.
Thankfully, I haven’t needed to use either. Here’s one more experienced medic’s opinion ..I think this is worth a look anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV31XtlJqP0

20hitman54 says:

i have a couple store bought ones, but this would be a good way to supplement and maybe keep different kits around. thanks!

Vlad S says:

great idea!

Eric Rosbottom says:

I think building one is 10 x better you can build it around your comfort zone and if you have taken any courses which is def a highly recommended

Douglas Davis says:

What is your opinion of having ice packs as part of you IFAK?

Dying2selfDaily says:

This channel is about to take off! Keep it up man.

Leslie Kovacs says:

Nice job! For that bag, I’d add a few CHEAP items. For the top “Bu-Bu” section, a roll of Tums, a few Wet Wipes and Imodium pills. Sucks to have the “Hershey Squirts” out in the Wilds. For the Trauma Section, a Small Signal Mirror in case your own Face or Backside gets hurt, and one of the Silver $1 “Survival Blankets” for Shock. Shouldn’t cost more than another $5 per bag, and any extra could used for the Home First Aid kit. Hope this helps.

Moss Eight says:

Benadryl is not an anti-inflammatory as you say it is at 4:19.. It IS used if someone is having an allergic reaction, but it’s an antihistamine, not an anti-inflammatory. An anti-inflammatory is something like Ibuprofen, which you should also be carrying in your kit.

RA says:

I have spent months researching into prepping and found a great website at Marla Survive System (google it if you are interested)

FredArd1954 says:

Good review, as always, Aaron. Like you, I make my own kits, using suggestions by my wife, who is an RN. A couple other medical type items that I include for backpacking is Imodium or equal, as well a few plain aspirin. For bandaging in case of treating some kind of deep wound I pack a couple of cheap tampons.

Q-Pid Avenger says:

I make sure to have some super glue too!

Jade Star says:

I like the red bag you used for your kit. Nice size and organization. Good idea with the eye drops. Thank you for the video.

alittleolder says:

Very useful video. I use a mix of a storebought kit and a selfmade one. The combination by now seems pretty g!ood. Took some doing though. As always really appreciated your video! And man, that was beautiful scenery you were hiking in there.. fantastic..

James Andrews says:

Good basic suggestions. Well thought out and my only suggestion would be a basic guide for first aide booklet or card for those people who never took any first aid courses and don’t stop to think they most likely will be in a place where they can’t Google everything. A good idea would be to study or take first aide classes period. You need to “know” what to do in an emergency as there most likely will not be time to look stuff up. Be Prepared!

Michael Froelich says:

great kit for the price. another great vid

Shae Smittle says:

Seems like adding an aspirin tablet just in case would be a good call.

snakemonkey555 says:

Nice video Aaron! I found if I buy a mediocre kit at a REI and build it up that’s a real plus. I’m diggin the links you provide…it’s like one stop shopping!

Moran Guy says:

I think for a medical kit , the best way is to build it for your needs cause the stock medical kits are for general purposes…

Joshua Donalies says:

i’m missing an emergency blanket. seen it on your kits in the past but for me it’s verry important special in winter

old geccko says:

Hey Aaron and all of your loyal followers, I used the link to buy some basic items from this Video but didn’t check out the New Bag, I just got the one on the video, Folk’s look at the New one on the link it has TWO zipped mesh pockets on the lid, this would allow you to have more “Need Now” stuff in front and right there. I hope this helps those still waiting to get started.

Kevin Osborn says:

Thanks! I’m totally going to copy that kit.

Steven Peterson says:

benadryl is an antihistamine. for additional nonprescription relief from an allergic reaction you can give Pepcid.

From Point A To Point Z says:

Great work! Thanks for sharing!

Night Wolf says:

is the swat tourniquet a single use item

Jasper says:

Fire Fighter / paramedic here. Great video. Only recommendation is get an Epi pen. ( I know they are expensive.. ways around it though) Been doing this a long time and have seen more ppl lose their life in the woods from bee stings then bleeding to death.

Charles Larson says:

A fun and tasty added item….BUT…medically, very useful as well, Cayenne Pepper is an all natural clotting agent and will disinfect a cut as well. And nope….no burn. Not meant to fully replace a clotting agent like Celox, etc, but on smaller cuts and wounds, it works great. I’ve used it, when I slipped with my Mora and opened a finger. Good video….well done. Always build your own med kit.

Rob Workman says:

so, gotta say, another great video. I absolutely love your channel and have bought several knives/equipment on your recommendations. funny thing is my wife usually sits by me while I watch your videos and one day said “I really like that name Gideon, I like the Biblical account and his channel reminded me of the name.” So, six days ago, I delivered my fourth child (midwife didn’t get there in time) and his name is Gideon. thought you might get a kick out of that.

Georgie Ocasio says:

that’s exactly what I did, and I have everything I may need except a nurse ,Great video as always, thanks!

JediTim says:

I notice many of your videos have beautiful scenery, where the heck do you live/hike at?!

Troy Hill says:

put one together for me and ill buy it from you for $65

Stephen Bridges says:

All the super tactical guys on you tube with their kits, never heard anybody mention salene or benadryl. Great ideas you’ll use (hopefully) way more often than combat gauze and tourniquets.

Jerome Kukurugya says:

Nice video. Aaron, have you ever used the green self adhering tape? My father-in-law is a commercial fisherman & always has it on board. It won’t stick to wounds & really comes in handy, it’s in all my kits now.

Rick Guerra says:

GReat list. I really like how much thought you put into your videos and reviews. I would definitely add some inexpensive blister treatments to an outdoor kit, and probably some hard candy for any issues related to diabetes or insulin shock.

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